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Ng artificial intelligence to take custody of his autistic son August All is not well at Millenium magazine and Mikael Blomkvist is under attack from many sides The professor contacts Blomkvist as he is advised of threats to his ife setting off a series of escalating events forcing Lisbeth to intervene with her usual forceful assistance She rescues August and somehow manages to connect with him continuing the breakthrough made by his father There is substantial action in the second half of the novel as matters escalate and an old adversary re emerges from the darkness More please 9172015 Addendum I won a Goodreads giveaway for this book hooray Since it has not arrived yet it did not affect this review Stieg Larrson is dead alasDavid Lagercrantz was granted a blessing and a curse A blessing in the sense that he gets to write another Lisbeth and Mikael novel a series with a worldwide following that will certainly sell and most definitely get a ot of attentionA curse because he takes the stage after a phenomenal opening act a amentable position Rumor has it that Larrson s partner was far from pleased about his selection by the iterary executor as the writer to take over Readers who dislike the book and some will be relentlessly critical will blame this new author Those who just don t Dona Flor like the book have an easy excuseLagercrantz unenviab ReRead on Audio MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListI thought this book was wonderful I have missed Lisbeth and Blomkvist for soong I think the new author did a great job carrying on Stieg Larsson s series Lisbeth is one of the coolest women out there I Rocker Babies Wear Jeans love her character Iove how smart she is oh if I could be as smart as her I do hate her past but I am glad that she is a character that was written to rise above all of the horrible things that happened to her In this new book there is another scandal of sorts going on within a huge community of people A ot of things going on in the hacker community people stealing other people s work killings blackmail a ittle boy with Autism evilness and goodness And of course Lisbeth is right in the middle of it all and she does her job as hard core as she always does In the beginning of the book the author does have Blomkvist thinking back on things that happened in the other three books nothing real extensive but I thought it was a nice Sono with Visits from the Seventh little add to the book I was very much intrigued and on the edge of my seat between the interactions with theittle boy August and Lisbeth She was so good with him and she did things that needed to be done and in her own wonderful way I wanted to get up and cheer her on I can t really say anything because there is no way I m giving out any kind of spoiler for this book The ending was good and set up to possibly have books I hope there will be I personally Remarkable Creatures loved the book as I have mentioned I know there are people that hate it orove it because it is Stieg s original characters But for myself I think the family did a good job in choosing this man to start a continuation of what is a wonderful character The Millennium Series Book 5 came out this monthso I finally finished Book 4which has been on my shelf since 2015 I started and stopped a couple of timesIt s not a book that immediately grabs your attention but once it gets going it s a full speed fast spinning ride Hacker girl Lisbeth inscrutable who is scheming follows her own timetable She is chasing a web of spies cyber criminals and governments around the world Blomkvist happens to be doing the same thing and of course needs Lisbeth s helpI m not sure what the mixed reviews are about the fuss with book 5but in book 4 The Girl in the Spider s Web Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist still have that robustness toughness team vitality often at arms ength agony for me as I ove it when they are in the same room but by the end of this novel I easily accepted that Steig Larson s characters are in good hands with author David Lagercrantz A Heroes Adrift (Hero, little dialogue sample of what Iove when Lisbeth and Blomkvist are together Are you angry with me he said uite Why is that Salander took a step forward her face shining and pale and he remembered her gunshot wound Because I come to visit and there s no one at home she said He walked towards her That s a bit of a scandal isn t it he said I d say so What if I bit of a scandal isn t it he said I d say so What if I you in now Then I suppose I Chuck and Danielle ll have to accept In that case welcome he said and for the first time in ages a broad smile spread across his face A star fell outside in the night sky It was a joy to be back in Lisbethand 35 starsI went into this with ow expectations given it wasn t written by the author of the previous three books I think it is such a huge undertaking to jump into a beloved series and attempt to duplicate the author s voice While there are definitely some flaws it is a decent thriller and not some horrible attempt at fan fictionI enjoyed revisiting Blomkvist and Salander s world although the first half of the book really suffers by bouncing around between way too many characters However it s easy to develop an emotional attachment to one of the new characters an autistic child and it s really hard not to get caught up in the story I thought for the most part the author captured the general spirit of the series but I never felt ike I was getting the full Blomkvist or Salander With Salander in particular it felt ike the like I was getting the full Blomkvist or Salander With Salander in particular it felt ike the was holding back a Gray Bishop little and we were only getting about 85% of the character featured in previous books It feltike Lisbeth ite so to speak but I guess that is preferably than the author going too far and turning her into some awful caricature I have mixed feelings about the ast few pages of the book but overall I was satisfied with the author s attempt at continuing the series and will eventually check out the next book. Cybercriminals and governments around the world and someone is prepared to kill to protect it The duo who captivated millions of readers in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet s Nest join forces again in this adrenaline charged uniuely of the moment thrillerFrom the Hardcover editi. .
Our throat wondering how this diminutive creature incapacitated you so uickly You l want to hurt her but she is capable of not only hurting you physically but also taking your whole identity away from you Becauseshe is also a hacker A vengeful hacker but also a prideful hacker When she gets the chance to hack the National Security Agency in Washington DC she goes through their system Liar like buttered bread All hell breaksoose Lagercrantz might have underestimated just how much America would overreact to such a breach of security In reality Sweden might have found themselves invaded by Marines tanks and Apache helicopters as the Americans turned over every stone Noir looking for someone with the hacker handle WASP For the first part of the book Lagercrantz puts Mikael Blomkvist center stage It would make sense that he identifies with him since they share a similar profession Not that I mind spending time with Mikael Blomkvist if he were a real person would give me hope for journalism He is a person obsessed with the truth Other journalists either revere him or hate him He is a target for those thatoath him Your uncompromising attitude makes people feel pathetic Your very existence reminds them just how much they ve sold out and the you re acclaimed the punier they themselves appear When it s Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are like that the only way they can fight back is by dragging you down Millennium the magazine he founded is in trouble They had to sell out a portion of their ownership to keep the publication afloat but now those same corporate people who bought them to add some integrity to their ownist of titles suddenly want to compromise the integrity of Millennium by adding human interest material For me now that I m one of the owners of the publication I work for the trials and tribulations of a magazine to keep up subscription Gaffer levels hit home Any softening of the economy turns subscription renewals intouxuries not to mention all the competition from free publications online that also erode print subscriptions So Blomkvist is in a funk is going wrong than is going right He is spending most of his time even the time he is supposed to be sleeping reading Elizabeth George novels one after another I can relate to that for there is nothing Circumstantial Evidence like escaping into the pages of a good book whenife becomes TOO BORING TOO DEPRESSING TOO REALA call from Frans Balder finally gets Mikael reinvigorated Balder is a Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers leading expert on Artificial General Intelligence or Something with the intelligence of a human being but the speed and precision of a computer The plot explodes It doesn t takeong for Salander and Blomkvist to realize they are working the same problem from different ends of the stick With her behind the scenes beyond the aw approach to finding out the truth and his unflinching uncompromising need to expose hypocrisy the duo form a team that scares everyone from criminal elements to arge corporations to governments Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between those elements There is techno jargon but Lagercrantz does a great job of explaining everything He also does a fantastic job talking about autism and savant tendencies in socially compromised children I thought it was cool that an autistic child becomes an important plotting device Lagercrantz did not have access to the notes eft by Stieg Larsson for continuing the story This probably was have access to the notes eft by Stieg Larsson for continuing the story This probably was a blessing than a curse Larsson s Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) long time girlfriend that term seems so out dating and doesn t uite explain the situation has been in aegal battle to obtain ownership or rights to Larsson s unpublished works It seems the Swedes so advanced in so many ways might be Summer Meditations lagging behind in the commonaw aspect of inheritance I believe that Lagercrantz by using the first three novels as his only source documentation kept himself from being hampered by Larsson in making this novel his own creation I read this book in two days I thought the plot was great I thought the writing was very good even if it did God Said, Ha!: A Memoir lack some of the flair that was such a Larsson trademark It is hard to wear a dead man s suit but I have to say Lagercrantz even if the jacket was too big in the shoulders or too short in the arms still managed to make me believe that even as heeft the funeral he was eading me back to a new beginning and creating a new ife for characters that were relegated to retirement much too early If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at The whole story behind the creation and release of The Girl in the Spider s Web is actually somewhat disgusting Series creator Stieg Larsson unexpectedly died from a heart attack in 2004 a year before the first novel in the Millennium trilogy was to be published In the years that followed the books enjoyed tremendous widespread success as Larsson s characters would grow a rabid fan base Unfortunately for readers the series would end after the publication of the third and final novel Or would itDespite having written a will years prior to his untimely death it was not witnessed and having not married his ong time partner his estate wound up in the hands of his estranged father and brother Despite his partner claiming that Stieg would not want his work Continued By Another Author by another author s family hired David Lagercrantz a Just as true Deadheads do not appreciate Trey Anastasio playing Jerry Garcia s ead guitar or singing his songs David Lagercrantz is not Stieg Larsson He has a different writing style but Lisbeth Salander remains one of the most innovative and iconic characters in modern fiction an antisocial goth female hacker fighting with all her substantial might against injustice both perceived or actual The novel gets off to a rather slow start with a Swedish professor abandoning his uest for self earni. Tes The source has been in contact with a young female superhacker a hacker resembling someone Blomkvist knows all too well The implications are staggering Blomkvist in desperate need of a scoop for Millennium turns to Salander for help She as usual has her own agenda The secret they are both chasing is at the center of a tangled web of spies.

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Look I respect for the exertion but man This is not the isbeth as we know It s the Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II lighter version of her veryight She is just a babysitter for august some brat hacker who hacks american government But I enjoyed to read it anyway I Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq ll always readisbeth s stories no matter what I Michelin Green Guide Normandy love her I2ll always support the effort DLagercrantz sanki kendiisbeth ini yeniden yaratm gibiydi Bizim tan d m z isbeth den geriye pek bir ey kalmam t arada bir insanlara f rlatt o korkutucu bak ar ve hackerl kta olan ustal d nda Kitap sanki s radan bir su roman gibiydi ama ondan bile eksikti Serinin do as nda olan seks iddet azalt m ve yokedilmi ti Hatta kitapta isbeth sanki yan rol gibiydi As konu balder ve bulu u o unun zekas ile yapabildikleri isbeth in k t k z karde inin ortaya k ve yine g r r z kaltak diye k p gidi i millennium un yeniden dirili i faland Lisbeth arada gelip giden g n kurtaran karakterdi Yinede eme e sayg okumas ak c can s kmayan su gbi hafif bir polisiye olmu ama isbeth miras na yak t ramad m a k as Ben yinede y I Got a New Friend ld z rahmetlinin hatr na ve salander ime k yamad mdan veriyorumhttpreaderchroniclesblogspotcom Despite concerns over whether Stieg Larsson s wishes were being honored by the publication of this book based on reading There Are Things I Want You to Know about Stieg Larsson and Me I decided to go ahead and try it Ioved the character of Lisbeth Salander and thought if it was done well it might be worth it You don t encounter many characters The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War like herUnfortunately I was supremely disappointed so much so that I can t face going back to the book after making it halfway through the audio First of all these are not the same characters of Lisbeth and Mikael that I know from the trilogy Lisbeth seems to have reverted to one of two modes sloppy hacker or hungover boxer no depth no motivation nothing interesting It could be that we reached the end of her story in the trilogy Mikael is unmotivated too can t stand to be at work Update read in August 2015 but decided to update in January 2016 I read the The Millennium Trilogy in anticipation of The Girl in the Spider s Web and as soon as it was out I began reading it with aot of excitement and a Experiencing the Resurrection: The Everyday Encounter That Changes Your Life little apprehension just in case the new author doesn tive up to or come close to the writing talents of Stieg LarssonWell clearly David Lagercrantz is no Stieg Larsson and everything I oved about The Millennium Trilogy was missing here The plot was slow and tedious Lisbeth Salander was absent from a good portion of the book and when she turned up her character was different and not as well thought out or intriguing Lisbeth is my favourite character the driving force of the series and the reason I ove the trilogy so much but in The Girl in the Spider s Web she ost that uniue element that made her Lisbeth Salander Her narrative was different her actions didn t make sense and there were ots of ittle things that didn t add up about her reactions She was a caricature of her former self I found myself Skimming due to boredom until things picked up near the end but by then I was ready for it to end I actually got the audiobook by then I was ready for it to end I actually got the audiobook but nothing changed I m a huge Fan Of The Millennium Trilogy of The Millennium Trilogy I ve read it several times but this book didn t feel ike a continuation of Stieg Larsson s trilogy Everything was out of sync I guess this shows that you can t rope in another writer to continue a deceased authors work You can t replicate the original authors style experience knowledge and all the complexities that went into developing and writing The Millennium Trilogy I The Meaning of Star Trek ll probably reread this book sometime in the future just to see if my opinion of it changes but I doubt it will Still I m willing to give it a second chance just to be fair to David Lagercrantz and in appreciation of the effort it took to write The Girl in the Spider s WebBefore publication in May 2015OMG I just found out my favourite series The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larssonis is being continued by a new author I m so happy and so bloody scared it is all going to go wrong I both hate andove thisOh who am I kidding I need The Girl in the Spider s Web right now September is too faraway It s always the wrong people who have the guilty conscience Those who are really responsible for suffering in the world couldn t care Mirage: Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt less It s the ones fighting for good who are consumed by remorse David Lagercrantz a novelist and journalist was asked to assume responsibility for the continuation of a trilogy of novels that frankly took the publishing industry by storm The bookseft readers stunned with the marvelous insanity of the writing More importantly Stieg Larsson created a character who is forever immortalized as one of the greatest anti heroes to ever step out of the pages of a book Lisbeth SalanderIt doesn t surprise me that Lagercrantz is a ittle afraid of her Who isn t His fear might be reflected in the fact that she is a shadowy figure in the book until about halfway through when she answers a call from Mikael Blomkvist Shut up and isten she saidAhhh yes that s my girl She doesn t Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World lookike much just an androgynous girl with piercings tattoos and strange hair She is undersized but bristles with attitude The outward appearance is not just for showit is bone deep She is outward appearance is not just for showit is bone deep She is with a photographic memory She doesn t have the patience or sympathy for stupidity She has no time for social niceties If you were her friend you would see her only when she wanted to be seen If you are involved with her sexually you will find that you are not really involved with her at all But the sexwellis by all accountsfantasticIf you are someone who gets aroused by beating up women or children you better pray to all that is holy that Salander doesn t find out who you are because you will find yourself with her boot on Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist return She is the girl with the dragon tattoo a genius hacker and uncompromising misfit He is a crusading journalist whose championing of the truth often brings him to the brink of prosecution Late one night Blomkvist receives a phone call from a source claiming to have information vital to the United Sta. 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