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Hor discusses the importance of the number three and establishing patterns She recommends having focused intention finely tuned aspiration and a honed imagination She also suggests focused intention finely tuned aspiration and a honed imagination She also suggests a magical ournal while working through the alchemical process The book has several instructions and rituals for the reader to follow to complete The Alchemy of Night The first Sets Show The Reader How To Ground Themselves And Clear show the reader how to ground themselves and clear chakras A second set is to become one with the Higher Self The final sets Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies join the twinflames together and perform the mystical marriage There are different perspectives for each chapter from ancient to modern There is an appendix with recommendations for specific crystals to use along with how to clean activate and maintain the crystalsThis is an interesting book to read I enjoyed reading the different perspectives for the rituals If you are interested in the customs of ancient Egypt this would be a great addition to your library A very good information book I wasn t sure what to expect but I found the information very. R powerful sexual magic for the present day It reveals sexual secrets hidden for millennia Thisealously guarded secret doctrine is now available to everyone The system activates your creative erotic potential "Kindling the inner and outer mystic marriages it is a oining of souls with the divine Through a cosmic " the inner and outer mystic marriages it is a oining of souls with the divine Through a cosmic that is literally mind blowing the process generate. .
This book was a bit slow to start with due to them setting the background for the works and where all of the information has come from However I found the book a fascinating read espec The book is well written and the author clearly knows what she is writing about The book was very intriguing and covers embodying athe dynamic sexual force if you will via the power of sachem It is about a practice of ancient Egypt and the raising Kudalini which is what made it intriguing to me If you looking to improve your sextural being and have an open mind it would be worth a read However if that is not really your thing you might want to stick with another book THE MAGICAL SEXUAL PRACTICE OF ANCIENT Magical Sexual Practice of Ancient Judy HallBook Review By Dawn Thomas200 PagesPublisher John Hunt HallBook Review by Dawn Thomas200 PagesPublisher John Hunt O BooksRelease Date May 31 2019Egyptian Rituals Soulmates Erotica Religion and SpiritualityThis is a companion book to The Alchemy of Night novel It goes into detail of the ancient and modern rituals of the mystical marriage and oining your soulmate or twinflame The aut. A step by step guide to raising kundalini and embodying the dynamic sexual force that is the Power of Sekhem Sex is the most potent force in the universe A primal power And sacred sexuality is a gateway to the divine Something that the ancient Egyptians recognised instinctively In The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt bestselling author Judy Hall offers the reade. ,

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The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient EgyptInteresting This book intrigued me When I Saw It On I saw it on I love Ancient Egypt and I am a seekeralways seeking union "With The Divine So When "the Divine so when saw two of my favorite things combined in one book I ust had to read it The beginning was bit dry but I appreciate the author taking the time to set the context and explain some things before giving concrete steps This is a manual to be studied and re read I saw some connection with Hinduism that was another thing that intrigued me as a Western Hindu and polytheist I had no idea People In The Ancient in the Ancient were interested in the enlightenment and the union with the Divine but why wouldnt they be It makes sense now I am not sure will I practice what the book teaches since this teaching doesnt come from the Source but I think even if you dont plan to do that ust reading about it does something inside you It surely inspires seeking I appreciate the author s hard work It is worth reading I recommend if spirituality Ancient Egypt and using sexual magic for the union with the Divine interests you. S the power to manifest and integrate expanded consciousness into the everyday world The system can be used to attract a twin flame or make a sacred marriage with an existing partner The practice can also be worked alone to invoke an integration with your highest Self Crystals support the practice throughout Accompaniment to Judy Hall's new novel The Alchemy of the Night. ,