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iOS Apprentice E–book/E–pub

iOS Apprentice

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I ecommend this book to anyone serious about learning *IOS DEVELOPMENT IF YOU ARE AN ADVANCED IOS DEVELOPER *Development If you are an advanced iOS Developer book itself will not give you that much of new
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but you will definitely a lot from the detailed steps of writing an app Matthijs s way of building the apps. Completely up to date for iOS 9 Xcode 7 and Swift 20Learn iPhone and iPad Programming via TutorialsIf you're new to iOS and Swift or to programming in general learning how to write an app can seem incredibly overwhelmingThat's why you need a book that Shows you how to write an app step by step Has tons of illustrations and screenshots to make everything clear Is written in a fun and easygoing mannerIn THIS BOOK YOU WILL LEARN HOW book you will learn how make your own iPhone and iPad apps through a series of four epic length hands on tutorialsThese hands on tutorials describe in full detail how to build a new app from scratch Four tutorials four apps Each new app will be a little advanced than the one before and. .
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writing a block of implemented code and use it as build on that not just writing a block of nice implemented code and use it as This helped me a lot of the way I think before implementing a feature in my apps The book also is fun and easy to ead and have many tips and fun facts about iOS Sw. Together they cover everything you need to know to make your own appsBy the end of the series you'll be experienced enough to turn your ideas into real apps that you can sell on the apps that you can sell on the StoreTutorial 1 Bull's Eye In the first tutorial in the book you'll start off by building a simple but fun game to learn the basics of iPhone programming In the process you'll get familiar with Xcode Interface Builder and Swift in an easygoing mannerTutorial 2 Checklists In the second tutorial in the series you'll create your own to do list app In the process you'll learn about the fundamental design patterns that all iOS apps use and about table views navigation controllers and delegates Now you're making ap.
Alex and Eliza (Alex Eliza,
Ift and Programming in general It s probably the best tutorial book I ve ever The Pink Pearl read Average This book doesn t go far in depth into iOS development The author has a good sense of humor but most of theesources were outdated and although it had good It was a waste of time for me. Ps for ealTutorial 3 MyLocations In the third you'll develop a location aware app that lets you keep a list of spots that you find interesting In the process you'll learn about Core Location Core Data Map Kit and much Tutorial 4 StoreSearch Mobile apps often need to talk to web services and that's what you'll do in this final tutorial of the book You'll make a stylish app for iPhone and iPad that lets you search for products on the iTunes store using HTTP euests and JSONIt is my sincere belief that this series can turn you from a COMPLETE NEWBIE INTO AN ACCOMPLISHED IOS DEVELOPER BUT YOU newbie into an accomplished iOS developer but you have to put in the time and effort By writing this book I've done my part now it's up to yo.

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