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Ascinating as is the behind the scenes influence of Natty s father with the decisions of the Government of the day and Walter s prime role in the Balfour Declaration I hadn t previously understood Walter s profound impact in the world of Natural History assuming that he was a rich boy with a passion for collecting dead specimens from around the world This is far from the case and I will now. Ver collected by one man stablishing his own private Museum in 1892 now the Natural History at Tring Walter's life traversed the fields of politics and finance as well as zoology and it was packed with achievements and incident From his involvement with the Balfour Declaration to a prodigious personal scientific output Walter's life was anything but commonplace He went up to Cambridge accompa. I purely decided to read this as I am living in Tring very close to Walter Rothschild My Museum To be honest I was xpecting to skim read the interestingaccessible parts and probably skip the sections which I felt sure would ither be too complex for me or perhaps rather dull I nded up reading the book from cover to cover and thoroughly njoying it The whole Rothschild family history is totally An Black Heart, Red Ruby engaging narrative revealing the life of one of the mostccentric and nthusasitic zoologists of the Victorian raBorn into what was one of the wealthiest families in the world Walter Rothschild became the best known zoologist of his day and one of Britain's great ccentrics A benign and "enigmatic figure with a boundless nthusiasm for nature " figure with a boundless nthusiasm for nature amassed the largest single accumulation of zoological specimens ,

View him and all the dead specimens in the Tring museum in a totally different light I have rated the book as 4 stars as it was xtremely interesting to me and is written in a very accessible way However I do think you need to have an interest Walter Rothschild order to read it ither from a Natural History perspective or in terms of the Balfour Declaration both of which are covered in some detail. Nied by a flock of kiwi drove a team of zebra down Piccadilly And Into The Forecourt into the forecourt Buckingham Palace and was a "VICTIM OF BLACKMAIL FOR MANY YEARS WITH THE HELP " of blackmail for many years With the help vocative photographs Miriam Rothschild has produced a compelling narrative which while demonstrating her personal admiration and affection for her uncle does not shy away from the complexities and conflicts this remarkable man faced during his life. ,

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Walter Rothschild
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