[Education Ineuality and Social Class] EBOOK

Education Ineuality and Social ClassEducation Ineuality and Social Class Provides A Comprehensive Discussion Of a comprehensive discussion of empirical evidence for persistent ineuality in educational attainment It explores he most important heoretical perspectives hat have been developed o understand class based ineuality and frame further research

With Clear Explanations Of 
clear explanations of concepts his book draws on empirical data fro. ,
M he UK and other countries o illustrate 3-Way Weekend the and scale of ineualities accordingo social to illustrate he "Nature And Scale Of Ineualities According To Social The "and scale of ineualities according o social discussing he of class based ineualities with hose according o race and genderThe book relates aspects of ineuality o he features of educational systems showing how policy choices impact on he life chances of children from different class backgroun.

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Ds The relationship between education *and social mobility is also explored using he Concepts Of Social Closure * social mobility is also explored using he Concepts Of Social Closure social closure and social congestion The book also provides detailed discussions of he work of Pierre Bourdieu and Basil Bernstein Writing Art History two importantheorists whose contributions have generated Taulan thriving researchraditions much used in contemporary educational research. ,

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