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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and TwoAfter years of wishing and waitingAT LAST My precious said in Gollum voiceUPDATED after reading NO NO NO NO Terrible writing I can et slide it s a play so I would expect the acting to salvage that but the plot was pointless the characters were well out of character and it feltHorrible Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Attack and Cyber Warfare (Zones of Religion) like bad fan fictionno nope Let s be honest this readike badly written fan fiction If Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson Rupert Grint Eddie Redmayne Katie Leung Evanna Lynch and Noma Dumezweni all said Trans Lives Matter so Can You I M you I m going to rate this I didn t hate it I didn t ove it It s just a thing that exists and I m accepting it for what it is edit I didn t mean for this review to come off as shady as it did I m going to make a video discussing my feelings further I m happy that we got to visit this world again but it just wasn t what I was expecting it to be If you LOVED this book that s okay I m happy that you enjoyed it Now this was a real shame It read ike some juvenile fan fiction The characters were utterly ifeless Perhaps seeing this would be better The stage actor s performances would carry the emotion and drama the dialogue completely failed to conveyThe stage directions were also minimalistic I mean we have a basic ocation set for us but that s about all minimalistic I mean we have a basic ocation set for us but that s about all s no real expression or sense of urgency All in all it s just a ittle flat The plot is feasible even if it felt a ittle forced but the characters were just poor The new ones aren t so bad but the old characters Harry Ron and Hermione were barely themselves They just had no depth to them they re ike reflections of their surface The Craving level Ron feltike a piece of furniture that seemed to enjoy inserting several badly times jokes Hermione seemed cold And Harry Harry simply isn t Harry How can he identify himself as a bad farther How can he believe that he had no farther figure in his own The Murder Exchange life He had many He had inspiration from many great men They taught him a great deal aboutife and himself in the process So why would a man who has defeated the face of evil be so daunted by giving his son some simple advice It doesn t add up Harry Potter would make an excellent farther This didn t even feel Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove like the same worldYou can connect with me on social media via My Linktree Update1 star for view spoilerScorpius Malfoy the precious angel child that I didn t expect toove so much hide spoiler You know I really hadn t foreseen the publication of something to The Million Dollar Goal lengthen Harry Potter s story after the conclusion that was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows So the way I see it Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is aovely gift to every Harry Potter fan out there who has hoped and waited a ong time to see their wizard friends againThough the plot holes are very visible and spread throughout the story they make for charming and heartfelt conversations between characters so I didn t mind them all that muchThe best thing about this 8 Harry Potter is how nostalgic it makes the reader feel There are plenty of familiar faces Harry Ginny Draco Hermione Ron Dumbledore etc as well as some interesting new ones Albus Rose Scorpius #Lily JamesAdmittedly It Was # JamesAdmittedly it was to read this supposedly 8th story in Harry Potter s world in play format but the truth is it was extremely easy to imagine everything play out ike in a movie so it all felt alive to meThis isn t a book you have to read but if you re Based on an original new story by JK Rowling Jack Thorne and John Tiffany a new play by Jack Thorne Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage The play will rece. Diehard Harry Potter fan I am going to ook at you uite incredulously if you decide not to I m sadly not going to be able to tell you that you re making the right choice because this is so so charming and fun but I can understand people wanting to have their own vision of the Harry Potter cast as adults and their children Yes it s a bit silly but I oved it stillBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin It was alright It was just alrightI know I gave this 4 stars but to be honest JK Rowling can write a dictionary with Harry Potter illustrations and I d probably give it 4 stars so my rating is almost irrelevant here given my extreme biasThe thing is it was cute it was sweet it was entirely nostalgic to see the old crew again but i hated the play format as a I hated the play format As a who grew up with Harry Potter and who is in her early 30s now I feel ike I grew up with Harry Potter and the crew and with the advent of this book I have in fact grown old with them It was The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss lovely to see them again It wasike meeting old friendsI don t feel old I m a responsible person for sure but I feel young at heart When we re young adulthood responsibilities just the prospect of adulting seem so dauntingthen one gets there and it s ike well I m as immature as I ever was I ove fun as much as I ever did Growing old isn t that bad And seeing the old crew being as much as they ever were brings joy into my not yet old and grizzled heartI could do without the kids to be honest Oh sure they re ittle Potter and Granger Weasley spawns but come on nobody ever has and nobody ever will win me over as much as their parents whom I have oved the instant we met them on the Hogwarts ExpressOk maybe not RonBut I digress The kids aren t all bad I rather Prisoner of Midnight likeittle Scorpius actually SCORPIUS And it s just ike my father s I got his nose his hair and his name Not that that s a great thing Either I Mean Father Son I mean father son I have them But on the whole I d rather be a Malfoy than you know the son of the Dark Lord The adults have grown they ve changed Some have changed so much that I hardly recognize them Draco for instance I ike that he s well nicer now but he doesn t feel Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor like Draco you know I ve been so used to Harry and Draco doing thisThat it s rather discombobulating to see anything otherwiseBut yeah characters are great but the format THE FORMAT I don t even know it s fair of me to judge this based on the fact that I don tike that it s a play because for fuck s sakes IT S A PLAY Like what did I expect This may be the most confusing review I ve ever written I just don t Mr. Jelly's Business like the play format It s meant for the stage That means it s up to the skill of the actors to portray what is implied It s up to the audience to interpret nuances It is almost entirely based on dialogue and I hate that I miss Rowling s writing Iove Rowling s writing and I wanted of it The play brings up so many things that could have been written so much had it been expanded into a book format The children s growing pains particular that of young Albus Harry s feelings as a parent Draco s struggles with who he was and who he is Further Ron is relegated to 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, little than comic relief Let s be honest I neveriked the guy but for him to be much of the same character that he ever was conjures up the image of the try hard middle aged dude and I know that Ron is than thatI Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı like it I don tike it I don t know But Ive its world premiere in London’s West End on July 30 2016It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic a husband and father of three school age childrenWhile Harry grapples wi.

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Would certainly relish watching it on the stage if I ever had the chance It s bound to be better than on paper 3 12 stars I completely get why many HP fans will be disappointed with this but I have to admit I really enjoyed it I d ove to see this story play out on stageSo yeah I understand the sad feelings Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has a completely different vibe Aside from being a play it s also a mature character driven The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River less magical story It does not feelike an eighth Harry Potter book at all there s a real disconnect between this play and the other seven novels And you know what I m so glad I guess it s just what you re hoping for To be honest I never wanted another Harry Potter book The thought of extending a series I THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy loved so much actually made me NOT want to read this I got to the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and thought it was magical perfection the story had completed its arc in full and I put it aside feeling a slight melancholy but a wholeot of satisfaction I didn t want However if you went crazy needing from the HP series you l probably be disappointed by this If you feel there s a gap where something HP is missing then I don t think this will fill it Separate the two in your mind and you have a better chance of iking it Because this is something different and I m happy about itFirst of course it s a play Right away it s going to be something unlike what we ve seen before I don t usually River Bodies (Northampton County, love to read plays especially modern ones but this one is very readable because the dialogue is wonderful I don t know why people are saying it s so obvious JKR didn t write most of this because I think her style is all over it the very fact that this play which is meant to be viewed on stage can be just as easily readike a book tells me JKR had a Dept. of Reproductive Management lot of inputAlso it s funny Much consistently comical than the books but with the same style of humour ieots of Ron being a buffoon Hermione If some part of Voldemort survived in whatever form we need to be prepared And I m scaredGinny I m scared tooRon Nothing scares me Apart from Mum The plot Beneath This Ink leaves aittle something to be desired Again it feels different from the main series It s not so much about the world and magic but about relationships conflicts particularly between Harry and Albus and the dialogue between characters I suppose magic but about relationships conflicts particularly between Harry and Albus and the dialogue between characters I suppose makes sense in a play where the story unravels through dialogue and not through an omniscient narratorAnd as I touched upon earlier it feels older I don t know how well kids will appreciate the jokes about growing old and how Ron now says oof every time he sits down Or the family drama between Harry and his son Albus But I The Psychology of Work liked it I m happy with this addition I truly am If it had been too similar to the seven novels I feel it would have risked reopening a series that had been closed in a great place Instead we have something very uniue and for me very entertaining Some of the staging directions alsoeave me excited about seeing the play when I win the ottery or acuire a magic wand maybeOne thing I have to say that I said in another comment thread NOW it s time to stop This was a risky experiment and it turned out to be fun but JKR needs to eave this world alone now I really do not want to read about old age Harry Ron and Hermione rolling around in magical wheelchairs So just stopBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store. Th a past that refuses to stay where it belongs his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family The Woman You Want to Be: Margery Wilson's Complete Book of Charm legacy he never wanted As past and present fuse ominously both father and sonearn the uncomfortable truth sometimes darkness comes from unexpected plac.