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The Color of Our Sky (E–pub READ) Ä Amita Trasi

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Ms with the story mainly how a woman who "worked three jobs in the US was able to travel to India indefinitely with no means of income especially "three jobs in the US was able to travel to India indefinitely with no means of income especially her father s wealth or possible lack thereof when they immigrated to America was never really detailed and also how the corruption of various charity and welfare organizations in India was never brought up at all The second issue could be due to me reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers not too long ago though However if ou are a reader who is able to just enjoy the story for what it is and can go without having every uestion answered Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living you probably won t have any issues at all The writing was solid the timeline flowed nicely from past to present and the characters were all well developed Just rememberou need to go into this one knowing that whenever Legacy of the Heart: The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood you think things might look up they probably aren t ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thankou NetGalley A beautiful testament to friendship "depicted through the story of Tara and Mukta which starts in 1987 in "through the story of Tara and Mukta which starts in 1987 in We are introduced to their two different worlds from different castes and then how they are brought together when Tara s father who works to help orphan children brings Mukta homeThere are alternating chapters narrated by Tara and Mukta and each section begins with a thought from each of them These were especially telling of what was in their hearts and minds It took me most of my childhood to realize that traditions have infinite power over us Mukta I look back at a time when absorbed in our own sweet lives we were unable to see the sadness in another s eyes Tara The warm summer winds have long blown by Now only the cold rain assaults reminding us that life moves on without waiting for anyone Mukta I read somewhere that one must keep walking against the strong winds of despair waiting patiently on the high rocks of hope as if it were that simple TaraMoving back and forth in time from 1987 to 2009 the story unfolds of the privileged girl and the girl made to suffer the brutal life of a prostitute The novel is about what fate has dealt these girls it s about friendship the meaning of family and the horrible brutality of the sex slave trade where とんび young girls are forced into prostitution in the name of a religious tradition What makes this sad and so affecting is that even though the author tells us in a note that the village of Ganipur is fictional there are similar villages in the area that practice the Devdasi traditions and forceoung girls into the prostitution trade The tradition of temple prostitution is especially prevalent in the poorer sections of societyThe feel of the story is somewhat reminiscent although they are very different stories to the Kite Runner In some ways it is predictable but still a beautiful The Concubine yet incredibly sad story which tells awful truthset offers some hope at least for the characters in this book One can only wish that this hope will exist for the real Mukta s of this world 45 starsThanks to Bloomhill Books and NetGalley Other days I d remind myself what Amma used to tell me the color of our sky will be bright again so I shouldn t lose hope In the late 1980 s Mutka s realizes that her caste in life has led her to be dedicated to Yellamma and become a temple prostitute her Amma is sick and her father is pretty unknown Her Amma had told her that he was a rich and powerful man but he will never claim a prostitute s daughter as his Mutka ends up being rescued and taken back to Bombay to live with a foster family that includes a oung girl named Tara Tara and Mutka have a tentative friendship as Tara s mother pretty much hates having Mutka in the house and makes sure she knows her place at all timesThen Mutka is kidnapped one night from Tara s room Tara sees the whole thing but tells no one her secrets Her mother had been killed in the bombings and she is still recuperating Tara s father is devastated after his wife s death and Mutka s kidnapping so he moves Tara and himself to America to start overYears pass and Tara s father dies and she finds out that the whole time he was looking still for Mutkashe leaves America to return to India to hunt her after eleven "yearsOkay so this is not a bad book It s so beautifully " so this is not a bad book It s so beautifully that it does keep ou interested There were just some things that were not wrapped up well for me Cuz I m a picky bitchTara I never really liked her I felt like she did something bad when she was ounger and then after her father died she didn t have anything else to do so she then felt the guilt Then she goes to India and greases palms stays and eats uses a private investigatorall after it being said that she worked three menial jobs in the US How the heck did she afford thatSecondary characters they come and then they go No follow up for introducing the reader to them I need than that Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review. Ho blames herself for what happened embarks on an emotional journey to search for the kidnapped Mukta only to uncover long buried secrets in her own familyMoving from a remote village in India to the bustling metropolis of Bombay to Los Angeles and back again amidst the brutal world of human trafficking this is a heartbreaking and beautiful portrait of an unlikely friendship a story of love betrayal and redemption which ultimately withstands the true test of ti. .
To America with its father the other one stays in the home country ears later the one that left returns to right its wrongs I could put some spoilers here which would set in stone my claim that the books have virtually the same storyline but if ou are interested ou can read it for ourselves2 Mukta s storyline as much as I liked it lacks depth It s sort of like the Memoirs of a Geisha minus 300 pages Too many ears are skipped too many events We don t really follow the developmentchange of the character the reason for that is that we simply don t have the time the book ends too fast I was interested in what happened with Arun Sahib but that story was neither fully developed nor even properly ended3 I don t have a tolerance for the Tara type of character She is the exact replica of The Kite Runner s Amir Acts like an ass when she is a child then later just comes out of nowhere to make herself feel better and everyone thinks she s a hero I was extremely frustrated by the trust Mukta had in Tara and the way she always hoped and believed that Tara truly loved her and had her back No matter what happened in the book I m not sure that is so Whatever Tara might have done it would have all been too late in my opinionAlso I can t not find the way Tara had an endless supply of money very implausible She spent 5 whole Heart of the Night Secret Agent Series years in India without working a single day andet she had enough money to do whatever she wanted bribe people buy plane tickets and Even though we are told that her father comes from a rich family how rich can a village aristocrat be And we are not given reason to believe that she received vast sums of her father s family inheritance anyway4 What happened with the secondary characters As soon as they served their purpose they simply disappeared What happened with Tara s grandmother with Madam with Arun Sahib with Tara s friend from America with a dozen secondary characters Are we to assume that this time Madam decided to just drop it Her description makes that highly unbelievable5 Why do all books at least partially set in India that I ve read always end up with someone s ashes being thrown in the river I realize it s a tradition but when every author starts using it it becomes a stereotype Stereotypes lead to people being offended and from this book as well as others it s obvious that the stereotype is self createdWould I recommend this booka Yes if ou are avid readers It s moving and has a nice enough plotb No if ou don t read so often There are books similar to this one and A Bush Calendar yet better so ifou are only going to choose one pick The Kite Runner or A Thousand Splendid Suns When I picked up this book admittedly because of its beautiful cover I never expected the inside to match the outside This book really touched me and I found myself extremely invested in the characters and the story The characters are so complex et so relatable Mukta broke my heart It was and the story The characters are so complex et so relatable Mukta broke my heart It was hard to read about the subject of the Devadasi s since this barbaric tradition is still "Alive And Well Today I Haven T Marathoned A Book "and well today I haven t marathoned a book a long time but I simply could not put it down The writing is beautiful and the story will truly touch 50 Years of Silence your heart There are some really great lessons in this book and I think that this would be a perfect book club readBuy Borrow or Bin Verdict BuyMy little nutshell review really doesn t give this book justice so I suggest ifou are interested in this book to reuest it from Netgalley and leave a elouent review than what I could musterhttpss2netgalleycomcatalogbookNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review Find all of my reviews at Stars rounded up for the prettiest cover I ve seen so far this Vide et plein year The only way we can rectify our mistakes is to try and undo the wrong we have done This review is brought toou by Do The Latinos of Asia: How Filipino Americans Break the Rules of Race you ever actively search for something thatou know will bring Punainen kuin veri you down It s been raining here for like 74ears and The Color of Our Sky looked like it might be a winner in the No I Don t Have Seasonal Affective Disorder I Just Read a Sad Book category I was spot on I mean look at this synopsisMukta was born to a long line of temple prostitutes and due to the caste system fulfills her destiny at the tender age of 10 Tara was born to a middle class family and a father who feels obligated to save as many children as possible from the horrible fate that awaits them When Mukta becomes one of the children Tara s father brings home life changes for both girls as their friendship develops But when Mukta is kidnapped Tara blames herself Tara remains haunted by the past so much so that as a grown woman she embarks on a journey to find the missing Mukta and save her once again from the brothelThere Make You Mine you have it Basically this reading experience can be summed up with a few simple words Ifou re looking for a real heart ripper outer this might be the book for More Than a Princess (The Montevaro Monarchy you I had a few proble. Ly in Bombay There she discovers a friend in the high spirited eightear old Tara the tomboyish daughter of the family who helps her recover from the wounds of her past Tara introduces Mukta to a different world ice cream and sweets poems and stories and a friendship the likes of which she has never experienced before As time goes by their bond grows to be as strong as that between sisters In 1993 Mukta is kidnapped from Tara’s room Eleven ears later Tara A surprised past tragedy that speak its truth ears later "I was brought to follow both Tara and Mukta journeys throughout the ears giving me both different emotions and thoughts "was brought to follow both Tara and Mukta journeys throughout the ears giving me both different emotions and thoughts regret from retribution a past secret that suddenly came across a good read on caste and traditions in India the unfairness and ignorance a mishap in one s humanity Story wise was okay Development on plot done well no dragginess or unrelated side story Secrets and mystery about some narratives and stuff Tara did to unfold each was fairly intense and leaving me some good bitterness and lessons This giving me uite a thought about one s life the upbringing that exact true feelings that each of us might encounter once in our lifetime I love Mukta s way of telling her stories she suffered a lot that it hurts me so much reading her narratives and imagining her life with future uncertainty Heart wrenching and compelling You ll read the brutalness and massive harsh reality of prostitution in India a thread of friendship along the way back and forth in between two time phase so bittersweet A good read nevertheless We are like the datura flowers that unfurl at night intoxicating blossoming in the dark wilting away at dawn 35 This book s prose is stunning It really is As a debut I was impressed by the particular beauty of the writing Yet some things in the novel itself were too predictable and thi A two person narration that brings to the surface the topic of sex trafficking in India spanning the decades of the 80 s 90 s and O0 s Tara an Indian American returns to India in 2004 to find the lower caste serving girl Mukta that was kidnapped from her family home in 1993 Tara is reminiscent of The Atonement s Briony because she has held onto the secret of the role she may have played in the The Year the Maps Changed young girl s disappearance Solid writing important topic strong family drama and a dash of romance were found within the pages of the story I certainly wanted to see how the story would unravel and if Tara would find out what really happened But I have this feeling of being unsatisfied and a bit let down I cannot pinpoint what exactly it is I am looking to have resolved but the story seemed a bit unfinished This elouent novel will takeour breath away It explores the destiny of two girls in India from different backgrounds who come together and form a bond that is lifelong Mukta is the child of a prostitute and she is destined to follow in her mother s footsteps At 12 ears old her grandmother sells her to work as a sex slave Tara s father rescues Let me begin with a bit of a disclaimer regarding my soul I realize the content and story written in this novel are of utmost social importance and that inherited prostitution in India is a moral abomination and that these women lead miserable suffering lives that I could never truly imagine or know thank God This message should resonate throughout Indian society government and law enforcement I truly feel the greatest remorse and sympathy for the humans that these characters and situations are based on That being said it s

Very Obvious T Read On 
obvious t Read on WondrousBooks blog Actual rating 35 This is one of those books which leave me with very mixed feelings To be honest I considered giving it 3 stars instead of 4 but I m feeling generous todayThe good sides1 It s touching and sad I m not saying that a sad book or a character s sad story is a good thing but if a book is able to influence ou in any way it s a good thing I know because I ve had my fair share of books for which I really didn t give a damn2 The character of Mukta is uite beautiful I really enjoyed reading every single line written from her perspective She is extremely humble and kind loyal and generous in her case as she has nothing else what she shares with everyone is her big heart even though it gets bruised by many I was able to really feel her emotions and her pain and I spent the majority of the book rooting for her3 The writing is lovely Trasi just has a way with words especially when Mukta is the narrator There is great beauty in her descriptions Despite the many things I didn t approve of in this book I m in no way able to say that Amita Trasi is not a good writer What she lacks in creativity as far as the plot goes she makes up in the way she builds the philosophy of the book and the world in itThe bad sides1 It s sort of like season 2 of The Kite Runner India Nearly every character in The Color of Our Sky has an exact counterpart in The Kite Runner The idea of this book is so similar in fact that even many of the uotes are the same As a summary there are two kids one comes from a good family the other one is a servant of sorts they are friends but the richer child treats the other one like the servant that it is and doesn t really think that they are friends something happens to one of the children the other one says nothing not long after it goes. A sweeping emotional journey of two childhood friends one struggling to survive the human slave trade and the other on a mission to save her two girls whose lives converge only to change one fateful night in 1993India 1986 Mukta a ten ear old girl from the lower caste Yellamma cult of temple prostitutes has come of age to fulfill her destiny of becoming a temple prostitute In an attempt to escape this legacy that binds her Mukta is transported to a foster fami. The Color of Our Sky