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Of the demographic of the book s intended target audience Fact is I found some of the stories rather drawn out and pointless The best story in the collection is Dogs in Winter Although I am at a loss as to why it is called that Maybe I m missing some vital reference here If I am and all ou sharp and attentive people haven t I apologize for my obtuseness The story concerns itself with the unimaginable effect on a Lichen Sclerosis: How to Heal It young girl of having a serial killer for a mother What I like about this one is the fact that Robinson tells it in a non linear fashion She gives us tantalizing flashes of key incidents without any attempt to spoon feed the reader The lack of chronology may be confusing and disorientating at first glance but everything comes together with a very satisfying click and even then there are some uestions purposely left unanswered that just add to the strangeness of it all Contact Sports is the longest tale in the book and the only one that in my opinion could be defined as a proper novella I got the impression that this was perhaps intended as the high point of the collection It started off intriguingly enough with an epileptic high school student awaiting the arrival of his older cousin aoung man who recently suffered a dishonorable discharge from the military and now on his way to Vancouver to find something else to do It was not very clear at least to me what exactly his purpose was another example of my obtuseness But although the narrative came on like a rampant lion it soon resembled a little whipped cur with its tail between its legs It carried on for far too long and did not say all that much in the end The remaining novellas the title piece Traplines and the concluding story ueen of the North had two protagonists eking Out Intolerable Existences In intolerable existences in than ideal circumstances The first one featured a set of parents not worthy of the name while the second one was enhanced by a sadly ironic ending Very few short stories in this collection In fact one is 100 pages More of a novella It was apparently combined or used for another book This BC noir First Nations writer has so many acclaims that I was daunted to rate this book only three stars Kidding I m honest to a fault sometimes I did enjoy the stories but they didn t have me hankering to hunt down everything she s ever written The stories were raw sometimes funny but just didn t grab me like I thought they would I friggin love this book When I read it in uni for whatever reason it felt like one of the most honest and hard hitting books I d ever read I think I devoured it in one sitting Robinson focuses suarely on issues relating to teenagers growing up in rural communities specifically the simple fact that no matter what bad things are happening to Irish Paganism youou have literally nowhere to go to get away because Kojiki you re surrounded by nothing Her spare and direct style drives this point intoour gut whenever You Watch The Characters Sublimating Themselves To Their Horrible Situations watch the characters sublimating themselves to their horrible situations they have no way outA must read Admittedly I liked the least by far the longest story of the collection ie Contact Sports which at 100 pages seems to lose its strength a little towards the end However all four stories were amazing Gritty bloody and powerful they were teeming with the often not so uiet desparation of abused The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrators 2020 youth Highly recommended and without doubt Traplines will be one of my favourite books of theear. N techniues range from grand theft to homicide; kids who have nowhere to go and a lifetime to get there. Ometimes take a break because it is such difficult material but she also sheds a light on realities I know the outh I counsel face This combined review of Traplines and Blood Sports was first posted on BookLikesIf there is such a category as BC Noir then Eden Robinson s books Traplines 4 and Blood Sports 3 epitomize category as BC Noir then Eden Robinson s books Traplines 4 and Blood Sports 3 epitomize category for me I m combining the review of both books here because Blood Sports is the continuation of Contact Sports one of the short stories contained in Traplines Having discovered Robinson s work through her novel Monkey Beach I was not uite sure whether her other work would follow paths and include similar themes or whether it would be wholly different As in Monkey Beach both Traplines and Blood Sports are written from the point of view of teenagers or people who have had to learn to become adults rather early However where the rites of passage in Monkey Beach are accompanied by a sense of community based on legends and a presence of the supernatural all the stories in Traplines and Blood Sports are focused on people growing up trapped in the gritty and dysfunctional fringes of society dealing with violence addiction despair and seemingly unable to grasp at any opportunity that could lead a way out of it even if it seems to be offered Violent and gritty but at the same time moving And none so than Contact Sports Blood Sports which is set in Vancouver s East Side at a time when it was classed as the most dangerous place in Canada The story follows Tom who wants to escape the world of crime and addiction and settle down with his oung family Tom is haunted and literally hunted by his drug dealing video blogging psychopath cousin Jeremy who will stop at nothing to wage revenge on people who he thinks have betrayed him If ou need trigger warnings this book pretty much has all of the ones I can think of and It s still a pretty good read Nothing existed Nothing had ever existed but the pain He suealed he heard the sounds ripping through his throat and he fought the ropes He screamed and he screamed and he threw himself forward so the ropes would tighten and it would end This collection of four novellas from Canadian writer Eden Robinson received extravagant praise from critics and fellow authors alike when "it was first published in 1996 She was hailed as a oung writer with enough literary promise to "was first published in 1996 She was hailed as a oung writer with enough literary promise to become a Carol Shields or even an Alice Munro Now let me admit straightaway that I cannot for the life of me see what all the fuss was about True enough these stories highlight the plight of forgotten adolescents existing on a knife edge in a world of narcotics casual sex uncaring parents and physical abuse a world where worries about a telephone bill or the next rent payment are constant companions where every second girl sports a purple or a pink Mohawk and where home made tattoos are the norm I will be the first person to admit that the social conditions prevalent in these tales need to be spotlighted and that Robinson have a right and a duty to tap into this substandard world I will also go so far as to say that she brings this sometimes alien milieu to light in images that have the power to move and to dismay in eual measure But try as I might I could not really engage with any of the characters to the extent that I could share in their pain and frustrations Of course this is not the writer s fault I suspect that I am perhaps not part. Rose she describes homes ruled by bullies psychopaths and delinuents; families whose conflict resolutio. There are four short stories in Traplines the first two Traplines and Dogs in Winter I found to be a bit bland but Contact Sports the original basis for the LATER BOOK BLOOD SPORTS IS A book Blood Sports is a ride and ueen of the North is cathartic and a joy to read as well One of the things I would note about Robinson s writing is that it s often as gripping as any thriller but also socially conscious and thought provoking regardless of whether or not a reader immediately recognizes the context out of which Robinson is writing I would recommend her work to students of literature and self described common folk alike A very early collection of stories published first in 1996 Very different each in terms of content and characters Interesting in the context of Eden Robinson s writing evolution More to follow I ll take this story by storyTraplines I felt so sad and so frustrated that Will didn t take advantage of this out being given to him for the sake of appearances It didn t make sense to be but it totally made sense to him It was just hard hitting and a good intro Sort of tamer than the others but that was the point We re just warming up hereDogs in Winter We read this in third ear Canadian Literature and it is a harrowing tale of a girl who turned in her serial murderer mother You see the same traits in her and she struggles to remain good It s amazing and definitely one of my favourite short stories everContact Sports Jeremy Rieger is one of the most fucked up character s I ve ever had the fortune or misfortune to meet in literature He s a cartoon and a real riot until Jane and Julio you realise thatou really shouldn t be laughing at this lunatic s antics This one s the longest story almost a novella and it keeps Cruel Fae (The Dark Fae you clinging to the book until the very endueen of the North This is the denouement of the collection but that doesn t mean it doesn t hitou as hard as the others Kareoke s struggle to break out of this cycle of abuse and Jimmy s alluded entry into it makes me really want to see what happens on that boat when Jimmy and Uncle Josh are left alone togetherOverall This collection is amazing I ve literally just finished this book and I am completely enamoured by it My brain is a wash with SO MANY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS ABOUT many thoughts and feelings about collection of short stories First and foremost each story packs an emotional punch The stories are uniue They are raw They each tackle characters who are struggling with difficult home environments With psychotic or mentally disturbed family members who impede on their development or who are responsible for psychological damage to the main protagonists Each of the stories are dark and harrowing But the characters within each "are completely fascinating The first two stories and the last I would "completely fascinating The first two stories and the last I would loved development of those individual stories and for the third story I feel that plot could of been condescended down However the writing style the suspense and the characters were fantastically constructed The book is intoxicating You become drawn into each dark story These characters and plots will haunt The Cambridge Handbook of Sociolinguistics you and stay withou long after the final page And I feel for myself I need to re read these stories again to gleen out even of the wonders of Eden Robinson s storytelling An effortless 485 out of 5 stars Such a fascinating and enthralling short story collection Please go read it another intense creation by Eden I appreciate her writing immensely I have to The menacing underside of family life is the subject of Eden Robinson's debut collection In crackling ,

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