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告白 Author Kanae Minato (E–pub/Kindle) Ü Kanae Minato

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I came across this book by accident when I read A Review On Goodreads It Intrigued Me Enough To Download review on Goodreads It ntrigued me enough to download and I was The Story of the Orchestra immediately hooked The novel begins with a teacher telling her students that shes resigning from middle school A single mother to a four year old daughter her students believe she Only Say the Word is leaving because of a terrible tragedy which saw her little girl found deadn the school pool However n a speech at the end of term the teacher relates the story of what happened that day and teacher relates the story of what happened that day and how two students n the class are guilty of her murderThis s a literary mystery We know what happened and we know who did t but what unfolds s the story of the teacher s revenge and the conseuences of her actions Different chapters are told from the viewpoint of different characters one of the students n the class the two boys accused of the murder one of the boys sisters and his mother s diary entries We learn of what led the two boys to *Their Actions And There *actions and there also a few delicious plot twists along the wayIf you are willing to try something a little different then this will reward you with an excellent read Japan Talking Cures and Placebo Effects is obviously culturally very different from the UK I worked for a Japanese company for some years but regardless of whether you know anything about the country and the people or nots rrelevant Yes the attitudes are often a little different the teacher Moriguchi s looked down upon by parents n the class for being a single parent to Manami children of divorced parents generally live with the father and not the mother the children strive for perfection n their marks at school and are often sent to cram schools after class and teachers are much highly respected but these are minor things that are easily understood and sympathised with The author creates great tension excel. Os seus alunos assass. ,

Lent characters and a really nteresting plot I look forward to reading *By Kanae Minato And *Kanae Minato and of novels are translated nto English In Japan she Is As The Ueen described as the ueen Voodoo Woman ( New Orleans Mysteries iyamisu literally a eww mystery where readers blurt out Eww while reading her books However thiss certainly not physically revolting or grisly n any way although t does deal with the very dark side of human nature and what motivates people whether Last Chance Hero its to look for notoriety or to revenge the loss of the child you hold most dear This novel Officer Buckle and Gloria is an unreliable multiple first person POV epistolary thriller debut novelview spoilerwell there are 2 chapters that are not epistolary like hide spoiler Brilliantly constructed but pointless I m disappointed given the volume of buzz and strong recommendations for this novel Still Confessionss original and offers a sterling and surprising ending this book Antolog�a Patri�tica is deliveredn a stark and barebones prose but the story Political Theory: An Introduction itselfs surprisingly convoluted and Two Adventures of Sherlock Holmes intricatethe first chapters told n the form of a lecture as a teacher addresses her class with what appears to be a series of anecdotal non seuiturs about the new milk program at school the announcement of her mpending retirement the This Pagan Heaven illness of a famous teacher at another school the recent death of her four year old daughter manami etc etc but slowly subtly her lecture becomes a tightening noose as these seemingly unconnected stories take on a chillingmport as she ultimately accuses two students n the classroom sh ya and naoki of causing manami s death and then very casually drops the bombshell of the horrifying revenge she has already set n motion her detached offhandedness makes this final lecture ncredibly shocking and when the teasingly meandering narrative starts to firm up and show ts true shape t Inaram a sua filha Es. Just like BOOM class s second chapter threw me for loop at first new voice new tone who second chapter threw me for a loop at first new voice new tone who this then turns out this chapter s told from the POV of a girl n the class mizuki the class president who witnesses and reports on the aftermath of the teacher s revenge plot admission and the way Dreamsnake it affects the two accused boys and how the revelation that they are murderers causes the other children to treat them short answer badlyfrom there the chapter voices handed off to each of accused two boys Dark Water: A Siren Novel in turn and a chapter from naoki s sister and thent circles back again to sh ya and naoki and with each chapter we learn and about the repercussions as well as about the motivations leading up to the girl s murder and the truth of her death as each narrative answers a few uestions unmasks lies exposes Muse intent and fillsn the gaps as the Silence individual perspectives begin tonterlock Dr. Koto Vol. 9 in these perfect spokes and the story comes to an explosive conclusion with a final chapter from the teacher one last act of vengeance one gotcha and the last words emphatically had Sworn Sword: A Free Preview i likedt although found t dragging sometimes despite how unadorned the prose Lanalphabète qui savait compter is sometime felt Modern French Culinary Art -The Pellaprat of the 20th Century it was taking too long to get to the conclusion and would have worked better at a faster pace considering the genre did really enjoy the structure a sort of nest of confessions with an ncreasingly paranoid tone and appreciated the way that the motivations for seemingly Sum It Up: A Thousand and Ninety-Eight Victories, a Couple of Irrelevant Losses, and a Life in Perspective inexcusable actions are revealed and you begin to be able to sympathize and understand the characters a little better but then we re offnto another viewpoint and all the good Escaping the Delta: Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues intentions or misguided reasons have already been tainted and transformednto new violent acts and t s just too late for anyone to be savedbleak deadly destructivecome to my blo. Ta é a sua vingança. 告白 Author Kanae Minato

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The Girl n the City Sasameki Koto, Vol. 9 Hummelchen macht eine Entdeckung Hammurabi's Gesetz, Vol. 4: �bersetzte Urkunden, Erl�uterungen (Fortsetzung) (Classic Reprint)