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Under a Dancing StarPerfect comfort reads which just speak to my soul This one Son of the Sheriff (Delta Justice, is no exception a PREUEL to MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING setn THE THIRTIES n ITALY n an ARTIST S COMMUNE UM Excellent In every way I have so Many Thoughts About Ben And Bea And The Misshapen Way thoughts about Ben and Bea and the misshapen way fit together during the book and in the future I want a seuel obviously I read Laura Wood s debut YA A Sky Painted Gold the future I want a seuel obviously I read Laura Wood s debut YA A Sky Painted Gold Son of the Sheriff in 2019 and felln love with The Best of Us: A Memoir it It was my perfectdea of a book historical fiction with a romance to die for and a female heroine t was mpossible not to fall n love with Laura Wood even started my love for Eva Ibbotson s books and I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith which I ll forever be grateful forSo t s safe to say I was a tiny bit excited to read Under a Dancing Star And by a tiny bit I mean I thought about reading The Anarchist Roots of Geography: Toward Spatial Emancipation it at least five times a day without fail every day It s been my most anticipated release of 2019 especially ast too sounded like my perfect dea of a book a Much Ado About Nothing re telling my favourite Shakespeare play set during Italy n the 1930 s AmazingI read Under a Dancing Star within the space of a few hours because I could not put Annie and the Confirmed Bachelor it down It wasmpossible to tear myself away from Wood s mesmerising prose her witty lines and April in Bloom incredibly realistic characters I was torn between wanting to readt all and not wanting Let It Snow it to end but eventually I settled on practicallynhaling t and will most definitely be revisiting t line for line word for word very soonBea our heroine Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, is a science loving uick witted sometimes clumsy protagonist who does Shakespeare s Beatrice proud She had my heart from the moment she turned up clutching a jam jar full of glow worms and I loved being able to explore the different layers to her character the weight her parents expectations place on her her desire to make something of her life I didn t thinkt was possible to take Shakespeare N Italy with her bohemian uncle and his fiancée a whole world s opened up to Bea a world that ncludes Ben a cocky young artist who just happens to be nfuriatingly handsome too Sparks fly between the uick witted pair until one night under the stars a challenge s set can Bea and Ben put aside their teasing and have the perfect summer romance. Beatrice and make her even rounded but Wood manages to do this with ease and Beatrice follows n the footsteps of Eva Ibbotson s Ruth Berger The Morning Gift and Sarah

"perry s cora "
s Cora The Essex Serpent All characters I have huge respect and a slight envy for My favourite aspect of Wood s novels s watching the heroine come Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, into her own and discover who she reallys Even though on the surface Under a Dancing Star Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child (Harlequin Presents Extra, is about the burgeoning romance between Bea and Benedick atts heart s Bea s journey to realising her true self a journey that I think s so vital for teenager s to see The romance is so vital for teenager s to see The romance was just as swoonworthy as Lou and Robert s n A Sky Painted Gold was out of this world amazing Keeping the acerbic wit I love most n Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing t also had a tenderness and sweetness that I wasn t expecting It s never clich or forced but as natural as breathing Setting also plays a huge part n Under a Dancing Star set Christmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family for Christmas\A Christmas Miracle\Christmas with Her Cowboy in Italy you can feel the heat of the Italian summer sun rising out of each page I loved reading about the plants and birds andnsects that Bea came across I loved the descriptions of the food and the weather Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware in contrast to Bea s native England And most of all Wood has a way of describing the sky thats second to none She makes me want to climb atop a roof Monster Trucks Hair in a Can in Florence and gaze at the stars something no author has ever achieved beforeI thoughtt was going to be Displaced Persons impossible to beat A Sky Painted Gold but Laura Wood has achieved the almostmpossible a perfect second novel that compliments the first Danger on the Mountain in total harmony whilst having a style and charm thats completely ts ownLaura Wood s books make me believe that I can achieve anything as long as I believe n myself and am prepared for the journey to get there Pure magic from first page to last The best book I m likely to read In anderen Herzen in 2019 and maybe just the best YA book I ve ever rea. With their new friends gleefully setting the rules for their fling Bea and Ben can agree on one thing at least they absolutely positively will not cannot falln loveA long hot summer of kisses and mischief unfolds but storm clouds are gathering across Europe and home s calling Every summer has to end but for Bea this might be just the beginni.

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I am n head over heels n love with Laura Wood s YA historical fiction Last year I fell n love with YA historical fiction Last year I fell The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class in love with Cornwalln A SKY PAINTED GOLD and this year I was whisked away to sun swept Tuscany n the 1930sInspired by Much Ado About Nothing with a heroine reminiscent of Sybil from Downton Abbey and a lazy Italian summer setting evoking other works such as Call Me By Your Name UNDER A DANCING STAR s a beautiful novel about a girl finding her place Flesh Blood: Compendium in the world and deciding to take control of her life and who she wants to be She also fallsn love with a very handsome artist along the way The lush Tuscan setting was expertly combined with a dazzling cast of characters I m a bit n love with Ursula and the history ncluded here and there about the rise with Ursula and the history ncluded here and there about the rise Mussolini and fascism was really nteresting Also I m really happy Wood always adds a bit of LGBT rep to her novels there s an older secondary ff couple featured and one of the central cast Seduced By Dragons (Dragon Nursery, is bisexual I really hope Woods writing another YA hist fic along the same lines as these two just so next summer will be even wonderful Also please Ms Wood t you see this I would adore a seuel 3 a solid 45 stars It s no secret that I love Much Ado About Nothing Italy and books with artsy people This had all three of those plus an absolutely stunning cover and I really enjoyed this overall First off Bea and Ben s one of my OTPs and I loved this take on their relationship any form of fake dating can get Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty it I also liked that this addressed some of what happenedn 1933 but I think t remained too simplistic while trying to portray various points of view same as with Bea not adhering to the traditional mage of femininity this wasn t perfect but t didn This wasn t perfect but t didn need to be that for me to really dig this Under A Dancing Star by Laura Wood Disclaimer Laura s my pal But I made her be my friend because I m OBSESSED WITH HER BOOKS They re the. In grey 1930s England Bea has grown up kicking against the conventions of the time all the while knowing that she will one day have to marry someone her parents choose someone rich enough to keep the family estate alive But she longs for so much for adventure excitement travel and maybe even romanceWhen she gets the chance to spend the summer