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A Devils Proposal [E–pub/Kindle]

Possessed of a rapier wit "That Could Cut A Man "could cut a man shreds *And A Golden Tongue That *a golden tongue that melt a woman's heart Ransom uincy the Earl of Leahaven is nown to be one of 'the Devil's Trio' But Winifred Trio' but Winifred no starry eyed girl or easily dupe. A Devils Proposal

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Ll conceived wager And when Lord Leahaven offers marriage to rescue her yet again can "She Trust Her Heart "trust her heart WILL SHE FIND THAT SHE HAS ACCEPTED A will she find that she has accepted A PROPOSAL Rating Contains graphic sexual content adult language and some violenc. ,
D She is deeply suspicious when Ransom's miraculous appearance saves her from peril than once when one of his attempts threatens her reputation The Uestion Is Is The is is the that seems loom over her real or no than an
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