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(E–pub) [Broken Illusions His Agenda #3]

Nclusions to a series goes this one tops the cake What I wanted happen happened Jude is an vil sadistic fuck and I loved this tops the cake What I wanted to happen happened Jude is an En plein coeur evil sadistic fuck and I loved It s wrong of me to love a man like that but I do I can t help it He brought me to my kneesThis is the first series I have read of Dori Lavelle s She did anxcellent job portraying love in all the wrong places that seemed right His Agenda is sexy horrifying beautiful and heartbreaking I laughed I cried I was turned on and I was pissed off Those are all ualities I look for in a series that I ll read over and over againDori what an amazing Disturbing Psychological Thriller you have produced uick The Bookshop on the Shore ending to this seriesI read the first two books two years ago and not sure why I didn t finish the series Oh well Finished it now and it was a goodnding Didn t blow me away but good 5 MONSTER Ending Stars THIS SERIES IS AMAZINGI should Dance Real Slow end my review at that Dori Lavelle wrote a crazy monsterous story Everything I love was in this series Trying to move on with some sort of normalcy Haley has made a decent life for herself after JudeWith a great photography business and a great relationship with Dustin life is good or it should be good Haley can t help but feel something is very wrong Issues kidnapping murder graphic rape andxtreme violence Jude Macknight is gone forever and I can finally start my new life with Dustin Brannon But it's not so asy to move on When I close my yes at night .

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Review Broken Illusions His Agenda #3

Wowthis third book in the series is just incredible from the first page i was riveted From the first page I was riveted literally not put the story down for the last couple of hours Now I am done and all I can think is pardon my language please Holy Shit The depths of abuse physically as well as mentally self inflicted or not that Haley ndures is mind boggling The language physically as well as mentally self inflicted or not that Haley ndures is mind boggling The language descriptors of all the abuse licits this readers imagination so vividly And lest we forget the romantic scenes are just thatromantic and sweet I SO like Haley and Dustin together In factI want my own DustinIn the previous book Haley was left with a fledgling relationship with Dustin while coming to grips with the death of her abusive husband Jude Did not seem that her story could nd that way And it did not Therefore this story was crafted And I am glad I now have along with Haley closure with respect of her relationship with Jude I found all aspects of this story well told and ngaging and recommend that if you have read book one and two pick up this story for the conclusion of the His Agenda seriesyou won t regret it If you have not read book one and twowhat are you waiting for ARC provided HEED THE WARNING PEOPLE This is not a test HEED THE WARNINGAs co. WARNING Due to sexual situations and adult content this dark and disturbing psychological thriller is not intended for readers under the age of 18 and anyone who is unable to read books containing the following. He can t put a figure on why things are starting to not just feel right Thinking she is just being paranoid she keeps things to herself She DOESN T WANT TO WORRY DUSTIN t want to worry Dustin would it all nd When would I allow myself to let him go I wanted to so badly I wanted it for me I wanted it for Dustin With any hopes of keeping her sanity she must visit the wanted it for me I wanted it for Dustin With any hopes of keeping her sanity she must visit the place where her nightmares began Unknowingly she has been walking straight into the hands of her devil Her paranoia was her mind s warning for her Hayle s life was yet not her ownThe battle has begun once again and PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition each page will bexplosive and leaving you sitting on the Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography edge of your seatI hate tond my review this way but I can t say any JUST READ THIS SERIES I KNEW ITI KNEW IT It was too The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, easy to have annd like that in the second book of this trilogy Damn Jude is fucking crazy Crazier than I could tell from the previous book mostly because now I got to read his POVThe plot twist in this book had me completely SHOCKEDI honestly wasn t xpecting an HEA in this story considering that this is a fucking disturbing ride of craziness that I so very much njoyed it I njoy this one a lot It was much fun than I xpectedSo glad that I finally decided to read it. Still see Jude's face And sometimes I swear I feel his presence When will he stop haunting me And when will I stop waiting for the other shoe to drop This is the breathtaking conclusion to the His Agenda seria. Broken Illusions His Agenda #3

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