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Please Maam (EBOOK)

I don t usually review books in which I have stories it feels somehow wrong Actually I never do but I had to make an exception for Rachel Kramer Bussel s Please Ma am I poured through the book as soon as it arrived Of course I read my story first I always do that I don t know why I uess just to make sure it s there and doesn t come across as a stinking pile Anyway once that was out of the way I was free to devour the rest of it I write femdom and perhaps importantly I read femdom Let me tell you there s not a lot of it out there Please Ma am edited by Rachel Kramer BusselRelease Date June 1st 2010Publisher CleisPage Count 216Source Naked Reader Book Club via EdenFantasys for reviewWomen Who Rule I crave the pain she ives me but it s than that I crave the person she becomes from I ll Do It For HerGo ahead say the words out loud Please Ma am If these HerGo ahead

say the words 
the words loud Please Ma am If these make you long for a woman to rab you by the scruff of your neck or control you with one fierce all knowing look then this is the book for you Whether playing servant student or nude model the submissive men in Please Ma am revel in the attention of stern mistresses who know exactly what punishments they need With stories by Michael Hemmingson DL King Graydancer and many bestselling erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has athered together today s best erotic tales of men who crave the cruel intentions of a powerful womanWhat Stephanie Thought Previously female dominance was portrayed physically with the woman literally being on top remember my review Please Ma am is just as fierce of a ride but it covers the psychological and emotional aspects of the divine mistressYou wouldn t uess that in dominance there would be tenderness Especially in sadism and masochism te. Men are the ones Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth gifted with all sorts of power in our society but a dirty little secret is that so many of them long to strip themselves of this power to be tied downagged spanked taken owned They want to ease the burdens of manliness if onl. ,
Please Maam

Rachel Kramer Bussel Ì 8 Read

Eadth of story types not just one type of store in BDSM Femdom All the stories in this collection are told from the viewpoints of male subs either in first or third person I wish I d viewpoints of male subs either in first or third person I wish I d that before buying Two earlier collections edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel She s on Top and Yes Ma am have variety and therefore stories from the domme s perspective Cleis Press short story anthologies always have pretty ood uality writing and certainly better than that in the Torrent Of Trashy Erotica of trashy erotica s appeared since 50 Shades of Grey Had some interesting stories Unfortunately only a slim few that actually stirred enough of my own person interest But I still appreciated the mini sneak peeksglimpses into other people s versions of one shared kinklifestyle A book that will et your fantasies and turn them to reality I love this book and despite not reading it for months at a time it stays with me and ives me the same level of excitement every time I pick it up I initially chose this book because I was intrigued by the idea of male submission In most erotica I have read it is always women submitting and I thought it would be interesting to read about men submitting and how that is portrayed I was suprised that I had a really hard time with that is portrayed I was suprised that I had a really hard time with anthology I didn t expect to I actually thought that I would be cheering for the dominate women in the stories and while there was some cheering I was not alw I honestly have no idea who is rating these books because they are not up to par and I m buying them BECAUSE they had a high rating score It s just not right or fair to do this they were not ood reads and shouldn t have been labelled suchSERIOUSLY IS THERE ANY REALLY GOOD FEMDOM BOOKS OUT THERE THAT ARE NOT TOTALLY MISANDRISTI. Has athered together top voices in the enre including D L King Charlotte Stein Graydancer and many In Please Ma'am men willingly submit to the deliciously dominant women who entertain their deepest desires and ive them the treatment they cra. .

Nderness is the last thing you d expect But it s all a mind s ame you see Some people see the practice of dominance and submission as uneual power play and a mind s ame you see Some people see the "Practice Of Dominance And Submission As Uneual "of dominance and submission as uneual play and condescension Taking a closer look it s not like that at all The reason a woman and a man can endure such debauchery is because in them is the knowledge that only the strongest can put up with the humiliation Only the strongest can stand to be beaten and tied up but still have the dignity to be considered an eual Fortunately there are no whips nor chains in this book the whipping and blood drawing of BDSM stories typically makes me ueasy Most of the anthology deals with the type of admiration a submissive male has for anthology deals with the type of admiration a submissive male has for dominant female partner and the compassion a dominant woman secretly desirously has for her surrendering manThere are many scenes that bring tears to my eyes It s sublime how much love and passion emerges from both the dominant and submissive parties It s also perplexing how big of sacrifices lovers are willing to take for each other to please each other and that for me defines for me what love means It has nothing to do with physiue and societal acceptance love is a burning connection that has no boundaries and the controlling hand of Please Ma am is what makes it all the profoundStephanie Loves I take the pain for her no matter how much how hard but I m not a young man and sometimes in the face of it my spirit is thrilling but my flesh is meek from Graydancer s I ll Do It For Her probably one of the most emotionally touching stories I ve read being erotica at thatRadical Rating 8 hearts Would recommend to lots of really ood friends And outstanding collection selected by Rachel Kramer Bussel She has the eye to find the right width and br. Y for a little while to be ordered to do all the naughty things they've dreamed of Please Ma'am shows some of the tantalizing possibilities out there for sniveling men and the women who love them Bestselling erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel.

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