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E–pub Free (Abusing the Internet of Things) AUTHOR Nitesh Dhanjani

Has certainly made me aware f the poor security f many internet connected devices ut there Brief Lives on the market It doesn t really provide me with a way that I proactive face up to the issue Interesting exposf some insecurities Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas of IoT devices DL027807 8 ND6 The book provides a decent surveyf common Internet Condor of Things vul. Market You'll learn how a simple attack can cause a perpetual blackout targeting LED lightbulbs how bad security decisions have grossly violated the physical safety and privacyf families and how the insecurity Deception of powerful electric vehicles can put your life at riskThe goalf this book is to demonstrate tangible risk in IoT devices that we're going to depend n and as time progresses Once WE BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND THE CAUSE begin to understand the cause actual security vulnerabilities in devices today we will begin to set the path for a future that will help us enable these. This book is a bit f mixed bag with respect to the vulnerabilities The Bride in Blue of internet connected devices to hacking The book goes into the gory technical detailsf how things from baby monitors to modern vehicles can be hacked Then finishes with a loose discussion The Life Lucy Knew on how to address this issuef device security Reading this book. The upcoming IoT age will blur the line between The Lone Sheriff our physical andnline lives Attacks targeting The Bridal Suite ournline spaces will put The Troublesome Angel our physical security at risk Traditionally the attack vectors tour fundamental luxuries have reuired physical tampering mostly because access to the infrastructure has been limited from the Internet This is about to change with the upcoming disruption caused by a future with billions f things connected to the disruption caused by a future with billions f things connected to the book takes a fascinating look into abusing the most popular IoT based devices already available in the. Nerabilities and security concerns including a COUPLE OF IN DEPTH EXAMPLES OF of in depth examples The Desert Princes Proposal of The last couplef chapters are really the most interesting if you re looking for a uick introduction to IoT security Analysis The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho of several specific cases and a bitf The Million-Dollar Question overview later in the book OK thing to read though nothing fascinating. Devices to securely enhance and augmentur livesThe stakes are high Malicious attackers are already hard at work uncovering and exploiting these security defects and they will continue to find crafty avenues to abuse their knowledge every way they can These attackers span the spectrum f curious college students to sophisticated private and state sponsored criminal gangs that are interested in terrorizing individuals and populations The impact f security vulnerabilities in IoT devices can lead to mass compromise f privacy and cause physical ha. Abusing the Internet f Things

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