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Asn t dire there was just brief HYSTERICAL character exposition Throughout the entire thing the reader has to igure out what the HECK is going on and who the HELL these people are there are hilarious characters one of whom is a limping disfigured but enthusiastic man who speaks with a very pronounced lisp one is an elderly woman who speaks garbled stroke talk and there are profound moments of catharsis within the play Amazing and I wish I could watch it At least twice I m reading by this author Awesome Play based around an amnesiac woman her orgets her life every morning when she wakes up It had A Great Cast Of Characters Most With Speech Impediments And great cast of characters most with speech impediments and decent mystery an ex con husband whom she impediments and decent mystery an ex con husband whom she poured bacon grease down his ear and deformed him a pot smoking son a mom with a

Hugely Stroke Impeded Enunciation Issue 
stroke impeded enunciation issue decently dark humor I think this would be a good play to see on stage Pretty unny debut play The Slave Dancer full of madcap puns and rediculous situations The character with palsy is the gimmick thatirst caused a stir but it is the slapstick and concepts that carry this work Looking Special Agent forward to tracking this author s career in the coming years. By a limping man who claims to be her brother trying to save herrom her evil husband They drive to the home of her mother who has had a stroke that left her aphasic her attempt to say Sleep with the Fishes funny mirrors provides the play's title The ensuing mayhem is both deliriouslyunny and oddly touchi. ,
Ergy mixed with pain and longing with a healthy dollop of general confusion all meant to elicit laughter and tears Well "Laughter Definitely This Is The "definitely this is the spite of what s actually happening tears Well laughter definitely this is the in spite of what s actually happening m laughing type of laughter too Tears heart string pulls not so much There s too much wild and crazy and not enough down to earth time I mean even though the Jeff character The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History from Kimberly Akimbo had his idiosyncrasies and a crazyamily he was still able to act as a center of gravity along with the titular character in that play For Fuddy Meers though our lead character doesn t know what is going on and we get the rest of the play rom her perspective weird sound effects coming out of the recesses of her mind trying to balance the multitude of lies rom the convoluted truths that can never just be said and a constant disorientation like looking in a Funhouse Mirror that actually prevents the reader maybe not the audience but definitely the reader A World on Fire from getting an emotional connection to the craziness Anyway I would watch this play But that s about it FWow what a roller coaster of a play The action is high and the plot is compelling the entire time When the situation Wn to the Minetta Lane Theatreor an open ended commercial engagement Fuddy Meers revolves around an amnesiac Claire who wakes up every morning as a blank slate on which *her Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life family must imprint theacts of her life On this particular day the shenanigans begin with Claire being *family must imprint the acts of her life On this particular day the shenanigans begin with Claire being ,

A renetic comedy with some really great roles for character actors laughed continuously rom beginning to character actors laughed continuously rom beginning to m not sure exactly what kind of audience it is written or though I see a college or university audience laughing at a lot of for though I could see a college or university audience laughing at a lot of rank observations of reality the drug humour the sloppy violence and strange puppets But then I could see a very haughty artsy audience getting into the absurdist bizarre elements of the show as well as some of the sharpened humour In the end I think this show would play well in a small off off theatre in an world class urban centre I m not sure it would do well in a small town venue although it would certainly push some boundaries355 What do you get when you have a person who wakes up completely The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece forgetting everythingrom before a thief with a lisp a blind eye and deaf in one ear a grandmother with a stroke a dumb criminal who talks through a hand puppet and horrible secrets You get a David Lindsay Abaire play that s what you getFuddy Meers takes all of these elements and tries to tie them together piece by piece in the midst of strong The New Job Security feelings of hatredrom lots of the characters That is we get madcap en. When Fuddy Meers opened at the Manhattan Theatre Club in the all of 1999 it earned the kind of raves that a promising young playwright dreams about Writing in the New York Observer John Heilpern called him some kind of comic genius And after its sold out run at MTC the play moved downto. Fuddy Meers

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