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They need to introduce this Form Of Magic Into of magic into campaigns The Demonologist character class is presented alongside those who go far into the art mysterious Binder and the dreaded Possessed Each has access to the most incredible powers drawn from the very forces of evil itself. Welcome mortal to the Dark Road Within #These Secret You Will Find The #secret pages you will find the forbidden "Knowledge Of All That Of Summoning Binding Ultimately Controlling The "of all that of summoning binding ultimately controlling the devils and fiends of the infernal planes This book is not for the faint of heart for only the strongest of wills may dare to dabbl.

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E in the blackest art #all The perils are and the dangers terrifying but for Those Willing To Gamble Their willing to gamble their perils are great and the dangers terrifying but for those willing to gamble their souls the rewards are far greater than any mortal can possibly conceiveEncyclopaedia Arcane Demonology The Dark Road provides Games Masters and players alike with all the information.
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DemonologyThe Dark Road

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