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[Kindle] (The Blood Mirror) BY Brent Weeks

I was sent this for free from the publisher In Exchange For A Review exchange for a review HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS It s actually my most anticipated book for the end of this year and I kind of maybe did some begging to get a copy of this early from the a copy of this early from the I am super happy to say that all the begging and all the reading was SO worth t becuase this book lived up to and exceeded all of my expectations and I for one am happy that there will be a 5th and final book as so much happens here that I feel Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage it would have been sad to rush the endingnto one volume This You Are the Rain is book 4n the series so Cycle Style if you don t know anything about the previous ones maybe check out one of my reviews for the earlier ones eg my The Black Prism review If you have read those books already then I think you can expect of the same epic magic systems cruel crafty and creative characters and an even expanded world I just love the way that Weeks keeps opening up new tricks and surprises with each volume I always think I know what may happen and then BOOM. Stripped of both magical and political power the people he once ruled told he's dead and nowmprisoned n his own magical dungeon former Emperor Gavin Guile has no prospec. .

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E doing some begging for that one too I gave this a 5s overall and I have reviewed t Here In Video Form If in video form f want to take a look I thought this was a trilogySighWhy do I think everything s a trilogyBut on the bright sideTHERE S GOING TO BE A FOURTH BOOK PEOPLE I don t know how Weeks consistently ratchets up the tension weirdness and world building with each novel but here we are at book number four THE BLOOD MIRROR and you shouldn t be surprised by this point that Iron Cross it s yet another big book of epic fantasy goodnessWeeks only gets better with time His characterization grows ever deeper His settings fully realized The magic strange and creative The pitfall with THE BLOOD MIRROR howevers that Zachary's Virgin it s a transitional book We know there will be one book and he spends this entire book setting up the charactersn preparation for the final push Pfaueninsel in the war between the Chromeria and the Color Prince and of those enemiesn the shadows But I don t mind because everything Weeks writes has a purpose Dayummmmmmmm. D gods are born anew the fate of worlds will come down one uestion Who s the LightbringerLightbringer The *Black Prism Blinding * Prism The Blinding The Broken Eye The Blood Mirror. .
The Blood MirrorSomething else new comes along and I am once shocked and excited to keep reading through to the endingIn this book we and I am once shocked and excited to keep reading through to the endingIn this book we Kip Gavin Teia Karris Liv and of our old friends again as they continue to battle against the Colour Prince This character has caused the whole of the Chromeria many problems and we can see that there s a lot of new power shifts magic and mayhem starting to unfold as the power shifts magic and mayhem starting to unfold as the battle between them approaches I really like that even though we are building up to a big epic battle we re not focused on just that and we actually see our character continue to form and break bonds make and discover secrets and open up to us the reader I really appreciate feeling like I know characters and with these ones I do and I feel like I m privy to many of their diabolical secrets and plans As always this book made me smile and had me stunned at various points through the plot and I loved that I really cannot wait to see what Weeks manages to pull off for the ending of the series and I know I will T of escape But the world the series and I know I will T of escape But the world a calamity greater than the Seven Satrapies has ever seen and only he can save Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) itAs the armies of the White King defeat the Chromeria and ol.

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