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The Drowning City [E–book/E–pub]

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The Drowning City


Ation instead of the curiousity i should have had or urther adventures still the use of for urther adventures still the use of was plentiful and enjoyable so if that is what you are looking or this novel will not disappoint in that regard Two things make this book or me 1 interesting worldbuilding and 2 oh my god the Clawback female characters They re everywhere Doing everything With like complexity And depth And differing motivationsInact I think this book ails the reverse Bechdel test I don t think there are two male characters who have conversations about anything there are two male characters who have conversations about anything than the women in this book and I ind the change so unexpected and delightful I M BESIDE MYSELF EXTRA BONUS m beside myself Extra bonus all the women but one who is the mainest of the three or so main characters but omg not the only woman being non white There s pretty clear parallels here Europeans East Asians Arabs and some of the broad sweeping racial generalizations constructed by the plot of this book Arabs are the oppressing empire the Asians are oppressed downtrodden and vicious Europeans are the outsiderspotential saviors skirt the line of being dodgy However given the work the author has done in pushing women beyond the context of the stereotypical Female Fantasy Novel Tropes I m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt to the next book to see how things develop with these various cultures All in all a political intrigue plot driven by strong worldbuilding and an intriguing system of magic and death with heaps and heaps of Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America female characters doing interesting things Again I wish Goodreads had a slightly granular rating system because this novel is a very solid 35Amanada Downum s debut is of everything than I was honestly expecting strongly executed vividly described willing to blow anything and everything sky high in a startling climax Not manyirst time novelists are willing to smash an intricate setting but Downum Cooking for Company fuses confidence with unpredictability and goesor the gusto in her last act The Drowning City is an intriguing blend of espionage murder mystery culture clash and colonial criticism Some of the moral argument loses its tension when one of the story s Empire of Sin factions drops all pretense of restraint and goes on a kill crazy rampage but asar as Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China first novel problems go that s a mild blemish This is a brisk well calculated and atmospheric novel I wish I d read it sooner I would say 3 12 stars and the reason I am being generous this was the writersirst novel There was definitely room My Wife's Affair for improvement My biggest complain was the lack of a glossary so Iound myself a bit twisted around by the names and words she used in her story If you are going to create a world with as much culture as she did WRITE A GLOSSARY Seriously It was Chicken, Chicken, Duck! frustratingI like the main characters because she doesn t sit aroundeeling sorry Inspirations for herself however Ielt that there could be about her I think that she created too many characters of ocus that she kind of neglected the im. And the longer she stays in this monsoon drenched city the intrigue she uncovers even the dead are plotting As the waters rise and the dams crack Isyllt must choose between her mission and the city she came to sav. .

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Ecially the emotional struggles of characters after suicide bombings kill innocents The senseless deaths the catalyst or much soul searching and than a little self justification as characters reconcile their own guilt with their desires to Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You free their city or protect their countryrom invasion I can t say I always agreed with their decisions but they were powerful and grippingAnother triumph here is Isyllt and her necrotic talents smooth as silk spy one cool customer calculated yet emotional deadly yet compassionate Her talent or necromancy deftly done Downum with enough explanation to give her ghostly magic a by Downum with enough explanation to give her ghostly magic a of reality yet not so much as to strip it of its tantalizing mystery With so much still unrevealed about her I can t wait to read about herBut this was not a perfect book Far rom it From tedious beginning to uninspiring romantic plots to unrealistic outcomes there were than a ew elements which caused this narrative to underperform And toward the end even the mesmerizing local itself served as a distraction than a compliment to the narrative draining whatever momentum the story had achieved As I said earlier Amanda Downum aimed high with this novel but she just wasn t uite able to pull everything together to reach the ull potential of this storyFilled with mystery and magic set in a wonderfully envisioned world The Drowning City was an entertaining look at terrorism in a Pirates, Ships, and Sailors fantasy setting and its lead character Isyllt has all the traits of developing into a memorable character No the novel did not completely satisfy me but I will still be searchingor the next book in the series interested to see how Amanda Downum continues to develop this intriguing world well it started okay this review will be rather short and lame because honestly the good parts of the novel were airly short and the rest was rather lame the irst third starts out well and i was willing to the War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today first third starts out well and i was willing to any criticism of the surprisingly weepy protagonist because the atmosphere was wonderfully evoked and the protagonist s profession a necromancer who is also a rebellionomenting spy is A Boy in Winter fascinating The Drowning City itself is an absorbing place and thereuent use of magic was well done learned magic is separated into various arts and seem to also be based around various elements as well as charms that non mages can use the supernatural is also present in a wide variety of beasties spirits and ghosts especially ghosts the confusion and irritation started coming during the second section where the mishmash of cultures rather stereotypical depictions of oriental culture that are coming into conflict with a rather less stereotypical depiction of an imperialistic arab culture began to seriously annoy me the coincidences also began to arrive to eye rolling effect and Frost at Midnight finally the third portionar too rushed Princess Baby, Night-Night far too sentimentalar too clich d in the end the overall The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post feeling i was left with was exasper. The brewing revolution is a chance to prove herself to her crown All she has to do isind and Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution finance the revolutionaries and help topple the palaces of Symir But she is torn between her newriends and her duties. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths The Drowning City by Amanda Downing is an ambitious book with A Penchant For Compelling Prose penchant On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock for compelling prose a gray characters centered in a beautifully rendered city with a Southeast Asianlavor While it did Not Fully Realize Its Potential I Must fully realize its potential I must credit to the author or aiming high and nearly reaching her lofty goalsSymir The Drowning City A trading metropolis illed with pirates revolutionaries and spies constantly in ear of being washed away by the mighty Mir River or destroyed by the lurking volcano nearby Only magically wards holding back certain annihilation The dearly bought peace allowing revolutionary ever to seethe to the surface threatening to blow the city apartWhen Isyllt Iskaldur and her two bodyguards Adam and Xinai sail into the grand harbor they know that the city is a ticking time bomb In Nini fact that is why they have comeor the Assari Empire s covetous eyes have been wandering toward her northern neighbors and only internal problems will stop the Empire s inevitable invasion And Isyllt master necromancer and spy intends to I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) fan thelames of unrest until just such an event rips Symir apartOnce settled Isyllt s local contact with the rebels uickly becomes an idealistic youth named Zhirin This young woman having been caught up in the revolutionary spirits of the city by her relationship with a young man And though Zhirin s amily has grown prosperous by cooperating with the Empire she is willing to risk it all to aid Isyllt in providing aid to the rebels unaware that her benefactor s motives might not be completely altruisticMeanwhile Isyllt s guard Xinai inds that returning home to Symir has affected her than she ever imagined Her path taking her away rom her companions and back to the people who aided her escape to the north after her village was massacred by the Imperials and their local collaborators so long ago The unexpected ghosts of the past uickly catching Xinai up in the spirit of revolution and leading ehr down a road she never expected to takeFrom this combustible mixture circumstances uickly spiral out of control More than one revolutionary group ighting against imperial occupation Their methods very different one willing to kill enemy and innocent alike while the other seeks a less destructive path to reedom Isyllt orced to ight against her own conscious as her actions escalate events pushing the unaware citizens toward a struggle THAT WILL CAUSE UNTOLD DESTRUCTION AND DEATH HER USE will cause untold destruction and death Her use the unsuspecting Zhirin causing than a little guilt Events leading to a near inevitable endWithout a doubt Amanda Downum does an excellent job in The Drowning City of creating the living breathing city of Symir It is vividly described amazingly realistic and hopelessly wracked with division and revolutionary violence The clashing views of the citizens whether Imperial rebel collaborator or neutral individual wonderfully explored esp. Symir the Drowning City home to exiles and expatriates pirates and smugglers And violent revolutionaries who will stop at nothing to overthrow the corrupt Imperial governmentFor Isyllt Iskaldur necromancer and spy.