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Bettina Von Zwehl: Lament iIs one Christmas she goes to visit her daughter sonn law and grandkids And she looks out the window A TYRANNY OF GOD is distracted by the beauty of the mountainside and says Oh my God Her little granddaughter asks her what she sees and she says Jesus He s there She looks and can t see anyone She asks where hes and the grandmother tells her to look at the mountains Of course there s no one there The granddaughter s frustrated at this peculiar game of hide and seek and she says that she can t see Jesus She wants to see him Well the grandmother takes this as a sign as the answer to

**her prayers now *
Prayers Now Can *prayers Now she can the granddaughter to church secretly and t won t be a sin because she asked to see Jesus Control A Caribbean Mystery (Miss Marple, issues asidet s a little disturbing to read about an adult playing mind games with a child and nsulting her ntelligence all at the same time And talk about entrapment She could have said Look at the blue jay Where It just flew behind the mountain I want to see A Deadly Trade it and declared that her granddaughter was destined for a life of ornithology And good grieff the grandmother Framed for Murder is that controllingjudgmentalmanipulativecrazy religioust s no wonder the daughter moved so far awaySTORY 5 A pre teen gets a horse for Christmas but t arrives several weeks before the actual holiday So on Christmas morning when there are a few things to unwrap but not many she throws a hissy fit Her father excuses her because she s at that awkward age between childhood and adulthood and because she s starting to get boobs Seriously what s with this author writing about women as though they were a piece of meat Some animal has been killing their chickens but not eating them and the daughter s upset because of the waste When she and her father learn that the marauding animal s a mink they realize Squeak! it s okay becauset s just so beautiful an animal That Claiming His Bought Bride / Seducing the Enemy's Daughter is the daughter decides theres good Pêşbaziya Çîrokên Neqediyayî in everything Shes able to forgive the mink because Pick Three it s just so cute Ift had been an ugly animal there would be absolutely no story here at allSTORY 6 A woman s worried about a little girl whose father promised to visit for Christmas but never showed up Turns out the little girl doesn t have any feeling for her father s completely ndifferent to him and s therefore protected from any emotional pain She becomes excited by a new year s party and she doesn t care about her dad at all The woman Across the Table is relieved by such a wonderful blessing befalling so young a childSTORY 7 This storys told Accidental Commando (Eagle Squadron in the first person from a judgmental man who openly admits to being not nice and unabashedly elitist He puts on a performance a dramatic reading of Scripture at a church and even though he doesn t think much of his own artistic merit he d been having a bad night from an acting perspective someone still told him afterward how great he was Somehow this leads the elitist actor to some kind of spiritual epiphanyIN CONCLUSIONThis books dreadful It s even worse than t seems here But t does have some redeeming ualities 1 Some of the characters are nuanced and Accidental Commando interesting Some are flat and some are over the top but some are really well designed and mightn the hands of a different author offer worthwhile reading 2 His stories have plots I have read several short Stories That Just Give A that just give a look at one character n an extreme situation and end before anything actually happens Not Schaap He at the very least offers stories Person A encounters Person B under C circumstances and D happens I finished reading this book and I felt upset and offended but at least t felt like finishing an actual book. Along the way readers see how the amazing message of Christmas can be found The Adventurer's Bride in the oddest of places This heartwarming reads both moving and magical and will help readers usher n a joyful Christmas season even amidst the howling winds of winte. Finding Christmas

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Schaap gives us some different views of The Christmas Form Different People S PerspectivesEven Christmas form different people s perspectivesEven Christians the Christmas season All About Me isn t always happy Good storiesI liked the variety of the stories Finding Christmass a collection of moving stories where various Son of the Sheriff (Delta Justice, individuals find Christmasn amazing ways SUMMARY Christmas s everywhere even where you least expect tJoin award winning author and storyteller James Calvin Schaap as he uncovers the grace joy and love of the season through seven heartwarming tales of miracle moments Son of the Sheriff in a messy world This beautiful andnspiring collection of contemporary Christmas stories will remind you what grace looks like and where to find The Best of Us: A Memoir itREVIEW This book was a group of stories from every day people telling about their Christmas experiences I found some of the storiesnteresting and others did not capture my attention as well FAVORITE UOTES I have never denied my need for God I have like many forgotten him for considerable portions of my life but He has not forgotten meHe s God come to us for us He s come amazing shockingly because He love s us That s the startling joy of Christmas This book wins the *prize for being the most offensive Christmas book I have ever read It *for being the most offensive Christmas book I have ever read It worse n some respects than even The Christmas Shoes At least that novel showed a few people with offensive attitudes This book s just one guy the author demonstrating offensive attitudes and holding them up as some higher moral truth I almost didn t add t to Goodreads because I m ashamed to have read t I am embarrassed I hope my friends who don t read many Christmas books won t judge the whole genre by this one The Anarchist Roots of Geography: Toward Spatial Emancipation item Butf you are looking for something Christmassy to read don t pick this Read my review and you ll get the Cliffs notes version of everything this book has to offer And then someThis book has a forward a preface and seven short storiesTHE FORWARD The forward s the only part of the book that s worth reading The book s cover proclaims Forward by Walter Wangerin Jr and that s probably a big part of why I chose to read this book n the first place I d read and enjoyed some of Wangerin s other stuff and he doesn t disappoint here His forward describes the structure of the stories to come which will tell of various characters Annie and the Confirmed Bachelor in various situations as they each reach an epiphany of startling joy that changes their whole perspective on life The forwards beautifully written and upliftingTHE PREFACE I could never uite decide April in Bloom if the prefaces supposed to be a short story or whether Let It Snow it s the author describing an epiphanyn his own life presumably the nspiration for the stories that follow I think the preface s supposed to be an anecdote likely an exaggerated anecdote from the author s own life It Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, is THE single most offensive part of the entire book The author I assumes Christian n the technical sense of the word because he gets all preachy However his extreme view do not represent any form of Christianity I have ever encountered Also he calls Jesus a parasiteSo t s wintertime and the preface s narrator s riding the bus He s offended by the bus driver who talks to him while she drives And she s fat And she s middle aged the bus driver who talks to him while she drives And she s fat And she s middle aged she s dating And did I mention she s fat Seriously he goes on and on about how she s fat and not pretty and fat and he checks out her bum and reports that HOW TO PLOT ROMANCE FICTION: KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! HOW TO OUTLINE A ROMANCE NOVEL WHEN YOU ARE AN INTUITIVE WRITER it s larger than the seat and he checks out her boobs and reports and that no one would care to check out her boobs and also she s fat And she s talking to him whichs clearly a mortal sin Now I admit t s probably a little unnerving. A gift The baby The pageant The parties The worship The afterglow The story These are the elements of almost every Christmas In Finding Christmas award winning author James Calvin Schaap takes a look at each of these elements through seven storie. To have a total stranger nitiate a long conversation while you re stuck on a bus together but when you start asking her uestions to prolong the conversation you ve or less waived your right to be offended when she answers you She wasn t going on and on about politics or war or something even borderline offensive No she tells him to watch his step climbing on Gosh no wonder he was offended Sheesh She tells him Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child (Harlequin Presents Extra, it s easy to fall and get hurt Then she gets slightly personal I admit and mentions that her daughter slipped off a curb ands Angels Do Have Wings in a lot of pain from a torn ligament And she talks a bit about her family and he asks about her family and she answers As he leaves the bus he realizes that even though shes offensive to him others namely God might still care for her Meanwhile he s the distinguished professor arrogant and sophisticated Christ came to earth for him and for all people and he realizes that all people ncludes her too He counts her sins overweight obnoxious promiscuous over the hill and realizes that Christ might work n her but of course he would have to reach her by *using someone else who s saintly And therefore n a back handed way God cares for her anyway even *someone else who s saintly And therefore Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware in a back handed way God cares for her anyway even she s fat And that s a Christmas miracleSTORY NO 1 It s a Christmas pageant and the little match girl a teenager who plays Mary has left the church shes out Monster Trucks Hair in a Can in the snow with no coat holding a doll She realizes that without the doll there s no pageant since the dolls Jesus and she can take time to reach some spiritual epiphany since no one can do the play some spiritual epiphany since no one can do the play her and the baby So she stays outside Displaced Persons in the snow with no coat until she sees Jesusn the dollSTORY NO 2 There s a poor old woman who never gets to visit her granddaughter The child s mother uses the girl as leverage against the grandmother and the little girl doesn t know that the old lady she passes every day Danger on the Mountain is family Meanwhile grandma buys presents for the child from a catalogue and the mom pretends that they re from Santa In this story some of the grandmother s friends arrange for the grandmother and the girl to have some time together for Christmas carols In exchange for this they make the grandmother promise never to send gifts again or to contact the granddaughtern any way And the little girl still doesn t know they re related But the grandmother knows t s worth t sacrificing any future relationship for the sake of two anonymous hours Oh joySTORY NO 3 A woman has never been able to have kids so she and her husband adopted two girls Now one of them In anderen Herzen isn high school and pregnant and the mother s jealous of her daughter for being able to be pregnant The daughter resents the mother for being so envious n the first place Then the mom realizes there Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns is still joyn the holiday she still has another daughter The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class in college whos easy to love So she goes to see her nsteadSTORY NO 4 This s probably the second most offensive portion of the book In fact Flesh Blood: Compendium it s a toss up between the preface and this story The Bible says to pray without ceasing so the ladyn this story who prays once a day never says Amen She figures that by picking up the same prayer the next evening she s praying without ceasing And what does she pray for Why sinners of course Those poor successful rich sinners specifically her daughter and son n law who don t go to church Yes I tell you her prayers revolve around these heinous sinners who live miles and miles away and never bother her But she calls them up to remind them to go to church And yet even though she s ever so holy and wise they don t listen to her So th. S that show how mperfect people can find joy and grace Seduced By Dragons (Dragon Nursery, in anmperfect worldHis eyes turn on an outgoing bus driver a passionate mother a daughter reluctant to return to church and even his own assumed mediocre performance at a Christmas pageant.