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(PDF DOWNLOAD) [The St. Nicholas Murders] Ò R.L. Cherry

To the last Is there another one coming soon I highly recomment this book to anyone even if murder mystery isn t your choice of genre like me because it is well worth readin. Is warned that some secrets are best left alone but he can’t Buggy Springs is his home and he can’t let any murder go nsolved especially when the victim is from his parish With the help of the local chief of police the *CHIEF AND PI MORG MAHONEY FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HE * and PI Morg Mahoney from Southern California he deep into the past Of The Citizens Of the citizens of Springs and finds than a few surprises. I absolutely love this author s work a priest muders in s work A priest investigating muders in small town isn t part of the norm and just about everyone becomes suspect Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens until the suspects st. Theaint Gold Rush town of Buggy Springs was a wild until the suspects st. The Linas kvällsbok (Linas kvällsbok, uaint Gold Rush town of Buggy Springs was a wild woolly city in the mid 1800's but had become an eclectic and easy going place by the 21st century At least that’s what Father Robert Bruce of St Nicholas of Myrna Episcopal Church thought Then a mysterious anonymous caller who claims to want to make a confessionotes Scripture and gives a riddle Father .

The St. Nicholas MurdersPoison (Med Center, uite a surprise A well thought out character driven plot keeps the reader entertained and on the edge of the seat. Obert soon realizes it’s about a murder As he starts to investigate he soon finds that there is far dirt than gold in them thar hills He discovers a hard drinking drugsing wild living side of his town he never knew Being a young handsome and single male he finds some of the women to be than friendly but strives to keep his them at arm’s length Literally He. .

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