The Skull Crusher Skull #2 (E–pub)

The Skull Crusher Skull #2

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review The Skull Crusher Skull #2

Does Cassini Salazar realize that Balto has an nd game goal that she has no control over Balto s made it clear that her value to him isn t on par with the value of the stolen Skull Ring currently in her husband s ownership It s up to her to convince him otherwise Warning This is it s a dark Italian crime family rotic romance story that includes violence and situations consistent with that lifestyle Also for those with adulterycheating triggers adultery plays a major part in this bookseries Consider yourself warnedThis Is The Second Installment the second installment the Skull trilogy a book that cannot be read as a stand alone and does nd as The Skull King did with a major cliffhanger Suggest those who have issues with cliffies wait for the next and final book in series if cliffhangers are an issue This story imho features angst issues related to an volving romance and family dynamics issues vs having any real action adventure suspenseful content To clarify there are crime family lifestyle business situations that include how Balto got his Skull Crusher nickname but for the most part the reader will xperience the volving lust to love between the two That means rotic scenes to njoy Secondary characters Heath Balto s brother is the stand out supporting role character who I feel the author is grooming as a spin off series main character Regardless he plays a role in this story than the previous It s up to the reader to determine if he s redeemed himself or not and thus deserving of any possible independent future story of his own Other characters do add value and depth to the world building with one unidentified character who was awkwardly placed with uestionable need to xist in the first place My procon thoughts I "love crime family stories in general That the setting is "dark crime family stories in general the setting is ups the ante as this is ground zero for mobsterscrime familygangs and thus I Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet expect the ultimate degree of violence and bloodletting content Does this storyseries live up to myxpectations Guess you ll have to read it for yourself to find outOverall good series that I recommend for fans of contemporary dark crime family rotic romance fans who appreciate the jealouspossessive alpha male person. Nly chance I have is to become valuable than that diamond to have Balto want me nough not to trade me back to LucianBut can I ver compete with a diamond worth billion. He will not be safe until she is rid of them bothI am voluntarily reviewing this book Thanks to the author for sharing a copy with me So this is the second book in the Skull King Series by Penelope Sky After the amazing nding at the first book I was really looking forward to this book and it didn t disappoint After the first book where you know Balto and Cassini s chemistry is off the charts you really get to delve deeper into who they are What made them into the people they are today You get to see of ach others families as well It was very interesting seeing Balto as a twin and Cassini s reaction to it as well totally something new and unexpected from Penelope that we ve never seen but I absolutely love it And Balto stole Cassini you no longer have to worry about them trying to sneak around to see one another This was an awesome fast paced book with twists and turns Cassini is still the strong female we came to love in the first book and Balto is most definitely still the brooding alpha he proved himself to be These two continue to just get better I was unable to put this one down until I had devoured very page I can t wait to see what the final book has in store He was still an Why Photography Matters escapeven if he was my prisonPenelope Sky is my ueen when it comes to her books so when a new series comes out I hop on it right away This time I did it differently because my husband got tired of me being a cranky biotch in between book releasesso after reading book 1 the day it released I waited until both book 2 3 were out to continue this trilogy When it was finally time "to dive into The Skull Crusher well this is as close to my xcitement as "dive into The Skull Crusher well this is as close to my xcitement as getsNow before I begin as big of a fan as I Balto did it He ripped me from the arms of my husband claiming me as his prisoner unlessuntil Lucian lives up to the terms of their contract A contract that Balto paid for but Lucian reneged on I m now Balto s prisoner but that won t be a chore as it comes with benefits not afforded other prisoners Lucian doesn t know that Balto and I have history and would kill me if he knew the Duty Free Murder extent of that history Regardless I m free from my husband s control and won t go back no matter what Little. Keep me andnjoy me as long as he wantsUntil Lucian gives him back the Skull DiamondI never want to return to Lucian again not after being with a man like Balto The