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Exhalation oAbsolutely hated the scene where he danced with the OW leaving the heroine alone and vulnerable inspitef knowing that she needed his support 3 OK decent readsPortuguese edition Amante rebelde Jessica 122 Harleuin paperbackkindle unlimited I had so much fun reading this bookHeroheroine was perfect for each Galileo other A dynamic couple who couldn t stop bickeringr loving I loved that hero stayed true other A dynamic couple who couldn t stop bickering r loving I loved that hero stayed true his wedding vows for 8 years in his first marriage I Especially Loved That especially loved that never slept with her and after all she did to him he still loved her daughter as his wn Heroine was a firecracker and I loved their epilogue so muchWill definitely read this again 25 starsHaven t really got the time to give a full review but will say that it was k read and I did like it but "IT DIDN T WOW ME I VERY MUCH FELT "didn t wow me I very much felt I had read it all before but with different names and places etcNot sure I would want to go ahead and read it again Eva a modern girl suddenly learns she is royal and must marry Sheikh Karim She freaks ut and makes him believe she has a wild past so she is not a suitable bride for him But Karim is a great hero Even though he believes her instead Nemico of calling her a slut like you would expect from a HP he wants to protect her reputation His relationship with his deceased ex wife damaged him made him determined to neverpen his heart again He has many regrets and can t let the past go His daughter whom he adores is sick and he will do anything to save her life Eva is the nly woman to come along challenge him and uncover his big secret She is unconventional in that she speaks her mind she is funny and a total chatterbox She is pe. Sexually experienced woman and definitely not marriage material even though she is really still a virginHowever the next thing she knows Eva's become a bride And her new. Royalty is not ne f my favorite tropes much less sheikhs so I went into this book with low expectations Putting aside the sheikh factor I still would not HAVE so I went into this book with low expectations Putting aside the sheikh factor I still would not HAVE IT EVERY SCENE SEEMED loved it Every scene seemed be so drawn ut an exchange between the two characters that probably would have lasted five minutes would take that many pages to get through A character would say something and then Every House Needs a Balcony: A Novel onef them would be thinking thinking thinking and in my mind I pictured the ther character just frozen in place waiting for the first character s internal monologue to end And at ne point the heroine puts a small dog in the pocket DOGA AST of her coat and then forgets about him for pages and pages while she walks and then gets in a car and argues with the hero and getsut Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of the car and I just can t imagine a dog lying uietly in a pocket for all that time and I worried that she would accidentally sitn it The Sheikh s Impatient Virgin was uite well written and an enjoyable read I enjoyed the story I loved the character s development in particular that Bleach, Volume 05 of Eva Kim Lawrence really has a way with words which really draws the readers and leaving them wanting This was a GREAT read I thoroughly enjoyed it Eva a long lost princess is basically forced into marriage for the sakef peace between kingdoms Karim her husband is however hiding a secret that no Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition one knows about A really good storyline great characters and for me exceptionally enjoyable I really had high hopes with this book but was disappointed loved the heroine she was very warm and forgiving but I found the hero to be extremely cold and closedffI mean he never showed his true emotions throughout the book Set up against her will as a potential Arabian ueen for the notorious Sheikh Karim unworldly Eva has a plan to deter the desert king She will convince him she's a modern.

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The Sheikh's Impatient VirginRfect for him Great chemistry and really lovable characters Also the cutest epilogue Sometimes I love this author Conflicted feelings about this ne I thought Karim was a major jerk to Eva He was so judgmental towards her pretty much because he had unresolved feelings towards his deceased wife Eva I liked but I wish that her profound attraction TO KARIM DIDN T MAKE HER SUCH A TONGUE Karim didn t make her such a tongue punching bagI don t mind sweet and meek heroines but I think I prefer heroines who will stand up for themselves than Eva did I would have liked her to be a little spunky and come back at Karim when he was being a tool towards her I think I would have enjoyed this book if there wasn t this emotional ineuality in their relationshipI could feel some significant sympathy for Karim in his situation but I don t like when innocent people are used as a punching bag Such was the case for Karim s treatment f Eva Such was the case for Karim s treatment La maga delle spezie of Eva made it clear that she didn t want to be married any than he did He was thene who ended up at her place I can t recall that he ever apologized for the misunderstanding even when he found ut how he had ended up there The ending and their first time together were sweet and I did like Karim The ending and their first time together were sweet and I did like Karim devotion to his daughterI d have to give this ne 3550 stars The Sheikh s Impatient Virgin is the story f Eva and KarimToo sweet for meHeroine finds ut she s a princess and to wed the notorious Sheikh hero She devises a plan to make him think she s not pure Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear only to realize he does not care and is marrying her to appease his father He has had a bad experience with hsi first marriage and needs to wed in namenly They marry and things get complicatedBet. Husband is having a startling effect n her She finds herself increasingly impatient; could it be that shy Eva is curious about what lies ahead in the sheikh's marriage
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