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Ading one of her books

you gotta go 
gotta go something light and uick to get our mind right before ou catch ourself thinking about these characters like they belong to Winter Magic you and suddenly findourself washing dishes talking out loud to Bird Habitats in Britain yourself about scenes in the bookep I did thatThis was a tough one to read but I was so intrigued with this didn t like some of what happen like the whole polygamy thing I cant imagine sharing #my man girl Id kill a Oh I just remembered this one part where Dumani goes after one of the Ahhhh #man girl Id kill a Oh I just remembered this one part where Dumani goes after one of the Ahhhh gotta read don t want to spoil it for The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed you man almost couldn t stop myself lol The Author knows how to captivateou like a damn sparkling vampire I could not look away and I wanted This story centers around a cult type life with polygamy being the heart of it Buuut then there is also a apocalyptic thing going on annnnnd lawd الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق yes there s a paranormal thing too Once again Ms Jan Jan threw everything at me all at once with no time to breathe My heart broke a million times for the Heroine Dumani she was strong woman also the Hero Judea he was in a tough position with the church even though I wanted to kill him in the middle of the book I understood his positions and oh he made my heart strings go nuts with his crazy in love for Dumani Fav oute Don t listen to those heathens What do they matter They don t know us Look at them They re lazy and worthless They don t compare toou in any way Dumani Stop walking with Riders of the Sea your head down I don t care who is in the fucking room You look up and ifou don t know where to look after that Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters you look to me You are my wife Those bitches are sunburned and bitter They re jealous ofou Why would they be jealous of me My hand reaches up and brushes my scar Jude shakes his head sadly You are everything a man needs in a woman This story takes Friends Forever: Everything Changes (Friends Forever) you on a journey a looooooong journey Dumani goes through it I tellou and grows as well She not only gets to have love she gets to grow in love Don t get me started on the third Man she meets This story it rips through The TV Writer's Workbook: A Creative Approach To Television Scripts your chest throwsour heart on the floor but it s puts it back again and I loved every minute of it I love her writing style I cant imagine not liking anything she writes Here s my couple Happy reading friends reading playlistWide Eyed by Billy LockettWhere s My Love by SymlVoodoo by Ashant. Hind our walls men can have six wives and father twenty children The walls are high enough to keep strangers out and keep our secrets in They were not high enough to keep out the sickness or wide enough to keep out death when it came to collect The outsiders called us crazy Uneducated A cult They all died We didn’t just survive we thrived It was during this dark and tragic time that the most unusual thing happened I found love in the most unexpected place Me the unfortunate one. ,

Umani As she travels far and wide with her unexpected self discovery finds herself inexplicably far from home And her love for Jude Hamilton so strong she alway My immediate reaction after reading the book I really have to think about this book I mean this is a long long story and there is a lot I mean A LOT going on in this book Heck it s an emotional roller coaster on steroid Major Spoilers aheadWe all have read books or even watch shows about some deadly virus attack that goes out of control and kills half the world s populationmostly it s a zombie apocalypse themed or about some group of city folks survivors trying to endure in the new harsh and raw #reality of dystopian future But here is the story from another angle #of dystopian future But here is the story from another angle concept but from a Amish Mormon cult like community point of view particularly fr WOWI the story never wanted to end Some typos but NV Level 3 Health and Social Care you can read through them If i could give this writer stars i would I m now one of her number one fans keep up the good work D I felt that this book started off well but then it headed into crazy land I can understand the compelling part about this book but it was not to my taste This is the hard part about reviewing a book I do not really want to down rate it because it was not a bad book I just did not like it So I won t rate it at all Too good to put down sci fi paranormal suspense thriller all rolled into one Action murder love hateou name it this book has it I loved it I loved this book It s different weird strange funny scary and terrifying and right up my alley The Paranormal the IR Romance and the hot sex scenes the Sci Fi The apocalypse has never been as interest as it was portrayed in this book One of the best books I ve read in a long time Couldn t put it down Duma was one of the strongest female characters I ve read in a while Mino and Judea sounded hot as hell Don t call me don t disturbed be I m reading The Doomsday Papers was my mentality until I was finished this book This one certainly goes on my re read list I need a minute to regroupreview to comeSome days laterWhen ou cant predict the story line Seriously this had me all up and around the corner in my feelings I ended this story with a heavy heart ooohhhhh the emotional ache I feel I feel like I ve been beaten down chil I m just worn the heck out After re. Ing people and burning bodies it all changed me If only my family could see me now They can't see me They're dead Dead and burned in the south field Father used too much gasoline and the fire spread out of control It burned acres of thirsty grapevines and almost took the barn He cried over the grapes but not the two wives and fourteen children we cremated Thinking about the dead makes me sad Thinking about the food that I took for granted makes me sadder Our ways kept us alive Be.

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OMG OMG OMG if I could give it ten stars I wouldThis book was sooooooo good I ran the gambit of emotions I had t I initially gave the *work 5 starsbut decided after careful reflection that I needed to re think the rating I *5 starsbut decided after careful reflection that I needed to re think the rating I cheated when the theme of witches and vampires were incorporated into the plot I felt cheated because I felt the author took the easy way out and didn t continue on the challenging path she set forth on with the main characters growth It was too easy veer of into the supernatural plot rather than let the story unravel and subseuently endnaturally Also one chapter in my kindle edition had numerous typos etcnot sure what that was aboutbut eah I #WOULD HAVE LOVED THE OPPORTUNITY TO #have loved the opportunity to Duma and Jude working their shit outor not without the supernatural aspects as a uick fix to save a plot that seemed to become too tedious to finish for the author Wtf did I just read I bought this book a while ago and I couldn t read it It took me a month to do so I finally got into it I didn t read any reviews on it and es it bothered me that it was written in first personI ll just say I finished this book at work and now I m an emotional mess I read on my phone with the kindle app and I have taken a crap load of notes I am a mess after reading this book Duma lives in a polygamist cult This the only life she knows and she is also in love with a boy The preacher s son Duma s life changes when a virus starts to kill off humanityThere is so much shit in this bookThis is the walking dead mixed with a Western mixed with HBO s big love and TLC s sister wives with love and hip hop and mixed with ueen Sugar Charmed mixed with Iyanla fix my life Along with true blood maybe some twilight and blade like na what did i just blade Like Na What did I just There are side characters I m still wondering about Also there wasn t much explanation on Duma s past and how that all fit in with her life There were rushed elements to this book and like most 1st person stories ou often get lost on who is speaking in that moment But Once Is Never Enough (Real Men Like It Hard, yea I ll read this author again but not for a while This shit got me emotionally drainedSigned by a hater of books written in first person This book took me trough a whole spectrum of emotions and brought me to tears This interesting and significant story is so movingou can t help but root for It all started with a cough No one knows who coughed or where but it changed everything That cough did what Vladimir Putin and Bin Laden couldn’t do It nearly exterminated the human population and toppled the invincible United States Government It ruined me Before the sickness I was a meek subservient woman I was uiet and useful to my family but I ate than anyone else and I got the most thrashings I was the unfortunate Dare girl The fat one That was before The long journey kill. .

The Doomsday Papers