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Her to her fish faced cousin to keep her large dowry in the familyPen tells Richard *SHE OWNS A HOUSE IN SOMERSET *owns a house in Somerset intends to make her way there to seek the help of a childhood friend She is about to turn and leave but Richard is not uite drunk nough for his common sense to have completely abandoned him He insists that Pen can t possibly wander the streets of London alone late at night dressed as a boy and tells her he will Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education escort her to Somerset On their journey the pair cross paths with a jewel thief a Bow Street Runner andven a dead body and Richard finds himself having to constantly think on his feet to be able to keep up with Pen s seemingly ndless capacity for spinning yarns and finding trouble and finds himself having the most fun he s ver had in most fun he s ver had in life The plot and finds himself having the most fun he s ver had in his life The plot fairly thin it s true but as is the case with so many of Georgette Heyer s books the plot is of secondary importance to the style the wit and the wonderful sense of the ridiculous The story is part farce part mystery and it races along with feel of a runaway train The dialogue sparkles with xchanges between Richard and Pen that are full of humour and affection showing that despite the disparity in their ages they re very well matched I m not someone who is bothered by the twelve year age gap Emma Woodhouse is sixteen years younger than Mr Knightley and if it s good nough for her and Jane Austen then it s good nough for meRichard the ponymous Corinthian is a charming hero unflappable funny and kind with an air of uiet strength and competence about him that is very attractive I m not a fan of very young heroines and Pen is just seventeen but while she s certainly got that air of invincibility that so often comes with youth she s not stupid or insensitive She s got gumption and a degree of self awareness that makes her seem a little matureThere s a wonderful cast of supporting characters from the cant spouting jewel thief to the insipid young woman Pen s friend is determined to marry and the various members of Richard s almost fianc s family The author s gift for biting wit and subtle irony brings them all into sharp focusI ve never heard of narrator Georgina Sutton before but when I saw that she s recently narrated a version of Thackeray s Vanity Fair I was sure I was in for a treat Naxos AudioBooks has done a stupendous job in matching narrators to books with their Heyer recordings and this one is no xception Ms Sutton is absolutely superb bringing all the characters vividly to life in a performance that is nothing short of virtuosic The aforementioned jewel thief is a character straight out of a Dickens novel and Ms Sutton absolutely relishes his slang laden dialogue She later affects a perfect simpering breathiness for a rather drippy secondary love interest and her portrayal of the Honourable Melissa s brother Cedric is completely over the top and utterly hilarious Richard s mother is a woman so languid it s a wonder she can Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation even get out of bed of a morning Ms Sutton s characterisations of the two principals are spot on too She adopts a slightly lower pitch and a very measured delivery for Richard that perfectly reflects the world weary persona he presents to the world and which contrasts brilliantly with Pen s seeminglyndless capacity for wonder and fascination with Gender Justice everything around herThis is one of the most delightful audioxperiences I ve had in a while Ms Sutton has a real affinity for the material and the Generations and Collective Memory energy and joyousness that shine through withvery word make The Corinthian a must listen for fans of historical romance Georgette Heyer and romance audiobooks alike Highly recommended 45In case you need something light wonderful witty and well written then look no further I really liked The CorinthianUnlike some of Heyer s other stories where you have to wait until veryone and their mother is introduced and their situation there aren t any delays here The introduction to Sir Richard and his family s wishes is done in a couple of pages You ven get to meet the woman From Notes to Narrative everyonexcept him his brother in law and the woman s brother Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America expects to marry The story doesn t go back and forth though Heyer doesn t do in your face depictions If you pay attention from the first moment you see that Sir Richard is not happy You see he wishes for something Penelope and Sir Richard s firstncounter happens very soon and it is one of the loveliest I ve read so far From there on you get a romantic adventure featuring an uncomfortable trip in a coach lots of firsts for both of them imaginative God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School explanations of their relationship anncounter with a thief and much much If you do pay close attention you ll notice when Sir Richard starts to see Pen differently I wish I could list all the funny moments in this book 2019 Re ReadI ve read this one several times now and it still leaves me laughing out loud Pen does grow. Bing out of a window by means of knotted sheets dressed in boy's clothing lovely Penelope Creed is fleeing from London She is a brilliant London heires with and lavish life and a proposed marriage to her repulsive fish lipped cousin a man she loathed She has a shimmering dream of a love she had known once and lost Discovered by Sir Wyndham he can't allow her to travel to the countryside all alone so he offers himself as her protectorAnd. ,

3 12 I don t know what to think The characters are top notch as usual with Heyer and the humor is as amusing as Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) ever But the plot I don t know which part was unbelievable Penelope running away in men s clothing the adventures by stagecoach or thelopement of one very silly secondary couple I cringe to say this about my beloved Heyer But I ve got to say it Of all her books that I have read however far fetched they maybe she makes it work But this one takes the cake And I don t think it worked for me I njoyed it don t get me wrong but I couldn t believe it Her other books felt likely ven when they were unusual situations this one just didn t do that for me If I could have gotten past my disbelief it would have been fine I just kept seeing this as if it was really happening and saying No No No Not in a million years However truth is stranger than fiction so no doubt in a different mood I could read this without any ualms I really think the bizarre case with the Bow Street Runner was really too much The Good My favorite character was a scamp Cedric the drunkard the sponge and completely humorous pest He was uite honest about his faults on one occasion he told the Richard not to marry his sister and that if he did marry his sister he Cedric would sponge off him for the rest of his days and that if Richard married her despite his warning he would be a greater fool than he d thought Richard was definitely a Corinthian In fact I didn t like him much to start since he was so into his dratted cloths By the nd I did but just not nough to raise my rating I found him Foraging for Survival easily amused which I liked since it unbuttoned him a bit Overall thought not a fav I liked Faro s Daughter since I feel the couple had better chemistry Speaking of which this book only covers about a weeks worth of time Pen she was adorable if reckless and terribly innocent Also she is wonderfully sure of herself she has a magnificent imagination The stories she comes up with So mind blowing and nearly always funny She and Cedric are the life of the book and I just wish the plot had been a a bit different so I couldnjoy it Anyway go into this book Fragments expecting bizarre ridiculous and unrealistic but humorous adventures with a wild young chap called Pen PG nearly no violencefew swears and the only thing bumping this up to a PG is that some people may not like that at thend the hero kisses Penelope who is still in boys cloths in front of a stagecoach full of people I admit that felt kinda silly to me Just unrealistic I guess But it fiction so njoy the ride Ah The first GEORGETTE HEYER I EVER HEARD OF Heyer I ver heard of second I ver read And now I listened to it and it was just as hilarious Yes Richard is twelve years older than Pen but she has her heart set on a life of adventure something to which he does not object and both of them are plagued by horrible relations Truly a perfect match The blurb focusing as it does on the innocence of Penn tends to put me off this book but the story itself is a great deal of fun Penn is a little Naive But She S Also The Sort Of Girl Who but she s also the sort of girl who to being in a stage coach accident with delight at the adventureBy putting on a boy s clothes Penn gets to participate in the adventures as well and greets almost very circumstance with unimpaired good spirits I particularly njoy her opinion of her former swain and his new inamorata I ve given this an A for narration and B for content at AAR so probably nearer 5 stars than 4One of the best things about listening to new audio versions of older books is becoming reacuainted with stories I read many years ago than I care to count Georgette Heyer s The Corinthian is not a title I ve re read over the years so coming back to it in audio was almost like xperiencing a new book And a terrific xperience it wasThe story is one with which any regular Regency reader is probably very familiar an older sophisticated and somewhat nnui laden man about town becomes accidentally One Ticket To Texas embroiled in a hare brained scheme perpetrated by a younger female One thing leads to another in the way of a cartoon snowball rolling down a mountainside and the couplends up in the middle of all sorts of madness and mayhem while falling in loveThat s pretty much the plot of The Corinthian with laughs obviously Handsome and xtremely wealthy twenty nine year old Sir Richard Wyndham is constantly pressured by his family to hasten his betrothal to the lovely demure and very proper Honourable Melissa Brandon who they keep telling him will make him the perfect wife Unable to postpone the inevitable any longer and intending to propose the next day Richard goes out and gets drunk and on the way home stops to assist a young lad climbing out OF A WINDOW THE BOY TURNS a window The boy turns naturally to be a very feminine armful Miss Penelope Creed Penelope or Pen is running away from her aunt and uncle to scape their plot to marry. The only uestion which hangs over the life of Sir Richard Wyndham notable whip dandy and Corinthian is one of marriage On the Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy eve of making the most momentous decision of his life while he is contemplating a loveless marriage with a woman his friends have compared to a cold poultice he is on his way home a little worse for drink and finds a perfect opportunity forscape by her boring destiny He discovers a beautiful young fugitive clim.

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On you She is a prototypical Younger Heyer Heroine no doubt about it Her youthful naivete occasionally gratesbut the scene where a neighborhood gentleman accuses her no doubt about it Her youthful naivete occasionally gratesbut the scene where a neighborhood gentleman accuses her seducing his daughter will always be one of my favorites 2018 Re ReadI generally find Heyer covers don t match the book but this one seems particularly gregious Why on arth does the girl on the front cover have bro Georgette Heyer is my go to author when I want something well written light hearted and witty to read She never disappointsThe Corinthian is one of my favourites I liked Sir Richard immensely and Pen was funny and charming and had me laughing out loud at timesThere were many interesting secondary characters that appealed to me as well I didn t find the thieves cant a problem as some other readers did I think the story was better for including itA uick and Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader enjoyable read The Georgette Heyer Fans Group is reading GH s Regency novels in written order it is fascinating to watch her progression as the ueen of the RegenciesThis is GH s third Regency the first to show the lighthearted style she wrote so well There is still a little bit ofxplanation of activities like Boxing the Watch whereas in later books she is confident we are totally in her worldOn this particular read I gulped the book down in one day it is one of GH s shorter works IMO that is the way to do it as there are a few issues that I find highly improbable But the great charm of the hero heroine the breakneck speed of the story carry things for meAlso the scapegrace Ceddie is one of my favourite of Gh s secondary male characters the book just sparkles Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead every time he is on the pageYes there is an age difference But 17 years old wouldn t have been considered that young for marriage in those daysven now a 12 year age gap is not that much In my husband s family there are 3 marriages with around a ten year age difference they are some of the happiest marriages I know I do think Pen will always bring out Richard s younger happier side I thought that The Corinthian was a romance but the romance in this book is almost non Bryozoan Evolution existent Nevertheless it was veryntertaining as I immersed myself in a bit of intrigue with theft and a hapless murder other side stories of silly females incorrigible would be brothers in law a prospective betrothed besotted to another and of course the two most delightful of heroes and heroines view spoiler A uote from the book could actually sum up the story better We were overturned in a ditch we became Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) er intimately acuainted with a thief we found ourselves in possession of stolen goods assisted in anlopement and discovered a murder I had not dreamt life could hold such xcitement hide spoiler Sigh I ve overdosed on Georgette Heyer Regencies and now I can t tell if I m bored because this is mediocre Heyer or because I *Ve Temporarily Reached Saturation Point *temporarily reached saturation point her books The banter is witty the hero capable and charming the heroine brave and feisty and I was pretty much unmoved by it allIt s a cute and humorous plot Sir Richard Wyndham is just about to nter into an Engagement With The Cold with the cold veryone xpects him to marry and has gotten very drunk to drown his unhappiness He is making his boozy way home when he sees someone climbing out of a 2nd story window Intrigued he stops to catch this young person since the knotted sheets they re climbing down stop several feet short of the ground It turns out that this young person is 17 year old Penelope Creed a wealthy orphan who is running away to avoid being pressured into marrying her cousin The soused Sir Richard decides that running away sounds like a very good idea indeed and besides Pen obviously needs someone older and capable to watch out for herSo off they go Pen with short hair and dressed in boy s clothing Various shenanigans Going Berserk ensue Also hijinks And love blossoms in places unexpected to the hero and heroine but certainly not to the reader Pen thinks she s going to go formalize her 5 year old unofficialngagement to Piers Luttrell an old buddy of hers so she was 12 when she was hanging out and making a youthful marriage pact with this 16 year old boy Okaaay I m not going to think about that too hard Some of the funniest parts are what happens when they finally meet up with Piers and the silly weepy girl he s currently involved with There s also a stolen diamond necklace subplot to add to the crazinessPart of my problem is the age difference between Pen and Richard 17 and 29 I m past the point in my life where that s romantic to me although I can handwave that if the rest of the story really grabs me The romance is kind of given short shrift here but that often happens with Heyer Maybe I just wasn t in the mood for comedic scapades3 so so stars Recommended if you re in the mood for Regency hijinks Maybe I ll give it another shot when I m in the mood for that kind of story. With her in flight across a landscape of xcitement was a man like no other she had known handsome sophisticated but cynical They had met by accident been drawn together by danger And now only his masked Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America emotions and the shifting impulses of her own wild young heart would tell what their destiny would be When their stagecoach overturns they find themselvesmbroiled with thieves at the center of a murder investigation and finally in lo. .
The Corinthian

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