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And get better food at a TIME WHERE THE CHINESE WERE STRUGGLING where the Chinese were struggling feed themselves The a time where the Chinese were struggling to feed themselves The Koreans and Chinese are almost always to only as the anonymous enemy swarmimg the brave allied heroes like insects The dehumanizing effect is not so significant as the powerful tool is portraying the UN troops as brave chaps citing their miraculous exploits and explaining in detail which medals they got etc Definitely a great dissapointment especially as the eastern sources are accessible today than ever What has to be said though is that the author really goes into detail concerning weaponry and battle tactics as well as the day to day lives of UN troop. Zone and the much negotiated POW exchange known as the Big Switch Throughout maps and diagrams clarify the complex geography of the war while the author's firsthand knowledge as a serviceman illuminates the strategy and tactics the weaponry and fighting methods of both the UN and communist troops Finally assessments of the war and its aftermath illuminate the crucial role the Korean conflict played in defining the UN's future policy and the limits of the West's power in the Eas. The Korean War has been called the forgotten war and certainly it was one that I was ignorant about However as Korea has been in the news recently I thought it time to remedy that Brian Catchpole gives a very detailed but readable account of the conflict I was surprised at ust how mobile the first part of the war was followed by a static later half during which much slaughter took place reminiscent of WWI I was also surprised at how truley international the UN forces were with significant contributions from countries such as Turkey ColombiaEthiopia and the Philippines as well as the Britain and the CommonwealthAt a time when the war Afghanistan rightly From the American infantry's attempts to take back Pusan from the North Korean communist forces at the outset of the war in 1950 to the US assault on Inchon and capture of Seoul to the final bloody battles of Pork Chop Old Baldy and the Hook in 1953 this authoritative history of the Korean War vividly chronicles the conflict that for the rest of the twentieth century the balance of in the Far East Begun with the resolve of the United States and United Nations to ch. .
The Korean War 1950 53Akes up so much media attention I Was Humbled To Read Of This Far humbled to read of this far but forgotten war Never in my life I ve read a one sided and cold warrior like history book written by a Western scholar And it was written in 2001 in a time when one could presume the Cold War sentiments have passed at least in academia The suffering of UN forces is described in great detail while the fact that Chinese soldiers were actually freezing to death in large numbers is ust mentioned on one page The author tries to persuade you how terrible it had to "be for the allied POWs in captivity They had to read Lenin and "for the allied POWs in captivity They had to read Lenin and to be able to exchange correspondence with their relatives. Eck the expansion of world communism in Asia the war ended with the emergence of the People's Republic of China as a major new international powerWritten with the advantage of research in the recently opened archives of Russia And China As Well As With Access To Documents and China as well as with access to documents the files of the British War Office this military history both acknowledges and significantly revises previous accounts of the conflict that made household words of a war of containment the DMZ demilitarized.

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