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The premise was interesting and I really enjoyed the metafictional aspect all Those Different Levels The different levels the narrative the tale within the tale the reference to historical characters Roger Casement Henry Morton Stanley the colonial criticism the distinction between the in situ narrator and the recollecting narrator were all very well written Why are there no English expressions for Erz hlendes Erlebendes Ich Also I really liked Pi ol s first novel even though I have to say that it was much better the first time I read it In the African adventure that Marcus Garvey tells the narrator many elements of Cold Skin resurface It s just that Cold Skin was short and succinct whereas Pandora is a very long novel This middle part drags on for uite a bit and while it is a fantasy adventure story which is not only highly implausible it is also not very interesting After Garvey s tale is told the novel still goes on for a substantial length It should have been much shorter as the details of it all seem so redundant I m thinking of elements such as the shell less turtle the second time Tommy seem so redundant I m thinking of elements such as the shell less turtle the second time Tommy our narrator stays in Ms Pinkerton s bedsit etc all this just adds unnecessary bulk to the story I wish the narrator would have understood sooner how he has been manipulated without making such a song and dance about it And why did Pi ol name his character Marcus Garvey What ind of analogy was he trying to create with this particular choice Additionally I wonder why a Spanish writer wants to occupy himself with a Victorian set up or the Irish struggle for independence Edit Authors should remember this word every time they write a novel They may be in love with what they have written but that doesn t mean a shorter and compact novel wouldn t be better That is the biggest problem Pandora al Congo hasAnd it is a pity because the novel has a great beginning funny and mysterious some flashes of brilliance and some interesting ideas how we romanticize other. Auesta història va començar amb tres enterraments i va acabar amb un cor trencat el meu L´estiu de 1914 jo tenia 19 anysMarcus Garvey empresonat a Londres pot ser condemnat a mort L´acusen d´haver assassinat dos germans William i Richard arist?. Cultures twisting some of their cultural aspects to fit our views of the others or how some inds of violence are legitimized and others not But all those points get drown in an overwrought convoluted too much in love with itself plot with so many twists and turns you will get a headache Some of them are nice there is one that makes reference to a character that I saw Some of them are nice there is one that makes reference to a character that I saw the very first moment because it makes reference to a movie if the reader has watched the movie they will also see it coming but most of them fall into the deux ex machina mold and get tiring around the page 50If that was not enough our friend S nchez Pi ol has decided to use as many adjectives metaphors and similes as one of the characters of the novel asks from another at the beginning of the story And really one or two can be funny but at the umpteenth one you will feel like throwing the book to the wall It gives the feeling the author loves too much the sound of his own fingers on the eyboardToo long too repetitive with too many obvious turns and twists Pandora al Congo ends up being a disappointment and a lost opportunity Maybe if it had clocked at around 80 pages1510Original Catalan version On one level it s an African adventure novel of the ind that Edgar Rice Burroughs used to pen On another level it s a wry critiue of those stories from a post Colonial perspective Tommy Thomson not the painter is a hack pulp writer at the turn of the last century hired to retell the story of Marcus Garvey not the one who inspired the Rastafarians a servant who is accused of murdering two well to do explorers in the depths of the CongoThe story that emerges runs DEEPER THAN THAT INTO A HOLLOW EARTH POPULATED BY than that into a hollow Earth populated by war like giants and deeper still into strange and monstrous eroticism that echoes the grim perversity of Pinol s previous novel Cold Skin There is also a turtle who copes with the loss of her shell the way any of us would In short It s a beautiful book and its nu. ?crates anglesos en una expedició per trobar diamants a la selva del CongoPer salvar Garvey el seu advocat encarrega a un escriptor anònim ue l´entrevisti a la presó i escrigui el relat del ue va passar de debó a l´âfrica amb l´esperança ue. ,
Mbers are lower than it deserves Once in a while I am possessed by the desire to read something truly bizarre brilliant and yet slightly inscrutable a book that is so creative and uniue that it cannot help but expand one s consciousness I ve found it uite difficult to come across such books first there s just not that many of them written and those that are usually exist as hidden gems that rarely surface on my media feeds It is in this spirit that I one day came across and acuired Pandora in the Congo The cover retro mock post colonial this spirit that I one day came across and acuired Pandora in the Congo I one day came across and acuired Pandora in the Congo cover retro mock post colonial description a story written by a ghostwriter of a ghostwriter of a ghostwriter even the original language Catalan suggested a humorous political critiue a dazzling adventure story uirky worldscharacters and strange twists of plot To my absolute delight S nchez Pi ol trippy novel proved as off beat and as Daliesue as I had been craving Pandora in the Congo is an absurdist critiue of race and colonialism by way of a parody of traditional narratives such as The Heart of Darkness an homage to classic science fiction and a playful but also subtly mocking imitation of Wells and Verne an adventure story a love story a mystery a sci fifantasy tale or perhaps just a pretense at being a bit of each of these a uniuely inventive meta narrative that in the form of a story that uestions itself as a story The book is a supposedly true account of an accused murderer told by a ghostwriter of a ghostwriter of a ghostwriter hired by the lawyer of the accused And that is just the beginning of a mind bending ride through a fabulously confabulated tale that blurs boundaries between reality and other realms Pandora is sadly probably not for everyone which is why I imagine it remains relatively under appreciated Still I highly recommend it to anyone in the mood for a strange unsettling thought provoking smart and humorous post colonial sci fish epic that mocks colonial epics and the constructs to which they adhere Because El llibre pugui ser útil per a la seva defensaLa història és auest llibre ue escriu el negre amb dues vessants l´Anglaterra de la Primera Guerra Mundial i la selva del Congo on els aventurers descobreixen un submón habitat per éssers inconegu. Pandora al Congo

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