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Swelter author Nina G. Jones35 to 4 StarsI was very excited for this book I liked it but I did not love itThis is a forbidden love story with twists and turns you will not expect If you are looking for unicorns and conventional happily ever afters this is not for youLilly is married but her life is anything but joyful Her husband Rory doesn t make her happy despite her safe gilded cage There is no spark in her heart for him She simply tolerates himWhen Bobby Rory s brother comes back from the dead her world explodes All the feelings she once held for him are still very much alive The attraction and love is mutual The Affair Is Forbidden And Dangerous is forbidden and dangerous will that hold them back Nothing can emain a secret for long Will they survive fate s wrathWhat I loved I loved the way the heroine wanted than just to be a perfect wife I loved her inner thoughts Bobby I loved him He was the fun brother The one who sacrificed his life for Rory He is my favourite in this bookI even had sympathy for Rory Most of the things he did were because of his weakness and knowledge that he was not good enough for LillyWhat went a bit wrong for me was that I could not connect with the heroine at all That made the story fall flat for me I get where she was coming from but her story did not speak to me in the way I expected I felt that a lot of the things she went through could have been avoided if she had made better choices when she had the chance The writing itself was good and the book picked up pace after the 80% mark for meOverall this was a

Good Book But I 
book but I it to be a bigger mover for me ARC provided by Love Between the Sheets in exchange for an honest eview Do what your husband wants Make HIM happy Be the good wife Make babies Make food You e not allowed to want than thatFrom the onset of Swelter I was hit with strong emotions that had me teetering on the edge Anger frustration concern ignorance avoidance Our heroine is trapped within a gilded cage Barely hanging on as each night passes her by in blistering heat With a marriage on the verge of shambles and a controlling and alcoholic husband Lily never noticed the slow and perpetual changes to her husband s demeanour as the years of marriage went byThe story is mainly told in Lily s POV with intermittent changes from the present to the past A time frame that spans seven years and takes place in the year of 1957 A time of controversial War in American history Lily Lightly has been living a lie since the eve of her marriage seven years prior to the wrong Lightly brother On the eve of her marriage Lily and her soon to be brother in law Bobby had a night of intense passion A night where Lily ecognized that she was in love with Bobby LightlySeven years of marriage five years since Lily has last seen Bobby He enlisted into the War and years of no communication from him he was thought dead Until one day The ding of the doorbell brings Bobby Lightly to her door Shockedisn t even the Impaired: A Nurse's Story of Addiction right emotion to describe Lily s feelings Her husband Rory is elated and overjoyed that his little brother is alive and kicking Bobby and Rory were like two ends of a seesaw and I spent my time with them standing in the middle teetering With thee. I married the The Forever Court (Knights of the Borrowed Dark right brotherAt least that's what I tell myself at night when I stare at the ceiling and listen to thehythm of the grandfather clock down the hall It never feels like the mere passage of time but a countdown towards something inevitableBobby Lightly is selfish irresponsible and careless I haven't seen him sin.

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Entry of Bobby into her life Lily once again becomes the lively young girl both her and Bobby once knew Their illicit affair is e kindled and they each know and understand the gravity of the situation once evealed Yet they can t keep their emotions at bay Especially Bobby After living through a war camp while his best friend was murdered before his eyes Bobby is suffering from survivor s guilt And with this new found bravery was murdered before his eyes Bobby is suffering from survivor s guilt And with this new found bravery has eturned for the woman that kept him
Alive All Those YearsThis 
all those yearsThis why we had so much difficultly navigating our elationship in our newfound adulthood Because the space between immature teasing and detached adult politeness was this unthinkable act this forbidden desireSwelter is one of those stories that takes you completely by surprise Uniue perfectly portrayed Nina s writing is immaculate and easy to understand She draws the eader in sets us up and takes us for one hell of 1957 ideI loved the setting this book And the fact that it was written in a time where women were simply put on pedestals Our mission to stay barefoot and pregnant while catering to our husband s needs and wishes Lily was a hero for me She understood her place she refused to accept it even though she made her own sacrifices She fought every step of the way And after years to accept it even though she made her own sacrifices She fought every step of the way And after years living within a broken marriage Lily takes her life into her own hands Surging into the unknown full of life and loveARC provided by LBTSP on behalf of the author for an honest eview Thanks No RatingI can t bring myself to ate this Because from 1 star did not like it to 5 stars it was amazing non of the ating can accurately expressed what I feel about this bookThis is not an easy book to Lightfoot the Historian: The Nature and Role of History in the Life and Thought of J.B. Lightfoot (1828-1884) as Churchman and Scholar read I honestly feel that Nina G previous darkomance about the ape fantasy is easier to ead compare to this one There is too much harsh eality smack dab at my face It makes me feel that my own life is prettier than the one in the book On one hand this book was damn engrossing that I ead the whole thing in one seating and I cried my heart out but on the other hand this book make me so freaking MAD Nina how can you do this to me From the blurb you know the gist Lily married the Rory the Dahmer Detective: The Interrogation and Investigation That Shocked The World responsible stable man that will give her the secure life But it was Rory s brother Bobby that she actually love But they were young and dumb and she make a mistake Now sheegretted her decision and she loathe the mundane life she is havingIt was five years since she last seen Bobby and she thought he was dead in the war But now he is back and she is finding all the old feelings 20th Century Photography: Museum Ludwig Cologne resurface What if she actually choose to be with Bobby instead of Rory will her life be better Okay there is cheating in the book but it actually doesn t bother me because I m all for true love as long as they are both not stupid about it But sometimes their behavior just make me want to scream Bobby is a sweetheart but be a man for Godsake I want him to fight harder for the woman he loves And don t get me started with Lily half the time I don t know what the hell she wants There is this part about what Lily said to herself that make me want to burst out laughing at her denialSomehow I felt like packing my bag. Ce the day I married his brother He slipped out during the weddingeception without a wordA year later I heard Bobby was drafted to Korea He never said goodbye Never sent a letter We had all come to terms with the fact that he was probably dead somewhere either a victim of the war or its aftermathThat is until in the midst. ,

S and leaving was cheatingOh yeah she didn t feel guilty of having sex multiple times with your illicit lover but packing her bags makes her feel like cheating Omg Is she on crack Sometimes I just want to sucker punch her And don t get me going on the way they are having spontaneous sex everywhere and make me worry that they might get caught ed handed There is a big climatic ending that left you in tears which I don t want to delve on I ve seen most of my friends loving this but I can t eally say the same for me Definitely The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2 recommended for those who don t mind a dose of angst and getting their heartipped out and trampled over As for me I feel like chasing after Nina with a pitchfork Genre Mid Century RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person FemaleRating Lilly Lightly was married to Rory a dream man on paper good looking Mise En Sc�ne: Cin�ma Et Lecture responsible and hard working After 7 years of being caged in an unhappy marriage she went through motion of lifeobotically That was until the hot summer day of 1957Everyone thought Rory s younger brother Bobby was dead since he disappeared on their wedding day But he came back carrying baggage from the past that changed their lives irrevocablyWhen I Deathless read the blurb I knew this is something I wanted toead I ve always been attracted to unconventional stories and never afraid to explore the normally deemed unsavory side of omance I m glad this book met my expectation and And despite that dark uiet there was a light that shone from him When Bobby was on his fire would steal all the oxygen in the oom I fell in love with Bobby the moment he was introduced in the book He was And Free Spirited But and free spirited but also be and contemplative and I love both of his sidesLilly settled for 7 years before she finally told herself she needed to do something that make her happy and I was glad she finally took the chance to go for something purely for herself make her happy and I was glad she finally took the chance to go for something purely for herself was why we had so much difficultly navigating our elationship in our newfound adulthood Because the space between immature teasing and detached adult politeness was this unthinkable act this forbidden desire I love learning about their friendships The three of them were childhood friends and with the men being close brothers made the situation much difficult It seemed like no matter what both side would be hurt Because I m sick of stealing another week another minute another second I want the est of our lives I want forever This book totally took me by surprise I didn t expect things to unravel the way it did There were a lot of angst and bitter sweet moments that made up both the beauty and the ugliness of their The Third Lynx (Quadrail, relationships It made you want tooot for them even for the ones who you Mixed Doubles re not supposed to Swelter is a heartbreaking story of individuals searching for their own happiness while trying to protect their loved ones There are elements in this book that might not be suitable for everyone but if youe able to past that it is a beautiful story full of love and sacrifices For Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion (Free Audio Book Inside): --- Easter Book Collection For Kids reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit Warning There s a love triangle and cheating But it s so much than that Swelter and Forbidden are the 2 books that will most likely make you ugly cry. Of an unrelenting heatwave he showed up at the doorstep of the house I lived in with his brother Everyone thinks I'm cruel Everyone thinks I should be easy on him They think I don't understand him They all think I hate him But what no one understands is that it was Bobby who broke my heartAnd I think he’s back to do it aga.

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