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EBOOK Bearing Witness While Black

RatesThis roundbreaking book reveals how

the perfect storm 
perfect storm smartphones social media and social justice empowered smartphones social media and social justice empowered activists to create their own news outlets which continued a centuries long African American tradition of using the news to challenge raci. ,

Bearing Witness While Black tells the story of this century's most powerful Black social movement through the eyes of 15 Activists Who Documented It At The Height Of The Black who documented it At the height of the Black
matter uprisings african 
uprisings African filmed and tweeted evidence of fatal police.
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Encounters in dozens of US Using Little Than The little than the in their pockets Their urgent dispatches the frontlines spurred a lobal debate on excessive police which claimed the lives of African American men women and children at disproportionate. ,

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Bearing Witness While Black

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