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[Mama Rides Shotgun A Mace Bauer Mystery] EBOOK READ

Great seriesStumbled upon this series and find it refreshingly honest and fun to read Author does a great job fleshing out the characters and making the reader want Fun All Mace wanted to do was take a trip to bond with ueen can t shut her mouth aka Mama and of course it was doomed from the start Add in the cuckoo sisters and Sal and it gets even worse if possible Very funny and R rated with a happy ending I m to enjoy the series uite a bit Granted this time think I had series uite a bit Granted this time I think I had better insight on who the killer was but not necessarily the reason behind it Not that there weren t plenty and I mean plenty of suspects It really did keep ou guessing I m really enjoying the uirky family dynamics and I d really like to meet the husbands of Mace s sisters I d love to see all of the interactions among the family I can only imagine the funny shenanigans that they all get up to This is the 2nd in the Mace Bauer Mystery series which I stumbled upon by downloading the 1st in the series as a Nook Free Friday book a long time ago For the 2nd in the series it wasn t too bad Mostly just a had far fetched I like the Southern charm elements They have a lot of very interesting analogies like I m as full as a gutter during rainy season lol So there is uite a bit of good natured humor woven throughout the story with everything else ou d expect with a cozy who dun it mystery I m sure the author thought it would be cute to continue the series with Mama does "this and Mama does that titles but I m not sure it "and Mama does that titles but I m not sure it for this story If anything it should be Mama Gossips and tries to play Matchmaker on Cracker Trail Okay so that would be a long title but fitting The story conti I thought this second in the series was much better than the first book This book has the same set of characters and they stay true to their personas in the first book but developed Not sure if there really is a Cracker Trail but the thought is plausible Seemed a bit far fetched for Mace s mother to be riding a horse for days on end but I suppose it could happen I do like the amount of dialog and the fast pace of the book A good uick read Will read of Deborah S The setting is the historical Cracker Trail ride from east to. Before Mama ties the sacred knot of matrimony for the 5th time she coerces daughter Mace to saddle up for some country gal bonding on the Florida Cracker Trail The six day trek gets off to a good start At least until the wealthy rancher hosting the riders keels over in his Cow Hunter ChiliA one time beau of Mama Rides Shotgun A Mace Bauer Mystery

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West Florida So I m thinking a bunch of wasps on horses and she is calling it the Cracker Trail Really Well it is a real cattle trail ride and it is called the Cracker Trail because of the sound of the whips cracking over the cattle called the Cracker Trail because of the sound of the whips cracking over the cattle this is the 2 book in the Mace Bauer series Mama is getting ready for marriage 5 and she and Mace are getting a little bonding time before the wedding Mama discovers a dead body Lawton Bramble one the ranchers who allowing them to camp on his land the ranchers who was allowing them to camp on his land providing vats of his famous Cow Hunter Chili dies Cow Hunter Chili Who hunts cows Anywaythe real uestion is who did it Was it a heart attack The trophy wife Did the kids do him in so they could get his money Just when ou think The Gods Themselves you know who did itou get convincing evidence to look somewhere else Mace wants to solve the mystery Mama wants to find Mace a husband Still not liking the vernacularbut I do like the well written mystery Hmm do I read in the series or stop Enjoyed this story though it s about relationships than mystery In that respect it reminded me of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency Though seemingly dissimilar they both vivdly convey their setting and focus on the characters relationshipsA wealthy rancher dies at the beginning of the tale and Mace the main character suspects foul play but there s no evidence to support her suspicion I love Mace she s strong self sufficient at home with animals and nature than with people Her family is full of characters her mama the uintessential Southern belle her two sisters with personalities almost polar opposite and Sal a NYC transplant and Mama s soon to be 5th husband Then there s Carlos a Cuban emigrant Miami police detective who is trying to adjust to Southern culture and has an on again off again romance with Mace These books offer insight into native Florida and the cattle history celebrated with the Cracker Trail ride Disfunction abounds in the decedent s family and he betrayed his old friend but was he murdered The denouement was incidental to the story the focus is on relationships between characters and Florida s cattle ranching history A number of near death mishaps afflicting Mace and Mama muddy the waters Were these accidents Ama's and really who isn't Lawton Bramble had a bad ticker and a ton of enemies who might have spiced the cattleman's chili Was it son Trey as flawed as he is handsome The oung widow whose grief seems well rehearsed Or maybe the childhood friend wronged by Lawton in love and businessMace's worried sisters jo.
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R intentional It s all tied up at the end of the Cracker Trail An Entertaining Read An entertaining read excellent read but I have a beef The last book Mama Does Time ends with MACE SAYING SHE D HAD GONE ON A DATE saying she d had gone on a date Carlos but that he had needed to move back to Miami to sort things out A Date At the beginning of this book it s all about how they d had a full on relationship and he d broken it off to move back to Miami I hate when author s re invent their character s histories like that Drives me nutsNot that that s off my chest I m loving this series so far As a fourth generation Floridian myself I thoroughly enjoy this visit to the Florida I grew up in and miss fervently I get a huge kick out of Mace and her sisters and I appreciate the reality of family life Ms Sharp allows when one of the sisters usually Mace puts their Mama in her place and she often needs it It is a refreshing change of pace from those books where the Mother can act like she out to be riding a broomstick but no one would dare speak a disrespectful word to her As m This is the second Mace Bauer mystery The setting is in central Florida and features a family of four women Mama the drama ueen is engaged to her fifth beau Maddie the oldest daughter is married and works as a middle school principal Mace the middle daughter is a single woman comfortable with animals than people and works outdoors with animals Marty the oungest daughter is married and works as a librarian Lawton Bramble one of the ranchers who allowed the riders to camp on his land planned on providing vats of his famous Cow Hunter Chili before he died unexpectantly while preparing it His much Britain, Australia and the Bomb younger wife finds him just before the Mauer family arrived Mace considered a sleuth since she helped investigate a murder theear before Mace is certain it was murder even though the man s personal physician states it was natural causes Mace sets out to find out the truth which puts her immediate family in peril from someone who doesn t want her pursuing her line of uestioningMace and her family suffered near fatal accidents on the trail ride But in the end Mace s determination leads her to discover the truth about Lawton Bramble s death after all This was a good read. In the ride and sexy Detective Carlos Martinez returns to complicate matters But Mace's miserable love life pales as a problem next to a planted rattlesnake a tent sliced to shreds and a spooked horse named Shotgun When Mama gallops into danger Mace is determined to corral the killer stalking the Florida trai.