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Book set in Las Vegas before and certinly not one about a showgirl Its is a sweet and sometimes sad book I hought the relationship between Harmony and her daughter Pepper is a difficult one neither of them really understanding the other Harmony a woman who turns 39 during the book I was 39 last weekend is a woman whose life hasn t lived up to her xpectations and dreams and she is forever looking back to what she thought of as better times A gentle reflective read which makes me look forward to reading by this author McMurtry is one of a kind The same brain that concocts tales of the cowboys with bigger and bolder Snowflakes on the Sea ease also illuminates small lives giving grace distinction to characters we would never look twice at in real life He s the patron saint ofveryday literary miracles Fun read about low down life in Las Vegas I kept thinking Larry McMurtry wrote this book It is totally not what I xpected definitely not his best work and a disappointment for me Harmony is a 39 year old Las Vegas showgirl who is on the way out while her beautiful daughter Pepper is her way in as a lead dancer in the show Harmony once Miss Las Vegas Is The Showgirl is the star of the show and descends on a disc two times a night in a feathered costume In the day time she raises three peacocks in her backyard Her daughter has been training to be a dancer since she was a little girl Since the manager doesn t want both a mother and a daughter in the show Harmony is fired on her birthdayEvery character in this book is dysfunctional with not an intelligent one in the bunch They are all uirky too Her best friend Jessie is a hypochondriac Her neurotic costume manager Gary is gay Her next door neighbor Myrtle has a perpetual garage sale going and a goat named Maud for a pet Harmony s manager Bonventre never says a kind word Her daughter is sulky immature and not nice to her mother Harmony also has a revolving door parade of boyfriends who are second rate And Mel an older very rich man would like to marry sixteen year old Pepper He also likes to photograph her in vintage lingerie but he s a nice man The list goes on I think I will stick with Larry McMurtry westerns in the future And I thought McMurtry was only Lonesome Dove The preface in the book I read by McMurtry describes how the Desert Rose volved while he was still writing Lonesome Dove I love it when the author does that It adds some history and perspective to the story Anyway it was a good pool side read You had to love Harmony she just keep moving forward As a feminist her relationships with all these looser men was a bit of an irritant but such is life Daughter Pepper in all her beauty has a lot of difficult growing up to do I heard there is a seuel that does just tha. Kets drive in wedding chapels and all night casinos While Harmony's star is fading her beautiful cynical daughter Pepper's is on the rise But Harmony remains wistful and optimistic through it all She is the unexpected blossom in the wasteland the tough and tender desert rose Hers is a loving portrait that only Larry McMurtry could rend.

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This is a re read for me from "My Favorite Author Of All "favorite author of all It is the story of Harmony a Las Vegas Showgirl the book was written in 1983 and her daughter Pepper who want to follow in her mother s footsteps It is about a mother and her daughter as soon as you begin reading you are thrust in the middle of their lives Told back and forth between the two Harmony s narrative resonated with me because of her struggles to understand her daughter as well as her xperiences as a woman Pepper is young selfish and resentful of her mother But McMurtry s writing is not overly dramatic matter of fact Than Anything Else I Love anything lse I love he can write from a woman s point of view I read the prologue after I finished the book and was amazed to hear he wrote it in 3 weeks He was in the middle of writing Lonesome Dove and had stalled out after 1200 pages And as McMurtry writes My characters seemed to be moving at an ox like paceI did This novel I have decided to read because I want to read longer novels and Larry McMurtry wrote lots of longer novels and my local library has a copy of this novel s seuel and it s 500 pages or so and this one is short but it sets me up later on Also I am looking to move back into McMurtry s fiction specially his contemporary fiction whether this means contemporary in year published or contemporary in year set This novel takes place in Las Vegas in the 1970s and is about a 39 year old stripper You can imagine her position is rather precariousWhat struck me immediately about this novel from the outset is the position of Las Vegas in our collective consciousness as the West in general I have never been to Las Vegas personally and in my travels out west I flew over Tahoe n route to Sacramento and San Francisco and saw lots of pisodes of Reno 911 and have seen tons of Las Vegas movies But But do I consider Las Vegas to b I honestly rushed through this book because I couldn t wait for it to be over I I couldn t wait for it to be over I initially going to rate this as one star but the nd of the book was better than the beginning I hated the run on sentences that I ve seen many others complain about as well I also couldn t feel sorry for the main character Harmony her life was full of insecurities due to worrying about aging and fleeting beauty and her mind was always on attracting horrible men I had sympathy for her daughter Pepper since she was a naive child and didn t really have a good mother figure to follow There wasn t a lot of depth to the characters in this book which was disappointing to me Apparently there is a seuel coming out soon I may check it out just to see how the stories of Harmony and Pepper nd This wasn t the most profound book nor did it have the most beautifully written passages but it was a treat to read Pulitzer Prize winner Larry McMurtry writes novels set in the American heartland but his real territory is the heart itself His gift for writing about women their love for reckless hopeless men; their ability to see the good in losers; and their peculiar combination of motional strength and sudden weakness makes The Desert Rose the bi. .
Finished this in the time span of two plane rides one of them really really bumpy The characters are so fully flushed and vibrant really really bumpy The characters are so fully flushed and vibrant s hard not to love all of them I ven loved Pepper although McMurtry writes in his forward that he didn t mean to make her as much as a monster as she turned out But I really understood why she was the way she waswith a mother like Harmony it s asy to get That s not to say I didn t find Harmony sweet and kind She was too much so and that s why she was flawed as a person and a mother Of course it doesn t take much insight into the human condition to comprehend her ither None of the characters in the book do and that s why it was so much fun to read I felt like I was sitting outside their messy Vegas abode watching the peacocks as the day passed us byLifestyles like theirs are fun to read about because their world is so different than mine And people in Vegas and the surrounding area really do have an alternate form of reality An x coworker of mine once told me a story when he was working in a TV station in those parts and a new hire showed up for her first day He could smell alcohol on her breath so almost ashamedly he asked if she had been drinking this guy was a pretty mild mannered person but had a legal obligation to at least ask The woman very casually said Oh yeah I always have a beer or two when I m getting ready for work That woman
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ve been the real Look a fair rating would be two stars but I like McMurtry I don t know if the cowboy books as I ve never read one are as fun as the contemporary ones and I doubt I will ver read a McMurtry western but I m so in the bag for him that I d probably convince myself I liked it whether I do or not Always been a romantic and his books are lad lit without uite so much man stink on them I wouldn t say his women are that convincing maybe ven less so for actual women readers but I like them So Desire in Seven Voices even though Harmony has the same sort of implausibility issues as Aurora Greenway her spirit is Patsy Emma and Injoyed the time spent with her Pepper might be a little less successful overall but I still derived a lot of pleasure from reading about a beautiful young person who despite youth being beautiful has the confusions that are also such a big part of being youngAnyway YMMV but I liked it Harmony is a Las Vegas showgirl At night she s a lead dancer in a casino during the day she raises peacocks She s one of a dying breed of dancers faced with fewer and fewer jobs and an ven bleaker future Yet she maintains a calm cheerfulness in that arid neon landscape of supermarkets drive in wedding chapels and all night casinosThis is the first Larry McMurtry book I have read and I did really njoy it I don t think I have read Ttersweet funny and touching book that it is Harmony is a Las Vegas showgirl At night she's a lead dancer in a gambling casino; during the day she raises peacocks She's one of a dying breed of dancers faced with fewer and fewer jobs and an ven bleaker future Yet she maintains a calm cheerfulness in that arid neon landscape of supermar.
The Desert Rose