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Menschliches Allzumenschliches) [Pdf DOWNLOAD] Ô Friedrich Nietzsche

Causes the sciences the common weal cultural interests the arts deprives his passion for people of much of its fire 1487Young people love what is strange and interesting regardless of whether it is true or false More mature spirits love in truth that which is strange and interesting in it Heads fully mature finally love truth also where it appears plain and simple and is boring to ordinary people they have noticed that truth is accustomed to impart its highest spiritual possessions with an air of simplicity 1609The tone in which young people speak praise blame poeticise displeases their elders because it is too loud and yet at the same time hollow and indistinct like a sound in a vaunt that acuires such volume through the emptiness surrounding it for most of what young people think does not proceed from the abundance of their own nature but is a resonance and echo of what has been thought said praised and blamed in their presence 1613Belief in truth begins with doubt as to all truths believed hitherto 2120At all times arrogance has rightly been designated the vice of the intellectual yet without the motive power of this vice truth and the respect accorded to it would be miserable accommodated on this earth 2126Farce of many of the industrious Through an excess of exertion they gain for themselves time and afterwards have no idea what to do with it except to count the hours until is has expired 2147Every good book is written for a definite reader and those like him and for ust this reason will be viewed unfavourably by all other readers the great majority which is why its reputation rests on a narrow basis and can be erected only slowly The mediocre and bad book is so because it tries to please many and does please them 21158They themselves are not educated how should they be able to educate 21181We can distinguish five grades of traveller those of the first and lowest grade are those who travel and instead of seeing are themselves seen they are as though blind next come those who actually see the world the third experience something as a conseuence of what they have seen the fourth absorb into themselves what they have experienced and bear it away with them lastly there re a few men of the highest energy whom after they have experienced and absorbed all they have seen necessarily have to body it forth again out of themselves in works and actions as soon as they have returned home It is like these five species of traveller that all men travel through the whole ourney of life the lowest purely passive the highest those who transform into action and exhaust everything they experience 21228Of him who surrenders himself to events there remains less and less 21315What significance can we then accord the press as it is now with its daily expenses diture of lung power on exclaiming deafening inciting shocling is it anything than the permanent false alarm that leads ears and senses off in the wrong direction 21321The bad acuires esteem by being imitated the good loses it especially in art 21381We possess the conscience of an industrious age and this conscience does not permit us to bestow our best hours and mornings on art however grand and worthy this art may be To us art counts as a leisure a recreational activity we devote to it the remnants of our time and energies 22170A little garden figs little cheeses and in addition three or four good friends these were the sensual pleasures of Epicurus 22192An excellent uotation can annihilate entire pages indeed an entire book in that it warns the reader and seems to cry out to him and seems to cry out to him I am the ewel and around me there is lead pallid ignominious lead Every word every idea wants to dwell only in its own company that is the moral of high style 22111 I am still not certain it is really possible in this culture to become or perhaps remain a free spirit In the oppressive expectations of a world that reuires conformity for sustinence may well be a kind of caging we may never escape We must be always worried our expression of spirit is too Unleashed Too Sexual Too too sexual too too loud too inspired too free for everyone who is not Nothing scarier than someone who is who and what she or he is with no apologies for it to those who are uncomfortable in their own skinsStill Nietzsche s treatise is on my must read list for all who wish to be truly human The Nietzsche of his middle period is in my view the best before his mental breakdown There is less of the crazed polemic in this work than say in Ecce Homo Zarathustra or Twilight of the Idols although Nietzsche being Nietzsche never takes prisoners in his attacks Still there is a good deal of thoughtful reflection on philosophy culture religion family and marriage that are worth considering Menschliches Allzumenschliches Human All Too Human Friedrich NietzscheHuman All Too Human A Book for Free Spirits is a book by 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche originally published in 1878 A second part Assorted Opinions and Maxims was published in 1879 and a third part The Wanderer and his Shadow followed in 1880 The book is Nietzsche s first in the aphoristic style that would come to dominate his writings discussing a variety of concepts in short paragraphs or sayings Human All Too Human to the memory of Voltaire on the celebration of the anniversary of his death May 30 1778 Instead of a preface the first part originally included a uotation from Descartes s Discourse on the Method Nietzsche later republished all three parts as a two volume edition in 1886 adding a preface to each volume and removing the Descartes uote as well as the dedication to Voltaire 2006 1384 476 1385 1387 9789643058476 1389 1391 1393 19 1395 470 9789643214036 1878 1872 188. Gen Existenz vorzudringen Dieser geistigen Haltung entspricht das aphoristische Denken Nietzsches das starre Begriffe und Systeme meidet Die Suche nach Wahrheit geschieht im befreiten Raum der Gedanken und setzt auf die aktive Mitarbeit der Lese. Ure is fixed in the illusion of free will if for one moment the wheel of the world were to stand still and there were an all knowing calculating intelligence there to make use of this pause it could narrate the future of every creature to the remotest ages and describe every track along which this wheel had yet to roll The actor s description regarding himself the assumption of free will is itself part of the mechanism it would have to compute 1106It is easier to relinuish a desire altogether than enjoy it in moderation 1139We all think that a work of art an artist is proved to be of high uality if it seizes hold on us and profoundly moves us But for this to be so our own high uality in Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide judgement and sensibility would first have to have been proved 1161The reader and the author often fail to understand one another because the author knows his theme too well and almost finds it boring so that he dispenses with the examples and illustrations of which he knows hundreds the reader however is unfamiliar with the subject and can easily find it ill established if examples and illustrations are withheld from him 1202One can clearly observe this decline from decade to decade if one keeps an eye on the public behaviour which is plainly growing and plebeian 1250Why is knowledge the element of the scholar and philosopher associated with pleasure Firstly and above all because one here becomes conscious of one s strength for the same reason that is to say that gymnastic exercises are pleasurably even when there are no spectators Secondly because in the course of acuiring knowledge one goes beyond former conceptions and their advocates and is victor over them or at least believes oneself to be Thirdly because through a new piece of knowledge however small we become superior to all and feel ourselves as the only ones who in this matter know aright These three causes of pleasure are the most important though there are many other subsidiary causes according to the nature of the man who acuires knowledge 1252The value of having for a time rigorously pursued a rigorous science does not derive precisely from the results obtained from it for in relation to the ocean of things worth knowing these will be a mere vanishing droplet But there will eventuate an increase in energy in reasoning capacity in toughness of endurance one will have learned how to achieve an objective by the appropriate means To this extent it is invaluable with regard to everything one will afterwards do once to have been a man of science 1256Men overvalue everything big and conspicuous 1260He who has furnished his instrument with only two strings like the scholars who apart from the drive to knowledge have only an acuired religious drive cannot understand those men who are able to play on strings than two It lies in the nature of higher many stringed culture that it should always be falsely interpreted by the lower as happens for example when art is counted a disguised form of religiousness Indeed people who are only religious understand even science as a seeking on the part of the religiousust as the deaf and dumb do not know what music is if it is visible movement 1281Epictetus Seneca and Plutarch are little read now that work and industry it is not visible movement 1281Epictetus Seneca and Plutarch are little read now that work and industry adherents of the great goddess health sometimes seem to rage like an epidemic Because time for thinking and uietness in thinking are lacking one no longer ponders deviant views one contents oneself with hating them 1282We uite often encounter copies of significant men and as also in the case of paintings most people prefer the copies to the originals 1294When entering into a marriage one ought to ask oneself do you believe you are going to enjoy talking with this woman up into your old age Everything else in marriage is transitory but most of the time you are together will be devoted to conversation 1406If one sets aside the demands of custom for a moment one might very well consider whether nature and reason do not dictate that a man ought to have two marriages perhaps in the following form At first at the age of twenty two he would marry a girl older than him who is intellectually and morally his superior and who can lead him through than him who is intellectually and morally his superior and who can lead him through perils of the twenties ambition hatred self contempt passions of all kinds Later her love would pass over wholly into the motherly and she would not merely endure it but actively encourage it if in his thirties the man should enter into an alliance with a young girl whose education he would himself take in hand For the twenties marriage is a necessary institution for the thirties a useful but not a necessary one in later life it is often harmful and promotes the spiritual retrogression of the man 1421 broadens his egoism in respect of duration and enables him seriously to pursue objectives that transcend his individual lifespan 1455That we place value on satisfaction of vanity than on any other form of well being security accommodation pleasure of all kinds is demonstrated to a ludicrous degree in the act that uite apart from any political reasons everyone desires the abolition of slavery and abominates the idea of reducing people to this condition whereas everyone must at the same time realize that slaves live in every respect happily and in greater security than the modern worker and that the work done by slaves is very little work compared with that done by the worker One protests in the name of human dignity but that expressed simply is that precious vanity which feels being uneual being publicly rated lower as the hardest lot The Cynic thinks differently because he despises honour and thus Diogenes was for a time a slave and private tutor 1457He who directs his passion upon. Alten Denkens in Kunst Religion und Moral gibt dem freien Geist die Möglichkeit in ironischer Distanz zu sich und der Welt die überlieferten Illusionen zu überwinden Gott ist tot und zu den eigentlichen Werten dem besten Teil seiner diesseiti. Re read Jan 26 Feb 4 2017This would not be among my top choices if I were looking through Nietzsche s works for a beach read for that I would want a copy of Zarathustra The Gay Science or Twilight of the Idols No this one I see as something you might read on the commuter train to work or during your lunch break or in that uiet that forms when the party s over and everyone has gone homeNor do I think this book is the best introduction to Nietzsche s work A number of themes closely associated with Nietzsche s thought such as the the will to power the genealogy of morals and even the concept of the Ubermensch emerge from his discussion in Human All Too Human but here they often appear to be in a looser and rudimentary form whereas in his later books the same concepts seem much fully thought out and effectively expressedAs with many of his other books here Nietzsche s thought might be termed post metaphysical That is in terms of his philosophical argumentation in Human All Too Human Nietzsche does not stoop to disproving metaphysics but assumes that it has already been disproven and that this is the case for his reader as wellIn Beyond Good and Evil Nietzsche writes It has gradually become clear to me what every great philosophy up till now has consisted of namely the confession of its originator and a species of involuntary and unconscious autobiography This seems particularly fitting with regard to Human All Too Human which as Marion Faber s introduction points out was written while Nietzsche was breaking with Richard Wagner with Schopenhauerian philosophy and as he had taken up residence with a friend psychologist Paul Ree Each of these concerns are reflected in the book which includes aphorisms explicitly The people no doubt possess something that might be called an artistic need but it is small and cheap to satisfy The refuse of art is at bottom all that is reuired we should honestly admit that to ourselves Just consider for instance the kind of songs and tunes the most vigorous soundest and most naive strata of our populace nowadays take true delight in dwelling among shepherds cowherds farmers huntsmen soldiers seamen and then supply yourself with an answer And in the small town in precisely the homes that are the seat of those civic virtues inherited from of old do they not love indeed dote on the very worst music in any way produced today Whoever talks of a profound need for art of an unfilled desire for art on the part of the people as it is is either raving or lying Nowadays it is only in exceptional men that there exists an artistic need of an exalted kind 21169Active men are generally wanting in the higher activity I mean that of the individual They are active as officials businessmen scholars that is to say as generic creatures but not as distinct individual and uniue human beings in this regard they are lazy It is the misfortune of the active that their activity is always a little irrational One ought not to ask the cash amassing Banker For Example What The for example what the of his restless activity is it is irrational The active roll as the stone rolls in obedience to the stupidity of the laws of mechanics As at all times so now too men are divided into the slaves and the free for he who does not have two thirds of his day to himself is a slave let him be what he may otherwise statesman businessman official scholar 1283If someone obstinately and for a long time wants to appear something it is in the end hard for him to be anything else The profession of almost every man even that of the artist begins with hypocrisy with an imitation from without with a copying of what is most effective He who is always wearing a mask of friendly countenance must finally acuire a power over benevolent moods without which the impression of friendliness cannot be obtained and finally these acuire power over him he is benevolent 151There is one thing one has to have either a cheerful disposition by nature or a disposition made cheerful by art and knowledge 1486 Drunk with the odour of blossoms 129While there may be much talk about people there is none at all about man 135No one is accountable for his deeds no one for his nature to Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery judge is the same thing as to be unjust This also applies when the individualudges himself The proposition is as clear as daylight and yet here everyone prefers to retreat back into the shadows and untruth from fear of the conseuences 139One can promise actions but not feelings for the latter are involuntary He who promises someone he will always love him or always hate him or always be faithful to him promises something that does not reside in his power 158There are not be faithful to him promises something that does not reside in his power 158There are not few people perhaps It Is Even Most is even most who in order to maintain in themselves a sense of self respect and a certain efficiency in action are obliged to disparage and diminish in their minds all the other people they know 163Vanity enriches How poor the human spirit would be without vanity 179Men are not ashamed of thinking something dirty but they are when they imagine they are credited with this dirty thought 184Socrates and Plato are right whatever man does he always does the good that is to say that which seems to him good useful according to the relative degree of his intellect the measure of his rationality 1102At the sight of a waterfall we think we see in the countless carvings twisting and breaking of the waves capriciousness and freedom of will but everything here is necessary every motion mathematically calculable So it is too in the case of human actions if one were all knowing one would be able to calculate every individual action likewise every advance in knowledge every error every piece of wickedness The actor himself to be Nietzsches Vermächtnis das seine berühmteste Sammlung von Aphorismen auf den Punkt bringt ist der Nihilismus als lebensbejahende Kraft Er ist die Voraussetzung für die Entfaltung eines neuen und befreiten Lebens Denn nur die Zerschlagung des.

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Menschliches Allzumenschliches