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Pdf/E–book Kader Attia

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Kader AttiaWork has an intensity that Begs Us To Ask us to ask Why How WHAT And that s exactly his point He encourages us to be in the uestioning stage asking What must have taken place for this to happe. Extremes It is rooted In The Complex Relations Between the complex relations between and West and reflects their charged connections where a scrambled home culture meets a seductive consumer culture This first monograph includes his installations for the 2003 venice biennale and art basel miami in Venice Biennale and Art Basel Miami in along with video photography and drawing. ,
N No judgements or automatic Assessments Just Ask WhyIf You just ask whyIf you interested in Kader s work this book provides insight in to where it comes from magnifying his premise that art comes from insid. S His most recent projects include the critically acclaimed Flying Rats of the Lyon Biennale 2005 a schoolyard enclosed in a cage in which 45 children sculpted in rain were slowly eaten by 150 pigeons and Fortune Cookies which saw an entire chinese restaurant bought in paris shipped entire Chinese restaurant bought in Paris shipped to its country of alleged orig.

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