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Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life eEs come up Partly I am using the memoir as research for a book that I am writing which is why I have cataloged it under researchMy thoughts are always of those days days before the accursed railroads and the hordes of settlers they brought swept us all Indians and frontiersman and buffalo from the face of thearth so to speakMy Life as an Indian is an autobiographical memoir by JW Schultz who published many books about his time with the Blackfeet in Montana It begins with Schultz as a young boy who always wanted to go west and nds with him a married man who has lived to see the loss of bison #And The Coming Of Railroads #the coming of railroads gives a very personal account of his life on the plains as a trader trapper hunter and ven farmer He talks of the many Blackfeet he met including his future wife Nat ah ki His descriptions show the differences between the cultures such as burial rites and marriage but the memoir is at its best when it is humanizing the people he lives among When he published this in 1906 I can only guess at home highly stereotyped were white people s perceptions of the Blackfeet But this book is full of very three dimensional people who suffer the same ups and downs as all peoples They fall in and out of love they suffer jealousy rage they are prejudiced they are fearful and they are also hopeful and accommodating They mourn the loss of loved ones They take care of friends and family There is a horribly tragic love triangle almost Shakespearean in its telling which really stuck out for me There is also the beautiful love and deep sadness of the two central characters the author and his wife I look forward to reading books by JW Schultz and highly recommend the book to to reading books by JW Schultz and highly recommend the book to who wants to learn about the Blackfeet of the 1800s Taking place during the dying days of a way of life this true tale is about as beautiful a love story as you ll way of life this true tale is about as beautiful a love story as you ll read Fascinating memoirs of a white man who lived among the Piegan Blackfeet native tribe The book is a well written Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society easy read I was surprising to disc Injoyed this book written sort of like a journal with very chapter a story in itself yet seuenced About life among the Blackfoot Piegan on the plains and astern part of the Rockies in Montana and southern Canada Very similar happenings to many of the plains Indians toward the nd of the Buffalo The abundance of game and buffalo up till the xtermination of them and a This book is the literary uivalent of the Taj Mahal it was written as a memorial to the author s beloved wife The original title was My Life as an Indian the Story of a Red Woman and a White Man in the Lodges of the Blackfeet which seems much appropriate knowing the reason for which it was written After the first few introductory chapters the author and his wife become an inseparable couple who share their adventu. Dventure Schultz went west and became a trapper and trader He was inspired by the journals of Lewis and Clark and George Catlin’s Oregon Trail but found a wholly different source of inspira. Res throughout the rest of the book #As The Introduction Forewarns However The Ending #the introduction forewarns however the nding not a happy one It was only after his wife s death that the author began writing about her and the time they had together I could tell specially towards the nd that the author was also trying to set straight some of the politically correct history that had then been propagated concerning the conflict between the red and white men over the plains of Montana Throughout this book the author points out the good and the vil of both peoples He contrasted the greedy Blackfoot warriors who were Cruel To Their Wives As to their wives as as the Blackfoot husbands who honored and loved their women He told of his own adventures with wicked tribesmen as well as his many deep lasting friendships with others from those same tribes From his perspective he also xplained the corrupt politics of the government agents that caused so many Blackfoot men women and children to starve once they were placed on their reservation He also tells of the greed of the cattle ranchers who took so much from the native Americans by riding the coattails of government conuest I only give five stars to books that I would actively recommend to friends as something they must read That being said I would select this book not only as a must read but I would want to give it as a wedding gift to any young couple instead of giving one of those silly marriage books that most people think will help their marriage Here is a story that can t be argued against because we know how well it Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey ended Here is a story that cannot be twisted as so many of those marriage books get twisted because it is written not as an instruction manual for couples but as anxample of two lovers who did marriage well Within this tale are also many illustrations of human nature both good and bad as the author interacted with the Native Americans and the European settlers on the plains of Montana There is a lot of wisdom in here hidden in the guise of good storytelling and xciting adventures I must add that though this book was written than a hundred years ago it is still incredibly relevant to today s sophisticated readers Humans are humans whether they are living in a tent on the untamed prairie or in a metropolitan penthouse Women still argue when they live together I ve learned this first hand Men still seek adventure and conuest in #UNTAMED LANDS ONLY NOW IT S USUALLY DIGITAL WIVES # lands only now it s usually digital Wives still be made to feel inferior insecure and unattractive a husband still needs to spend time with his woman to communicate with them and to let them know that they are still the pretty woman in his life And marriage is still not about legal documents or sacred vows it is still the commitment ach makes to themselves to remain at their lover s side through thick and thin until death separates. Tion when he met the Blackfeet and uickly settled into their lifestyle ven taking a Blackfoot woman for his wife and riding along with the men on buffalo hunts and wars with neighboring trib. ,

summary My Life as an Indian

Read it several times and absolutely loved it Very interesting and well worth reading However it is written in the style of the 1800 Very interesting and well worth reading However it is written in the style of the 1800 and difficult to follow It does not have the flow of a professional writer but sure does give you great insight to that ra A story well toldIts a simple story of a simpler time While I think there is uite a bit revealed of these people and the xtraordinary time in which they lived there is much that is glossed over as well Take it as a great tale and give it the the balance of your own judgement Nice cover and good text Some limitations on the content because this is history from many years before present I njoyed the writers The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs efforts Many interesting adventures and facts about the culture of the plains tribes I loved this book which is the true story of a young man who goes west to the Montana territory from New England in 1880 He meets up with a trader and spends a year among various Indian tribes notably the Blackfeet and the Piegan He makes a number of Indian friends lives with the Indians hunts with themngages in war raids and defending against raids by others lives a nomadic life and over time shifts his thinking and worldview He loses all faith in religion and when he returns home to the States he finds he is no longer happy and comfortable there Although this book doesn t document his Moreno entire life it gives an account of the time period where traders had not been long in Indian territory and when the white man began to wipe out the great herds of buffalo The author was present for the downfall of the way of life of the Indians and tells of what changes he saw first hand Another fascinating part of the book is the relating of many tales of Indian life from long ago as told to the author by Indians he knew These stories are preserved in this book and would otherwise be long lost and many a good tale there is This was anasy and interesting read and I will go on to read Monsieur Pain everythinglse written by this author as he offers us insights into a lost time and way of life First a little story about why I read this book I was visiting tribal colleges for my work and last August I visited Blackfeet Community College in Browning Montana I was getting some mementos and give aways at the campus store and I saw all these books about Blackfeet history and language I asked the teacher who was with me if she could recommend a book She was very xcited to about the books and this is the book she said I should read She said this is the book that I should read She said this is the book that is at the BCC to incoming students because it is a light adventurous read I have read it and I can attest that it is indeed an adventurous read It is also very ntertaining and fast despite being over 400 pages long I took much longer than most people will need to read it because I ve had other issu. First published in 1907 My Life as an Indian is the memoir of J W Schultz’s life as a young white man among the Piegan Blackfeet in the Montana Territory Out of curiosity and in search of My Life as an Indian