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Unleashed was a pleasant surprise It was hot and sexy had a vaguely unlikely plot but it was also probably the most reasonable plot I ve read in a romantic suspense It is part of an overarching story of three brothers who have a private security company called Gemini Security They re a little cheesy at times like the fact that they all wear GPS watches to *Show Them Where They *them where they at all times And there s the typical strain of too much saccharine when the men find happiness with a woman This is common in romantic suspense Families all love each other and protect each other in this really over the top way But okay I accept that as part of the genreWhen Caroline his high school love comes to him asking him for help in solving her husband s murder he accepts because there is a link to his mother s vanishing some eighteen years before If it sounds like a strained connection it is But it eventually ties up pretty nicely Basically they discover that her husband was involved in an illegal adoption ring getting young girls pregnant and then selling the babies His mother had volunteered at the shelter and Caroline s husband eighteen years ago had killed her because she stumbled onto the conspiracyThe relationship is written very well Danny wants to fuck Caroline because he s always found her hot and he has fond memories of their high school sex It starts as a sort of hate fuck which is pretty hot and then he ust can t handle it and he becomes a surly Civil Rights and the Environment in African American Literature 1895 1941 jerk The Surly Jerk is a sort of romantic suspense trope They all have to beerks so the woman can tame him and make him civilized But the sex is twinned with some genuine emotion so the relationship works *On All LevelsHis Moment *all levelsHis moment realization that he still loves her was very touching I found myself being mad at myself that I actually liked it Very sweet and hot sex followedThe climax was good except the author rather gratuitously makes sure that Caroline is nude when she s kidnapped a rather obvious and pointless fact that really did take away from the actionAfter she s kidnapped life seems like it will be fine for Danny and Caroline Yet Danny turns on his surly act Caroline finally grows a spine and tells him that she can t live with that any He has to be able to communicate So he Star Wars: The Force Awakens just vanishes for a few weeks It reads a little over dramatic He becomes a slobbering drunk It s really unattractiveThen his father talks to him about he should have worked harder to please his mother before she was murdered This is one of those cringe worthy cheesy moments I described earlier It sust too uncomfortable for me Anyway he literally chases her down on a mountain in New Zealand she s hiking with a group and he runs up the mountain for her He professes his love vows to change and they have sexOverall it s a good book and a good example of its genre I would recommend it with the caution that there are those cheesy moments are very cheesy and they re embarrassing to read But they thankfully don t last long and you can move on to some awesome sex I didn Danny Taggart is the biggest badass of all the Gemini Men And there's only one thing a woman can do with a man this hot hard and ready for action He's the oldest of the three Taggart brothers And the boldest Tall dark and rippling with muscle Danny Taggart takes no prisoners But when his latest case puts him up close and personal

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UnleashedNed the military special forces h had a horrible background as well alcoholic parents care of her siblings shouldering uite a bit of responsibility at a young age she always felt she handled everything on her own with no helpsupport While H in militaryspecial forces he would be gone for long periods of time and she would not hear from him During one of his absences h discovers she is pregnant has a miscarriage and waits until H comes home to tell him H goes out drinking with his brothers to blow off steam instead of seeing the h immediately h stressed and grieving and realizes this would be her life a continuation of *HANDLING ALL ON HER OWN NO ONE CARING WHAT *all on her own no one caring what needs or wants and that H would never let her closer to him as he tends to shut down out feeling for othersThis is a second chance romantic suspense story The book begins with the h dealing with the death of her husband and uncovering information that links back to H and his family She is also in trouble accused of killing her husband The H is cold and sometimes cruel to h when they meet again He still loves her but won t admit it and still dealing with unresolved feelings regarding his mother s abandonment H does blame h for the failure of their relationship and feels betrayed that she didn t support him andor love him enough He sees it as abandonment especially when she married another man I liked this one I actually think this should have been a little longer The author did a good ob though with the amount of information all the characters from 2 other books the history and current situation of the Hh I did not feel lost or confused by not having read the 2 previous books about his brothers The mystery of their mother is a continuing plot line to this 3rd book Recommended to those who like romantic suspense 2nd chances and crueljerk heroes 35 4 stars Yet another good RS by Ms Alden admittedly instead of breadcrumbs to work out who is the bad guy she leaves dirty great big chunks of bread so a bit predictable but it was good to see it played outAs this was the final book in the series I would have liked a detailed epilogue 4 5 stars Romantic SuspenseI m a big fan of Alden S Gemini Men Romantic s Gemini Men romantic series about the alpha ex military Taggart brothers twins Ethan and Derek and eldest Danny who run a private security firm specializing in sensitive undercover work for very high profile elite clientele Ethan in Caught is the easygoing playboy brother Derek in Kept is the uiet cold serious and hardhearted of the three and then there s broody badass Danny in Unleashed I didn t enjoy this story uite as much as Kept because I found Danny s cold demeanor and bitter borderline cruel attitude towards his former love Caroline a bit much to take at times He was a real mean SOB And Even Though He Makes Some Amends even though he makes some amends the end for acting like a total ahole I still wanted a bit groveling Even so it s another entertaining read in a terrific series with hot alpha heroes intriguing plots thrilling action satisfying suspense and steamy se. Ng beneath him he can't get deep enough or close enough Not even when danger threatens to destroy everything he's ever fought for Including the only woman he's ever loved Alden's first in the Gemini Men series starts off with a sizzleexciting and suspenseful Romantic Times on Caught four star review I love her books Shannon McKenna. ,
Have much hope starting this book since the second book in the series Kept was a big disappointmentBut this was really goodand for once it wasn t the female *being the stupid stubborn oneI liked that and I m sad to say that the plot *the stupid stubborn oneI liked that and I m sad to say that the plot not that hard to believeI wish I could say that something like that would never ever happenbut the truth is that it does happen not a fan of second chance romance This is my first book by this author and I was hooked right from the beginning A romantic suspense thriller packed with emotions and a great storyDanny Taggart the Hero is an emotionally closed character after the disappearance of his mother Anne whom he thought had walked away from the family Enter Caroline Medford the heroine who was the love of Danny s life until she walked away from what Danny had become Caroline life is in danger so she turns to Danny for help who initially refuses to help her Events take a turn for the worse and Danny reluctantly decides to help Caroline Slowly they unearth deadly secrets which involve the disappearance of Anne and Caroline s dead husband As the story progresses so does Danny and Caroline s relationship which is both emotional and sexy to read Caroline is a strong character and who does not shy away from facing the dark realities as the deadly secrets unfold And she is no pushover in the relationship with Danny These two characters were really made for one anotherThis book is definitely recommended I loved this entire series and I recommend to any romantic suspense fan Ms Alden writes lovable alphas and in this case all of them are former militaryYou have to read them in order 1 Caught 2 Kept 3 UnleashedI especially liked Danny s story because I felt like I got to get inside his head and find out why he was such a erk in most of the first two books I think Caroline is a good match for himThis is a former lovers reunited story uite liked it It was only the graphic language in the it scenes and the certain words to describe certain body parts that wasn t endearing to me but I was able to go past it and enjoy the bookLiked the entire confession and opening about the past scene a lot That was the last one I don t know why but often the first title of a series is the lamer and the series improves going on There are some exceptions for me like SEP Chicago Stars or NS s Psy Changelings but usually I find the first one not as good as the followersBTW this one was the best for me A bit violent one thing I didn t like it s the book is very graphic about everything sex violence and so on But really I liked it Both graphic about everything sex violence and so on But really I liked it Both and heroine were strong and able to take care of themselves and maybe that was the first problem between them I like how both but mostly him wer Hh were highschool sweethearts H s mother disappears one day and his father ex military spends the next 20 years looking for her H is scarred by all of this he believes his mother abandoned him his dad and his brothers H a player in HS loved the h H wanted to live his life to please his father and oi. Ith the woman who once left him raw and aching he's shell shocked Caroline Medford is still hotter than hell But she's also got her pretty grip on the truths that have shaped him into the soul ravaged warrior he is today Burned once Danny's plan is to satisfy his craving for Caroline and walk away Yet once he has her warm and willi. ,