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(PDF READ) [Action Comics #1000] É Geoff Johns

Blown story It would have been cool if the books leading up to this one were telling a compelling story then this issue 1000 just finished it up with a bang A nice 80 page awesome story Kind of like Amazing Spider Man 800 One of the short stories in here that stood out was the bendis story which teased what he will have going on "in his Man of Steel book Gonna have to track that down now But eah overall cool tribute book for "his Man of Steel book Gonna have to track that down now But Lippenbekenntnisse yeah overall cool tribute book for It all started with HIM and when he is 80ears and 1000 issues old a tribute was absolutely inevitable I can see that a lot of people complained about the novelity of the story but I like this kind of tribute much betterAll the stories were carefully picked so that even an occasional reader like me can enjoy them without worrying too much about the relative stories and series I loved all the stories eually but the first two stories From The City That Has Everything and Never Ending Battle were unmatched for the Tribute Various Pin ups were eually good and the first issue Action 1 Year 1938 reprint was again a real good surprise Overall an entertaining and feel good kinda read Long Live SOOOOOOOOPER MAN We Love You Action Comics 1000 is an entertaining and feel good kinda read Long Live SOOOOOOOOPER MAN We Love You Action Comics 1000 is loving and fun tribute to the history of Superman from both the man who currently helms him and a host of writers and artists from his past It is a fitting tribute to the Man of Steel If Chasing McCree Chasing McCree you enjoy Superman then this book is an absolutely must You get history great art great stories and a collection of variant covers What couldou ask forI was given a copy of this book by Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Collects Action Comics issue 1000 and #a bonus story from Paul Levitz and Neal AdamsIt is pretty cool that Action Comics #bonus story from Paul Levitz and Neal AdamsIt is pretty cool that Action Comics Issue 1000 in 2018 I bought a bunch of the individual issues with the various variant covers not because I think they are going to be worth a lot of money some day but because I thought it would be a fun thing to collect This is the first comic book to his 1000 issues The short stories inside this issue vary in uality but they are all pretty good This collection also contains the variant cover gallery which I enjoy seeing It might be worth mentioning that Brian Michael Bendis first DC work and first time writing Superman is inside of this collectionI had read most of this last April other than the bonus story that is uniue to this collection. Book scripts for each of the stories variant covers design sketches by Jim Lee other behind the scenes material and Also included is the comic book that started it all Action Comics #1 with Superman's very first appearance Celebrate over eight decades of the Man of Steel with this unforgettable collector's edition graphic novel. In the sense that it is Brian Michael Bendis debut into the Superman universe Having left Marvel to join DC Comics this legendary comic book writer has taken on the mantle of writing the new Man of Steel series starting with this teaser story called The Truth Not only is Jim Lee the artist on this piece but it also has Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair on it as well It was nice to see what Brian Michael Bendis planned to throw at Superman now especially when ou take into planned to throw at Superman now especially when ou take into the great stories he has written in the past The variant covers that come right after also merit some attention as they present some amazing artwork by countless artistsAction Comics 1000 is a wonderful milestone that was brilliantly celebrated with countless talented writers and artists After #All There S Nothing Like The Return #there s nothing like the return his red trunks to seal his grand moment With Batman s anniversary coming up next with his Detective Comics run at 989 at the moment I m definitely excited to see what DC Comics has in store for his milestoneYours trulyLashaan Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog A proper superman tribute would be to write decent story Gentle Fellow Travellers Be Thee AdvisedThis isn t the greatest Comic Book in the Worldthis is only a TRIBUTENice to see great creators past and present chip in Super vignettes drawing on all eras and aspects of the character with some stunning art here and there Not much else to see here One thousand issues of Action Comics I wouldn t consider myself a fan of Superman but I really enjoyed this collection of tales of Read in single issue The big huzzah of Superman and all the stories were great Except for the Bendis story Currently it s okay and having back matter is nice But when it came out and now still it was boring and just too boring An anthology of stories by some of today s top creators paying homage to the landmark 1000th issue of Action Comics Dan Jurgens finishes up his run on Action with Superman Day Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason also say goodbye with a story of pin up pages paying ho 325 stars This was cool Just like the Detective Comics 1000 this is a bunch of 5 10 page short stories designed to pay homage to Superman Some are just blah others had a nice touch while others were just plain cool But the issue I have is I m just not the target audience for all the vignettes They just don t satisfy me like a full. Bendis Geoff Johns Tom King Brad Meltzer Scott Snyder Jim Lee John Cassaday Olivier Coipel and an unpublished story from Marv Wolfman and legendary Man of Steel artist Curt Swan plus The monumental best selling Action Comics #1000 is now available in this epic deluxe hardcover edition This new edition includes that iconic comic. You can find my review on my blog by clicking hereTo celebrate the 1000th issue in the iconic comic book series that unveiled Superman to the world DC Comics went celebrate the 1000th issue in the iconic comic book series that unveiled Superman to the world DC Comics went of their way to make this moment special Alongside the release of Action Comics 80 Years of Superman an all star line up

*of writers and *
writers and were gathered together to give fans and Superman the ceremony they deserve in Action Comics 1000 Initially released as an oversized anniversary issue on April 18th 2018 the story is now out as a deluxe hardcover edition and features additional content such as the very first story from Action Comics 1 scripts for all the stories featured in this anthology beautiful variant covers done by talented artists as well as design sketches by the famous comic book artist Jim LeeThe creative teams that worked on each story are some of the best out there and they all rise up to the occasion in Action Comics 1000 #With Writers Like Geoff Johns Scott Snyder Paul Dini Tom #writers like Geoff Johns Scott Snyder Paul Dini Tom and many other it s safe to say that DC Comics did not come here to fool around In fact artists like Jim Lee Clay Mann Jos Luis Garc a L pez and Rafael Albuuerue make it their sole mission to bring to life the Man of Steel in their own designs and never fail to highlight the legendary heroes sense of justice strength and kindness Most of these stories also tend to remind us of all of the great achievements of the Big Blue Boy Scout and ultimately thanks him for his dedication to a race that sometimes didn t deserve his virtueAs in any anthology some stories are always superior to others and leave a much bigger imprint on our feelings and thoughts by the end of them Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason s story Never Ending Battle was such a beautiful tale forcing Superman to go through various different death defying moments The artwork is a collection of splash pages with little dialogues scattered around and some of those moments were truly beautiful and of course a throwback to some of Superman s greatest moments in his career I also loved Tom King s and Clay Mann s short piece of a Superman in a very very far future where he finds himself in his dying moments but takes the time to thank his parents Ma and Pa Kent for what they ve given to him The artwork alone was mesmerizing and so powerful I just had to reread that particular story a couple of timesThe last story is also an important one. Action Comics #1 gave birth to America's greatest Superhero Superman Now celebrate 1000 issues of Action Comics with this collector's item hardcover Action Comics #1000 The Deluxe Edition Note This is a different book than Superman 80 Years of Action ComicsIncluding an all star lineup of writers and artists such as Brian Michael.

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