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Adrenaline Jake (READ)

Anted by itHighly recommendedKindly received a copy from the author 35 stars Adrenaline Jake was a short and sexy read My first book by Jake was a short and sexy read My first book by author hopefully not my last Jake as the title says loves adrenaline his actually uite addicted to it loves how it makes his heart beat faster During one of his adrenaline rushes Jake gets tangled in trouble that leads him to Maddox The cold and brooding Maddox his dangerous and mysterious but instead of trouble that leads him to Maddox The cold and brooding Maddox his dangerous and mysterious but instead of the adrenaline rush he so much craves Jake feels an attraction to him something s his never felt for a man The story is fast paced with some action and super sexy the chemistry between JakeMaddox was hot Some of the things Jake did were annoying and funny at the same time But I did love Maddox even though there s not much information we know about him expect his dangerous I m very much looking forward to reading the next book Mad Dog Maddox where hopefully will get his story Enjoyable read 375 Stars Intriguing and hot as hellShame it was too short and there is no sign of book 2Available on KU 4 StarsJake is an adrenaline junkie With putting himself in danger s way he could feel the addictive drug in his brain That way he could feel alive One of his wallet stealing ended up the wrong way And the person who s gonna come after him will get his heart thumping harder get that adrenaline he loves filling his veins the sweet song of his rampant heartTold in single POV 3rd person It s the first installment in the Jake Maddox series My only issue was that I didn t know anything about Maddox because of the lack of character development I think He s like a mystery and hope in the next installment we found about him It s a fast paced uick and an intense read Overall I had fun reading this and hope ou enjoy it as wel. Ving Maddox's touch For the first time Jake wants to be caughtCaught and KeptContains MM sex and darker themesCompleted seriesAdrenaline Jake #1Mad Dog Maddox #2Festive Dog #25Fire and Sand #3Jealous Dog #35Guns and Shadows #4Diamond in the Rough. Difficult to rate this one for me Not Because There S Anything Wrong With because there s anything wrong with book but due to my reading preferences Nicely written erotic story about an adrenaline junkie getting tangled up with the dark side of society This was where the chosen plot and I didn t mesh well It was a tad too violent for my liking Just like in I didn t mesh well It was a tad too violent for my liking Just like in horror movie I got to see the main character making stupid choices that lead from bad to worse and I struggled with the choices made My second sample by this author and I begin to suspect her stories feature main characters who are on the verge of too violent and twisted for me personally but I can see how her books can be veritable catnip for others FREE on today 12032017 Jake has an addiction Not drugs or alcohol like most of the people on his street but adrenaline He gambles with his life to get his fix angering the most intimidating people he can find until they give chase The adrenaline highs are short lived and leave him with a crushing drop until one day the unexpected happensDangers finds himHe steals from the wrong man A man ruthless and cold who intimidates the very air he stands in The man wants to reclaim what was stolen from him and pursuesThe adrenal I haven t read anything by this author and didn t bother to look her up before reading this I wouldn t have guessed she s British didn t see it in her writingThis is how ou write erotica With passion and sensuality It wasn t hardcore no BDSM maybe in the next book But it was still awesome P Fast Paced Sexy And paced sexy and as hell I m most definitely NOT an adrenaline junkie and I read Jake and his actions as stupid Sorry Overall book rating 38Audio Book NABook Cover 38Short But Oh so delicious It has a few flavors I like A hint of dark a side of rough a fluttering of Tattoo. Stealing a diamond from a Mafia Boss wasn't part of the planJake has always enjoyed the thrill of the chase and the surge of adrenaline that comes with itIt's a high that makes him feel aliveHe didn't plan on stealing the diamondIt happened by acc. S and Adrenaline and a 4 StarsAt first I thought Jake was going to be an annoying irritating characterstealing wallets and whatnot from thugs just for the thrill of them chasing him didn t appeal to me I think either I forgot or never read the summary But then shit got real And real scary And his reaction to that true fear intrigued meLike it did Maddox I guessI read a mafia lite book last week that left me feeling kinda MEH a mafia lite book last week that left me feeling kinda MEH one was darker I guessI read a mafia lite book last week that left me feeling kinda MEH This one was darker Well sort of I know the next installment is from Maddox s POV so I m hoping the dominance the depravity the danger isn t toned downDamn I loved that all those scenes happened where Jake was blindfolded or restrained and kept in the dark ha about Maddox for so long I also really enjoyed the cat mouse type games they played Well that Jake played and Maddox controlled TMI probably but it was entirely too arousingOff to read the follow up right the F now 5 and This was so wonderful I m stumbling over my words don t know where to start to explainAmaazing highly sensual erotic dark and suspenseful in an unexpected way The sentences were flowing from one into another beautiful created I finished it in one breathIt started with Jake chased by a man who he had pick pocked to get a picture of Jake s earning for thrill and adrenalineThen he almost got killed by a car the driver let him step in and with that action his fate was signed What happens further surprised me to my bonessuperbI really can t go into the story read the blurb because that would spoil this amazing storyBelieve me when I say it made my legs weak by it s sensuality and forcesNot only the story was breathtaking and captivating the way of writing floored me completelyIt was written extremely good in an almost poetic way I was totally glued and ench. IdentBut the excitement and adrenaline that comes with it gets his heart pumping like nothing beforeThe man pursuing him is Maddox the ruthless Mafia BossJust the sound of his voice makes Jake's body burst with sensitivity and he finds himself cra. Adrenaline Jake

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