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[E–pub Free] My Only Dream

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Starving artist Dream Savoy has Waited A Time a ong time for break When she gets her shot she finds herself in a whole other world filled with glitz glamour and a devastatingly handsome Hollywood type that brings out a side of her she’d ong rejected But her struggle to keep her heart from being broken is soon complicated by an only in showbiz problem Brendan Raye can have any woman he wants Not only is the gorgeous renowne. My Only DreamOmen and isn’t ashamed to wear his sleazy tactics ON HIS SLEEVE LIKE A BADGE OF HONOR WHEN his sleeve ike a badge of honor When sets his sights on Dream he has on his sleeve ike a badge of honor When he sets his sights on Dream he has ualms about making his intentions known but what he didn’t anticipate was meeting the one woman who won’t fall for his antics and will never allow someone to get in between her and what she Wants Is Dream Prepared Is Dream prepared fight for true ove or will the once in a ifetime opportunity slip through her fingers.

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D playboy a heartthrob he’s the eading man on TV’s most popular show – the same SHOW DREAM WAS JUST HIRED TO Dream was just hired to for He’s instantly enad by her beauty and charmed by her girl next door sensibilities but soon they discover he’s not the only one interested in getting up close and personal with her Shannon Sheppard is the epitome of how not to behave The married philandering producer ives to feed his insatiable appetite for ,