[EBOOK] (The Killing Fields Harvest of Women)

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The information in this book blew me away As an Amnesty International activist I have known about the hundreds of unsolved murders in Juarez for a several years now and I have been under the impression that no one knew what was behind the femicidesThis book makes it perfectly clear that powerful people on both sides of the border know what s oing on and that many of those power brokers south of the border are directly responsible This book is especially commendable because of the attention and honor it pays to the families of the victims and the toll all of the trauma on citizens of the border regionA simplified version of this book s explanation of the Juarez femicides is that the Colombian drug cartel forged an agreement with some of the most powerful people in Mexico and that in exchange for money the Mexicans would rant the cartel and its allies total impunity in the state

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Chihuahua This agreement ave the power to kill kidnap and torture to a mix of sadists misogynists serial killers and multi millionairesThe cartel recruited many of its operatives from the Mexican army when the Cold War ended which brings up another important point in this book These operatives were trained to kidnap torture and kill leftists and other political dissidents and had no use for these awful skills *when the Cold War ended and with it Mexico s Dirty War against political dissidents This made them ripe *the Cold War ended and with it Mexico s Dirty War against political dissidents This made them ripe recruitment by the cartels for whom they applied all of the same twisted techniues of their trade like throwing people out of airplanes The book also notes that the overnment was easily corrupted by the cartel largely because Mexico s political and justice institutions were so badly weakened by three decades of the Dirty WarThis Dirty War was covertly encouraged and supported by the USA as part of. Explosive book exposes the Mexican killing fields that claimed the lives of hundreds of women at the Juarez Mexico border The author's dangerous investigation reveals high level corruption a drug cartel run amok and Hollywood took note and. .

Theodora's Baby
The Killing Fields Harvest of Women

Diana Washington Valdez × 7 Download

Mation about a case previously discussed I read the English version of this book I wonder if something was lost in translation I saw excellent reviews iven to the Spanish version The book did prompt me to want to learn a bit about the Juarez femicides so I oogled the topic to try to understand it a bit better It is a topic worth learning about Very factual lots of names and dates of murders The Killing Fields contains a wealth of information about the murder of women near Ciudad Juarez but the facts are presented in an extremely haphazard fashion with little to no attribution Sergio Rodriguez s Bones in the Desert which sadly *Has Not Been Translated Into *not been translated into Bowden s Murder City or Terrsa Rodriguez s Daughters of Juarez are recommended I have not read this book yet but on the podcast forgotten women of Juarez the author of this book mentioned that she felt she had to finish writing this book and et it out asap as she felt her life could be in danger because of her investigating A powerful challenging look at our overnment Mexico and what is occurring next door across from our border Finally had a chance to read in detail about the Juarez femicide which as of 2006 stands at around 470 women The author makes a brief but small connection to other places that havehad femicides The author in her dry
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voice states happened and all of the people involved to ultimately implicate the murderers which are the juniors sons of and all of the people involved to ultimately implicate the murderers which are the juniors sons of and powerful people and the State for it s corruption failure to investigate adeuately and arrest the culprits and making a pact with Colombian drug cartels The author does a reat job of linking it to recent history with Mexico s dirty wars Horizon City is mentioned once and my town is mentioned twice unfortunately Excellent research and well written. S Exclusive material including FBI interviews puts this book at the frontlines of the issue Author is the expert on the hastly border crimes It is the first nonfiction book in English about the murders that attracted international attenti. Its Cold War strategy It s a horrifying example of what the intelligence community refers to as blowback The amount and specificity of information make this the best single source of information on this issue that I have encounteredValdez names names and cites her sources to the extent that is possible I would recommend it to ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND THIS who wants to begin to understand this issue especially to journalists human rights activists and researchers who are on this issueThis book isn t for everyone I contains raphic descriptions of horrific acts of violence This is not done Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines gratuitously as the victims bodies haveiven forensics experts important clues that Valdez uses to unravel some of the mysteries And some people might not take to the journalistic writing style of Valdez a journalist for the El Paso Times because it doesn t always flow the way a ood novelist might *Tell A Story Some Times Information Is Thrown In For *a story Some times information is thrown in for completeness that kind of breaks the rhythm of the narrative For these reasons I recommend this book for someone who wants to learn about the Juarez femicides than for someone who is looking for an entertaining story I m oing to explain my rating since i do agree with other reviews that discuss the way it was writtenThis is an important book filled with information and facts The problem is it feels like it was copied from someone s index card notes Interest subject matter but it had to have been the most poorly written book ever There was no rhyme or reason to the order not topical nor chronological This is a very interesting story however I find the writing style a bit confusing The author discusses a large number of murder cases that were never resolved It is sometimes difficult to determine if she is discussing facts about a new case or THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy going back to add infor. Produced a movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas Amnesty International the United Nations and the US State Department want the Mexicanovernment to put an end to the murders and disappearances that have spread to other place.