A Stranger on the Beach (PDF)

A Stranger on the Beach

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Looking for a fun fast summer beach read This one Features A Beach Front Setting An Obsessive Relationship And Two a beach front setting an obsessive relationship and two s One in first Karneval, Vol. 4 person and one in thirderson but they don t exactly match up so we must decide who is being truthful and who is living in their own little reality Hmm I think I knowCaroline and Aiden have a roller coaster of a relationship and most would agree that it did not start off on the right track Her being A Seemingly Happily Married seemingly happily married and Aiden being a complete stranger who shows up at a time when Caroline is feeling weakness Especially since she has just caught her hubby with a mysterious Russian woman Maybe revenge is what she is feelingI do love an unreliable narrator and there were some twists that I saw and a few that definitely surprised meI loved how this ended I was completely absorbed as the action and The Hiding Place pace revved up during last few chapters There was noutting it down until the end Maybe a erfect stormThanks so much to St Martin s Press for my review copy OUT JULY 232019Blog review closer to ublication Caroline is arranging the arty of a lifetime at her beach home But it s not urely entertainment She s also hoping to use this opportunity as a re launch of her design career Everything is set and The Elephants Journey prepared toerfection Beautiful just one minor detailwhere is her husband Suddenly he s spotted across the room and he is definitely not alone Lover boy has a ravishing brunette hanging onto him How dare he A chance encounter on the beach followed by another surprise meeting at the local watering hole brings Caroline together with Aidan the local bad boy Maybe it s time for a little Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' pay back for her husband Perhaps it s her chance to turn the tablesuickly everything spirals out of control How can one night change everything so drastically so uickly Twoerspectivesone affairTold from both Caroline and Aidans oints of view Fascinating how two eople s version of that one night can be so very different Michele Campbell writes a gripping thriller soaked in obsession and revenge that will have you thinking twice about trusting anyone you meet on a beachor even in a barThis was a rapid easy thriller great for a summer readconsidering it takes Changing Face of the Hero place on a beachThere were some delicious twists along the way though I didredict the endingAnother great buddy read with Susanne Thank you to Jordan Hanley at St Martin s Press NetGalley and Michele Campbell for an ARC to read and review In the The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry profound words of Keanu Reeves Whoa This book takes you. There is a stranger outside Caroline's houseHer spectacular new beach house built for hosting expensivearties and vacationing with the family she thought she'd have But her husband is lying to her and everything in her life is upside down so when the stranger Aiden shows up as a bart. On uite a rideWith the completion of her incredible new beach house in the hamptons caroline new beach house in the Hamptons Caroline finally has everything she wants the lavish showplace of a home a handsome and successful husband the erfect family Even if things aren t uite as storybook as they seem she s come a long way from being raised by alcoholic arents come a long way from being raised by alcoholic arents working her way through school to support her husbandOne night she sees a man on the beach near her house He s young handsome and rough around the edges But when her marriage literally falls apart during her housewarming Pure Chance party and she discovers that all of her money is gone suddenly this young man is what Caroline needs Aidan is a local boy with a troubledast and he offers her than his shoulder to cry on At first she thinks she can rely on him to help her solve the situation with her husband but she uickly sees that he s a bit unhinged than she realizedAidan doesn t uite realize that Caroline is manipulating him for he has fallen head over heels in love with her He knows they ll be together once her husband is out of the The Lady and the Lionheart picture And when Caroline tells him she needs his help he knows he ll do anything for her anything so they can live happily ever after in that beautiful house on the beachIn Michele Campbell s A Stranger on the Beach you see the story unfold through both Aidan and Caroline s eyes meaning you see some of the same events and situations interpreted in completely different ways Who is manipulating whom Is there an innocent victim amidst all of the scheming And when someone winds up dead who is to blameThis book had so many twists and turns I honestly didn t know how Campbell would tie everything up even as I raced toward the lastage You see such different interpretations of what happens and you have no idea what to believe I didn t find either character articularly sympathetic but I couldn t tear myself away because I absolutely had to see what the outcome would beI love a book that keeps me guessing but I ll admit the lot took so many hairpin turns that I got confused at least a few times Still this is one of the most compulsively readable books I ve read in a while and it will be the erfect book to devour while relaxing on the beach this summer It s like Liane Moriarty crossed with the television show Revenge This is a little bit soapy a little bit campy and a whole lot of crazy it definitely will be a book everyone is talking aboutThe rich may be different but they re just as screwed up as we are if not A Stranger on the Bea. Ender at the same arty where Caroline and her husband have a very Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church public fight it doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinaryAs her marriage collapses around her and the lavish lifestyle she's built for herself starts to crumble Caroline turns to Aiden for comfortand revenge After. Ch is theroof you need of thatSt Martin s Press rovided me an advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks making it availableThe book will be ublished July 23 2019 See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at 35 stars rounded upCaroline and Jason Stark have been married for 20 years Typical of couples together for that length of time their relationship has had its ups and downsRecently it seems there have been a lot downs its ups and downsRecently it seems there have been a lot downs ups UNFORTUNATELY WITH THEIR ONLY CHILD HANNAH OFF TO COLLEGE With their only child Hannah off to college Jason traveling a lot for work Caroline focuses her energy on building her Hamptons Dream HouseEveryone needs a roject am I rightAfter the lavish roject is complete Caroline decides to throw a house warming arty inviting all of their rich and influential friends Taking her completely by surprise last minute Jason tells Caroline he is stuck at a work thing and will be unable to attend She s saddened by the news as she was really hoping to reconnect with him and show off their beautiful new home together It was no small accomplishment Then in a jaw dropping turn of events Jason does arrive at the houseview spoilerwith ANOTHER WOMAN hide spoiler Five Blew My Mind Stars Caroline is convinced that her husband is having an affair and then she meets Aiden a stranger on the beach As her marriage collapses around her and the lavish lifestyle she built for herself starts to crum ble Caroline turns to Aiden for comfort and revenge After a one night stand that means nothing to Caroline means everything to Aiden Aiden is obsessed with Caroline her family and the house grows and disturbing Aiden seems to be unstable and he ends up stalking her familyThis was an awesome twisty read that just blew my mind It was a big surprise for me and it sure was not redictable It was a fast National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 paced read I was immediately drawn into the story from the beginning to the endThe book goes back and forth from Aidenn soint of view to Caroline s oint of view This was a roller coaster ride I did not know what was going on or who to believe This book kept me guessing till the very end This book was so entertainingThis book is one of my favorite thrillers for this year and it also made my top 10 favorite list This was a Traveling Sister Read and I think we all enjoyed itI want to thank Jordan from St Martin s Press for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewAvailable Now. A brief and desperate fling that means nothing to Caroline and everything to him Aiden's obsession with Caroline her family and her house grows and disturbing And when Caroline's husband goes missing her life descends into a nightmare that leaves her accused of her own husband's murder.