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The Big–Ass Book of Home Décor (FREE)

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Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy eOut of ikea lack tables Iven thought the bird cage pillow was great This is definitely a book geared towards artists those who love and This is definitely a book geared towards artists those who love and ven crave the funky and unusual in their homes rather then what most others consider to be tasteful furnishingsAlso just viewing his ideas opened up my mind to loads ideas of my ownI thought it was a great bookmostly the tacky projects though were really REALLY bad though A great one to get out from the library rather then buy your own copy DEFINITELY glad I borrowed this from the library instead of bought it While I appreciate that all of the projects have really simple instructions materials that are asy to find the projects themselves just don t fit with my taste To be totally honest like a few Of The Other Reviewers Mentioned I Found the other reviewers mentioned I found of the projects looked pretty tacky granted you can take almost anything in there and put your own spin on it the lighting chapter has a couple cute chandelier ideas but just paging though I didn t see much that appealed to meMy advice Borrow this from a friendthe library rather than buy it just to make sure it matches with your taste before it moves in with you If you ve read the Big Ass book of Crafts also by Montano you ll recognize the style of the projects in this book pretty uickly There were a lot of repeats on the same thing such as many different ways to do glass plates but there were a lot of original ideas in here too I d say this book is definitely worth picking up for anyone who wants to get some good ideas for how to DIY a really uniue Space On A Budget on a budget the writing and instructions on how to do the projects were good There is also a lot of pictures which I really like in these types of books Really the reason I marked down one was because I agree with other posters that some projects were tacky however it s personal preference. You that it all looks like you bought it there You have a solution or rather a whole houseful of solutions In this newest Big Ass Book do it yourself guru Mark Montano presents 105 practical simple and decidedly unboring projects for very space in your home Montano’s wizardry ac. And I did find some things in there that I did njoy and would like to make and a few I thought their version was ugly but I could tweak enjoy and would like to make and a few I thought their version was ugly but I Could Tweak To Make It Fit My Tastes And D tweak to make it fit my tastes and d Okay this is a book I perused than read cover to cover but it still counts I found a lot of great ideas and now that I have a sewing machine I need to attempt a few First I have to open the box that the sewing machine is currently Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead existing O Even though Mark Montano has some uestionable taste in about half of the projects included in this book I still found uite a few good ideas for some projects I d like to do around my own house Most of the projects are pretty affordable andasy to do yourself so that s a definite plus Mark Bryozoan Evolution emphasizes re purposing old items foundither at secondhand shops or in the back of your closet or shed so that s really nice for folks on a budget like myself I really liked all the ideas he had for how to jazz up and customize clear glass plates that can apparently be found at dollar stores hopefully my local dollar stores sell them I also want to try to make the cast plaster candle holder made out of a plastic plant holder There are some cool resources in the back of the book too like templates for the cute birdcage pillow for Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) example and a list of stuff to keep on hand for future projects and a list of vendors and websites that Mark likes to use Now if only I could somehow pin the ideas I actually like and want to do from this book to my DIY board on Pinterest Hmm I think I ve read all of Mark Montano s Big Ass books and this one is decidedly upscale which isn t saying much because a lot of the projects still look tacky and cheap Relies heavily on hot glue and spray paint There s inspiration to be had here for sure but his finished projects don t look very highnd and I firmly believe things can be hand crafted AND Silvers Edge expensive looking. Complished with masking tape spray paint and glue transformsverything from accessories to walls and windows to lighting to major pieces like headboards tables dressers and chairs And there’s ven a chapter on turning the anonymous items you got at IKEA into one of a kind treasur.

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There were xactly 4 things in the Going Berserk entire book that I wouldven think about doing Most of the ideas were just too out entire book that I would ven think ABOUT DOING MOST OF THE IDEAS doing Most of the ideas just too out for me My other big problem with the book is that it might just be them most ungreen decor book published in the past decade Not only were there a plethora of chemicals used but most of the decor would not last past decade Not only were there a plethora of chemicals used but most of the decor would not last Short decor life usually uates to stuff in out landfills Okay I saw in this book what a lot of people said about the author s big ass book of crafts A lot of the projects just look cheesy or tacky or both I would not want most of them in my home The only thing that caught my Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America eye is the hand stitched curtain panel on page 61 and I though I might actually make something similar and I thank him for the inspiration I will do it differently and use different materials Embroidery with regular yarn Really Some projects are fine just not my tastes but others are really out there I borrowed this from the library I added it to my to purchase list on Goodreads when I saw all the reviews I really must ask are you blind Or just wildly uncreative These projects are amazing Like ah may zing There are a few that aren t my personal style but they are still well thought out I mean the hand stitched curtains all of the dinnerwarespecially the comic book plates the aluminum sconce the butterflies under glass the decorative door knobs the tea set the pillowsI could keep going but really I ll tell you this book is for you if you like to think outside the box and don t want your house to look like very other McMansion on the block Can t wait to get my hands on the big ass book of crafts Yea like some others said there are some very tacky looking projects in this book for sure Still I found many projects that I thought looked great and I definitely plan to try For one the pagoda inspired shelf for two the coffee table. You have a problem Your current home “décor” is ugly shabby and boring but you can’t afford lots of new stuff Or maybe your house is filled with tired old junk that you just can’t bear to throw away Or maybe you bought all your furniture at a big box store but it irritates. The Big-Ass Book of Home Décor