(E–pub/Pdf) [At Play in the Fields of the Lord] author Peter Matthiessen

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At Play in the Fields of the LordHese tragic eople any Soldiers of fortune and *Protestant missionaries find themselves At Odds With odds with there objectives in the jungles of Brazil Each facing overwhelming *missionaries themselves at odds with there respective objectives in the jungles of Brazil Each facing overwhelming to conuer their missions to find a way out of the country that keeps a grip on them or to go farther into the deepest Changing Face of the Hero part of the jungle to make contact with an ancient Indianeople and convert them to Christ because of course the natives have savage souls Who will win in the endThis story takes the reader on uite the adventure vividly describing the various flora and fauna encountered All of the seven deadly sins are in abundant supply and innocence is in for a shockWritten by Peter Matthiessen in 1965 AT PLAY IN THE FIELDS OF THE LORD was selected by The New York Times as one of the best books of the year My favorite book ever at least so far as I recall Protestant missionaries Catholic missionaries and a Lakota con man turned his own sort of missionary in the jungle Everyone s flawed everyone has a lan to save the Natives and everyone loses their minds a bit The most likeable character turns out to be the hellfire and brimstone Protestant missionary They made a good movie of it too but the scenes on mind altering drugs don t work so well in there Peter Matthieson is the man but stay away from his short stories they suckIf you liked The Poisonwood Bible well this is better but obviously not if you re going for a history of the Congo. Hiessen has created an electrifying moral thriller a novel of Conradian richness that explores both the varieties of spiritual experience and the olitics of cultural genocid. I liked this book a great story and Matthiessen s *Description Of Life In The Jungle And Of The Niaruna *of life in the jungle and of the Niaruna fascinating At the same time some of the writing is retty shockingly hokey So while I d like to give this 4 stars I can t uite do it This book can be read strictly as a great story but it is hard for it not to resonate within myself at least on so many levels finding oneself the face of evilman corrupted by greed and Lignin Biodegradation power not a new concept by any means but very well eximplified by characters and deedserpetrated throughout the story as well as motives some even done in the misguided Pure Chance perpetuation of good Feuding religous factions that are interested in the how of accomplishing Christ s message of spreading the good wordand just the subtlety of the changing of words can obsfucate the message and magnify the religous beliefs of allarty s concerned with religion than the objective to bring not a system of dogma but spirituality Something the flawed main The Lady and the Lionheart protagonist a scoundrel of epicroportions who in need but spirituality Something the flawed main rotagonist a scoundrel of epic roportions who in need saving himself from himself the most is villified rather than seen for what he is a human struggling with the most innate uestion where do I fit in I realize this is an amazing iece of literature but every time I ick it up my heart breaks again That is the mark of a brilliant author but I just can t bear to keep feeling like thisPrepare yourself if you embark on this journey for a descent into the wors. In a malarial outpost in the South American rain forest two misplaced gringos converge and clash Martin uarrier has come to convert the fearful and elusive Niaruna Indians to. T outcomes for the evil and even the well intentioned This is a world of madness hallucination and multiple realities The story is a kind of celebratory dance of darkness crude language addictions lust murder genocide rape betrayal insanity loss of faithThis novel is comparable to Heart of Darkness and The Poisonwood Bible The itself is the true main character *here as a heavy dark visceral and eery force that ervades and smothers I felt as if a hot *as a heavy dark visceral and eery force that ervades and smothers I felt as if a hot heavy wool blanket were wrapped around my headAlthough the book is so disturbing Matthiessen s rose is so luscious I have made myself linger to savor it The sun grew swollen lost its outline turning the sky from limpid blue to dull cooked white like a gigantic frying egg until the sun itself turned a sick white in a white sky Wolfe lay down on his bed without taking off his boots and fell asleep a surprised expression on his face mouth slightly open and the handle of his knife rotruding like an iron nose between the buttons of his twisted shirt Moon sank down slowly on the edge of the other bed and contemplated the round face and the roistering beard the inseparable earring and dark glasses and beret like grotesue toys I opened to a couple of random ages and found those little gems The whole book is like thatI skimmed ahead so I know what I m missing by stopping now It truly is a brilliant National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 piece of literature but I just don t want to stay in this hellish world with His brand of Christianity Lewis Moon a stateless mercenary who is himselfart Indian has come to kill them on behalf of the local comandanteOut of their struggle Peter Matt.