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Wicked Loving Lies

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Garbed as a boy accompanying him everywhere riding patrolling etc learning and reveling in the freedoms she gets All too soon though it becomes apparent that she s pregnant with Dominic s child and she fears Kamil won t like her any if she starts to look womanly He consoles her though and offers her a way to be rid of the pregnancy but she decides she wants to have the child Kamil promises her that he ll let her keep it but his real plans are cruel If it is a boy he will sell it to one of the many pleasure houses to be trained and used for bad things If it is a girl he may let her keep it but only to eventually sell it off as a young wife to someone else When the baby arrives it is a boy and is secreted away in haste They tell her it was a stillborn girl if I remember right and since her attendants had drugged her during labor she knew no different She s depressed by the news but Kamil promises her that when his vow period is up he ll give her many children He s decided not to ransom her after all and wants to marry her instead But it s not to be as war with America seems to be looming He is called to a different town and his scheming ealous sister arranges for the bashaw to ransom Marisa back to France and so she s off again Dom in the meanwhile has found shelter with a tribe whose leader he saved He Collections of Nothing joins up with a group of American soldiers and finds a way to kill Kamil and rescue his baby son and his nurse Selma who was one of the other captured passengers Back in France Marisa at last becomes Napoleon s mistress for a few months anyway After that she heads to New Spain to be reunited with her uncle a very important man in the Church She thinks she wants to become a nun after all but he tells her she needs to experience in life first So he sends Marisa off to meet her father s widow Inez and to see the plantation and lands her father had left to her M Her escort to Louisiana turns out to be Don Pedro who it seems hasn t lost his desire to wed her For awhile he seems ok a gentleman for the most part When she reaches Louisiana she finds her stepmother isust as much of a bitch as she had envisioned her to be Marisa s uickly accepted into the local society and they attend parties and balls and all that Ah but kismet shows its face and it turns out that Dominic s here in Louisiana too and engaged to a wealthy plantation owner s prim and proper daughter While out riding Marisa has the misfortune of running into him without the protection of other people around and of course they set to fighting and well as we know Dom he pulls her off her horse throws her down and rapes her But having been well taught about pleasure now she responds and it becomes a heated thing When she returns to her stepmother s home she s berated by her and Don P Then she learns Dom has a son who is about the same age as her child would ve been had it lived She begins to get suspicious and confronts him about it He confirms that it is her child She says she will do anything to see him and they go to a room above a tavern where he demands to know why she thinks she deserves it after having abandoned the boy She tells him the truth about having been told it was stillborn and amazingly he believes her but they re arguing anyway and he gets mad when she mentions Kamil so he flips her over onto the bed and takes her the way Kamil always did but without the benefits of oil and massage and all that stuff that makes it A BIT PLEASURABLE HE THEN TELLS bit pleasurable He then tells he won t let her see the boy after all and she returns home desolate Stepmother decides it s time to head to the family plantation When they arrive though she learns of Inez s dastardly plans Seems Inez has discovered that Marisa s mother wasn t actually her father s 1st wife but a uadroon slave the same woman who was Marisa s nurse The story which may or may not be true is that when the wife s baby died Marisa was passed off as the daughter instead having been born at nearly the same time Since her mother in this version of events was a slave though she had light skin well that makes Marisa a slave as well Inez uickly sells her off before any scandal can arise and Marisa is shipped off for some abuse Dom ends up buying her and to work off the money he had to borrow to do so he is sent into New Spain to capture wild horses He takes her along but leaves her alone until one ni9ght she decides she can t take it any and she sorta seduces him This begins a new chapter of sorts for them and they actually start to talk and get to know each other and all that good stuff She even realizes she s in love with him Ok I ll interrupt my narration here to say that amazingly I grew to like Dom in this part of the book All up to this I hated him but here he shows his human side and I m almost ashamed to say I kinda liked him So yea they capture the horses and prepare to head back Alas Don P has decided he d like to kill Dom and his troops are heading to their encampment to capture the American spies Dom decides he has to send Marisa away capture the American spies Dom decides he has to send Marisa away she won t get killed and since he was adopted by a Comanche tribe he tells her to go with them and they ll ransom her off to the gov t of New Spain but she has to be raped by a member of the tribe first it s a rule OF course she argues about the decision and he decides to do the rapin himself in front of his men and the natives and then off she goes with the Comanche where she s ransomed to kind Capitan Higuera who takes her to San Antonio to stay in the convent she d been at before when traveling with her uncle Word is sent to her uncle in Mexico City but it ll be months before he can get to her Marisa is desolate believing Dom was killed by the Spanish Troops Having Learned It troops Having learned it Don P who led them she vows revenge She becomes Higuera s lover as well as to the governor in order to get Don P called to San Antonio He comes bringing a tortured group of captured Americans with him She plans to kill him but when he tells her he has Dom and she sees for herself his battered condition she has to save him She pleads with Higuera and the gov but they tell her nothing can be done Then Don P says that if she marries him he ll arrange to look the other way while Dom escapes but if she refuses he ll torture him some Having discovered earlier that she s again pregnant with Dom s baby she agrees He takes her to the dungeon to see him and in a power trip a hole move Don P throws her down and tries to rape her with Dom chained up to watch Before he succeeds though Higuera comes in and fights with Don P and Dom trips him causing him to fall down one of those really deep torture holes and die But there s still nothing to be done to save Dom from his sentence at least until her uncle arrives with the viceroy and his sentence is nulled due to the fact that Marisa is carrying his child as well as her uncle s position Their son is sent for along with Selma and they are remarried and set off with her uncle to start anew in California where their new son is bornOk so this was a hard book to like But I did sort of really only once I got to the last third of the story The first two thirds was Communism just hard to take the abuse I think Dom did learn to be a bit of a better man by the end of the book but it was a hell of a battle Took starvation torture and torture to get him to realize Hey maybe I shoulda been a li l nicer to Marisa My problem wasn t with the author s writing the book was well written and the plot and such made me want to keep reading but it wasust the barrage on the poor heroine I m not sure if I ll try any in this series or not it s a hesitant maybe But definitely not for a good long while I need to let this one fade a little I ll definitely be reading something lighter to cheer myself back up after reading this I How to Read the American City Close Up just finished the last lines of this book Incredible This story is why youust can t hand out 5 stars to every good book you read Some stories are Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans just that much better than the rest This was like several stories in one and each one grabbed you sucked you in and kept you on the edge of your seat hoping for or dreading what was going to happen next Every scenario had scenes that evoked emotions from one end of the continuum to the next I often found myself crying and heartbroken sometimes for who you might consider the bad guy I was often dumbfounded orust plain horrified by some of the things that happened in the story This is not a easy read If you like fluff well I would pass on this one Some of the most horrible things that happen in the book were perpetrated by the heroover and over and over again and over again Despite his crimesand her s you continue to root for them to find their happiness with each otherIf you have a strong stomach for controversial topics such as rape and violence then this is definitely worth the read Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit This book has been the MOST EPIC and I m not sure that such term is wholly positive Bodice Ripper that I ve ever read I think TONS of intrigue politics drama hate world trotting in addition to the usual BR fare Disclaimer I love Bodice Rippers so this review is not a HATERade but ust my opinion of oneparticularbook capisceAnywaylord have mercy This one had me feeling kookoo for Cocopuffs with all its ups and downsDid I like the book I m not sure It s got its positives for sure but it wasn t a romance by my standards In fact the romance aspect was really missing for me I get the hate you until you love me thing hellit s something I actually enjoy reading But maybe I missed the boat here because I got the hate alright but it was hard for me to get the love between the story s protagonists Ho. Pectations When the sanctuary she has found behind the walls of a convent is threatened by the news that her father has arranged for her to marry Marisa fleesright into the arms of a pirateFrom the safety of a sheltered convent to a sultan's Wever I have to admit that I could NOT tear myself away from this book Sorta like witnessing a scary car accident where we see one car flip over and eject its passenger to his death before our very eyes Jah Shocking and fascinating all at once 0oSo I m gonna sit on this review for a few days before assigning a star rating as I m not sure if andor how much I liked this book But I will say that if you want to read an epic and I mean E PIC adventure and can look past the ca razy shit that happens then you re in for one heckuva rideAll that said I think I ve thoroughly popped my Rosemary Rogers cherry and can easily be done with her books for good Been there tried it read the books DONE That is until a certain K Wiki can convince me otherwise Dominic And Marisa Blazing A Trail Of Fiery Desire Across Three ContinentsI ve chatted about this book with a number of Goodreads friends ever since I first came on this site But I feel compelled to share a very kinky secret I ve never admitted to anyone before You see it s not the brutal rapes and the multiple scenes of degrading violence that Marisa endures that make this book so compulsively addicting to me No the thing I like about this book is that in a weird way it s almost hands down the most luxurious and languidly paced story I ve ever read What I mean is when you read closely Marisa is always being whisked off to one exotic locale after another only somehow she s always being pampered and waited on and allowed to sleep late and sort of ust reclining in luxury in an almost dazed state as she waits for the next roller coaster ride of sexual excitement to begin Did you ever notice how many times in this book Marisa is dazed or exhausted while something big is happening You can always count on her to be dozing when her carriage is abducted by rapists or when her sweetheart has ust begged her to elope And her default mode when it comes to getting some down time is to sleep till noon Is this girl channeling Scarlett O Hara or Homer Simpson or GarfieldAs each new chapter in her life begins she s always sleeping till noon Dumped in Paris among strangers Sleeps till noon and awakens in a strange house Kidnapped by a desert sheikh Has fabulous butt sex with a man she barely knows No problem she gets to sleep into the afternoon the next day Trapped in a steamy plantation mansion with a nasty stepmother who really hates her Sure it s upsetting but she still manages to sleep until noonThis books should be called WICKED LUXURIOUS LIFESTYLES And that s why I love it This book is wild and filled with nonstop action Wicked Loving Lies takes you halfway around the world and puts the heroine through a slew of outrageous situations Marisa spends time in Napoleon s court a Turkish harem a Louisiana plantation and even gets taken by Comanches In fact I don t think I ve ever read a book that covered so much area in so little time This book has enough action and plot for ten books And strangely after 676 pages the characters were still pretty one dimensionalI definitely enjoyed it though and was never boredThis book has three almost four aw dropping scenes that surprised me and blew me away and let s face it most books don t even have one For that alone I ll give a good rating Talk about a bodice ripper this is like the ueen Bee of bodice rippers You can t take this book seriously though It s Conversations with Nelson Algren just too silly Both Dominic and Marissa have way OTT histories especially Dominic There is no way he could do all the things he supposedly did in his short young life It sust impossible and Rogers ust kept tacking on new things view spoilerDominic was a Irish rebel a naval Captain an English Duke a spy a plantation owner the adopted son of a sheik and he rode with Comanches hide spoiler This book is totally nuts Wicked Loving Lies takes you halfway around the world and puts the heroine through a slew of outrageous situations Marisa spends time in Napoleon s court a Turkish harem a Louisiana plantation and even gets taken by Comanches In fact I don t think I ve ever re This is the first graphic romance novel I ever read At the precocious and curious age of 12 I borrowed it from the mother of a friend By borrow I totally mean I swiped it I kept it between my mattress and box spring and read it by flash light under my covers Oh the sheer excitement of reading something sooo forbidden It was better than the dirty parts of Judy Blume s Seventeen or Wifey that we would high light and pass around like contraband in 6th grade It put words to of all the budding passion and bodily urges I had been feeling but of course would not discuss with any adult I knew Still young enough to actually play with dolls and toys I named one of my Breyer model horses Dominic Challenger I m sure therapists everywhere could add a chapter to a book on that action aloneNone the less I was hooked I went on to read manymanymanymanymanymany bodice rippers and formulated some very odd notions of love as a result I have spent the better part of my adult life unlearning them Congratulations The worst book I have ever tried to read She makes Anne Rice sound like Jane Austen Fit only for women who hate themselves Yes that s how I really feel Yuck yuck yuck MINI REVIEW Oh damn men and their superior ways From now on I ll stand on my own two feet and fight for what I want anyway I have to with my body and my wits Why not It s a man s world what other choice do you s a man s world what other choice do you a woman who possesses a mind Those words are from Marisa the heroine of this amazing action packed bodice ripper by the original legend packed bodice ripper by the Original Legend RogersIf you a high threshold for triggering issues like overbearing alphas forced seduction forced marriage of convenience adultery rape branding highwaymen harem romance slavery racism kidnapping murder travel to almost every continent in the world an affair with Napoleon divorce remarriage a mother having her child taken from her criminals on the run plus a hefty dose of second wave feminism from a heroine who goes to hell and back several times over in a romance written in the 1970 sand it sounds like your idea of a thrilling read Wicked Loving Lies might be a book you d want to pick upAs far as I m concerned it s Rogers best work Some parts of it were so hot like Chapter 17 other parts heartbreaking or shocking but it was NEVER boring That s what I loved about these older romances there was always so much stuff going on you never had time to to take it all in you ust kept moving Marisa is a heroine you want to smack or shake or hug or give her a big old high five She s amazing and she never gave up even though life kept coming at her with no remorse Except when she thought her beloved Dominic was deadand even then she was not going out without taking someone else with herA great read for bodice ripper aficionados but not for the faint of heart4 12 stars rounded up to 5 Rape is bad mmkayBad in real life but a fact of life in the old bodice rippers If it s something that bugs you chances are the whole book would suffer from its inclusion and you d probably be better off not bothering to read it Especially a book like this one where rape occurs multiple times and mainly by the heroThis is the first Rosemary Rogers book I ve ever read and I m glad that I didn t gobble this up back in high school along with Bertrice Small and Johanna Lindsey because like other people I might have focused solely on the sexual violence Marisa suffers and therefore ignored the other elements in the book The adventure and crazy action is tops of course but the primal scream of female suffering comes through real loud and no doubt struck a strong chord back in 1976 It still resonates and putting it in a historical perspective the brutality Marisa endures from all uarters even by those who profess to love her is part and parcel of depicting a brutal time Despite the Enlightenment and a professed dedication to Rule of Law some parts of life were lawless and a woman s body was unprotected territory By the 1970s much progress had been made but the double standards were still there the salving of male pride still an unspoken duty and several of Marisa s tirades are essentially a worn frustrated Enough is enough Grow the hell up Why do you fault us when we want to be all we aspire to be Why are you so afraidThese alpha heroes and spitfire heroines and the nasty things they do and suffer through are perfect fits for the settings of the old rippers There s Old World decadence under the veneer of gentility and New World blunt raw brutality as frontiers are tamed and a whole race is grist for another s mill There s contradictions to navigate and fail like mixed blood being fashionable in France but is grounds for enslavement in America What one takes for granted is stolen away in an ocean s breadth The world is still like that in many respects and the unidealized atmosphere and characters in this book and many others of its time never fail to make me react and thinkLike any book though there are some weak moments I thought the character of Dominic was too flat for most of the book Only at the end did he have an awakening of sorts and it was too little too late and the eventual HEA with he and Marisa came too closely on its heels Still I give the book 5 stars because the final act still had my interest and a good pace Unlike Stormfire which while it had a far better hero in Sean Culhane had a long dwindling final act that seemed unnecessary as soon as it started and the book didn t satisfy me overall as this oneThis is a true bodice ripper classic and if you don t mind suirming a bit in discomfort in parts it s definitely worth the rea. Arem from the opulence of Napoleon's court to the wilds of the new frontier Marisa and Dominic brave all that they encounter in this thrilling age intrigue captivity and danger And above all an enduring passion that ignites into an infinite lo. .
First off I have to laugh a little because I read this back in December and am Contested Reproduction: Genetic Technologies, Religion, and Public Debate just now typing up my handwritten review and the details of this book are already pretty foggy in my mind Dunno if that s anything to go for recommending this book Onto the reviewI picked this book up mostly because of its notoriety I wanted to see for myself what this story was all about It was the winner of a Pick My Next Read poll in the Western and Medieval Romance Lovers Group so it was time to get on with reading it To be honest here this book was a struggle to read in places Don t get me wrong I grew to be invested in the heroine Marisa rather uickly and wanted to see her end up happy but whenever the hero Dominic appeared it was sometimes hard to keep reading the abuse he heaped on her It was a constant barrage of totally wrong accusations name calling and other forms of verbal abuse and of course the notorious rape again and again It s a wonder the poor girl s parts were even functioning by the end of the book Thankfully for a good portion of the book they are separated or I might not have been able to finishSo the premise is poor young Marisa has been raised in a Spanish convent ever since her French mother and nursemaid were killed in the French Revolution when Marisa wasust a child She s a little bit wild and headstrong but determined to become a nun She vows she ll let no man touch her since she witnessed the brutal gang rape of her nurse as they fled the Terror in Paris So one day she gets news from her father who s been living in Louisiana on his huge plantation all this time that she s to wed Don Pedro Arteaga She also overhears Don Pedro himself talking bawdily with his friend and so she swears she will not marry him Instead she decides to run away with her Gypsy friend Blanca whose caravan is leaving for France Disguised as a Gypsy girl she s unfortunately caught out alone one night at a festival and it s here she officially meets the male lead of this tale Dominic Challenger who was shown earlier in the novel to have had a pretty damn rough life so far He s hated by his secretly homosexual Duke father who may not really be his father due to the fact that Dom s mother was abducted from their plantation property back in America by a group of raiding natives and supposedly fell in with a wild frontiersman who ships him off to Ireland where his mother came from Here he gets involved with the rebellion and is captured and brought to the Duke who imprisons him and tortures him before packing him off to the Royal Navy as practically a slave So anyway this is where our lead characters meet and he and his friends assume her to be a Gypsy and force her to go along with them despite her protests and attempted escape Dom really shows himself to be a dick here for the first time treating her roughly and being rude But of course he ust thinks that she s a worthless Gypsy girl and she doesn t tell any of them her true identity because she doesn t think they ll believe her anyway By the end of the night she s been intoxicated and hauled off to someone s house where Dom rapes her uite roughly and even worse because she s a virgin It s only the first in a long line of rapes for Marisa The next morning finds him all pissy because she didn t tell him she was a virgin and he tells his man Donald to give her some coins and take her back to the Gypsies However the caravan has moved on She begs Donald to help her get to France where she has a wealthy aunt and a powerful godmother So Donald smuggles her onto Dominic s ship which ust so conveniently happens to be heading to France Of course it s not long before Dominic discovers her presence and makes her a captive in his cabin raping her a bunch times degrading her at every turn forcing her to remain naked most of the time despite her discomfort So of course she hates his bloody guts and tries to fight back in any way she can but being all small and tiny female doesn t help At last they reach France and she makes a wild escape running and falling bedraggled into the arms of Philip Sinclair who ust so happens to be ol Dom s cousin After hearing a slightly edited version of her story he rushes her to the palace of Napoleon Bonaparte whose wife Josephine turns out to be Marisa s godmother Marisa is reunited with her and also with her aunt Edmee and it s not long before she s introduced to society and uickly is a beautiful and sought after woman Philip becomes her favorite companion and they spend a lot of time together she fancies herself in love with him his kindness and gentle way of treating her a huge contrast to Dominic s abuse However the happy bubble is not to last and Dominic reappears as her aunt s lover none the less At least he doesn t rape her during this time but he does take his chances to berate her some Soon Napoleon has his eye on Marisa wanting her for his mistress though she really doesn t want to be One night she and Philip go for a stroll in the gardens while at a party and they are caught alone together though they weren t misbehaving or anything Dominic uickly steps forward and tells the gathered crowd that he s had his way with Marisa loads of times and therefore will marry her himself She s outraged but her aunt and everyone else thinks it s a splendid idea even though she told her aunt that it was Dominic who had raped her before she made her escape On her wedding night she s supposed to remain under Napoleon s roof but Dom steals her away to a secluded villa where he proceeds to yell At Her For Forcing Him her for forcing him marry her WHICH REALLY TICKED ME OFF SEEING really ticked me *off seeing how the bastard volunteered his self for whatever reason and * seeing how the bastard volunteered his self for whatever reason and some name calling and verbal abuse on her She yells at him for being a rutting beast and so he rips her gown off and carries her upstairs where he actually doesn t rape her this time but uses some foreplay and such and shows her pleasure For about a day they start to get along and even sort of seem like they might start to care for each other but one little comment by her about his previous treatment of her sets him off again and he s back to being King Bastard of Dickwad Hill throwing accusations of being a lying whore in her face and all that good stuff After getting one nice good extra brutal rape in he leaves taking all the servants and supplies with him leaving her completely alone in the house save some halfwit peasant dude When she awakes she s not feeling so hot and collapses in a haze of pain Seems she was pregnant from her time on Dom s ship and his most recent brutality upon her person has caused her to miscarry She send the peasant guy for help and when she awakens again her aunt and Josephine a Jo s daughter are there to comfort her After some time passes she accompanies her aunt back to Edmee s home in England where Marisa has been set with the task of gathering info from French emigres about possible Royalist plots against Napoleon She s also reunited with Philip and accepted into society and eventually meets Dominic s father the Duke with whom she forms an uneasy sort of alliance She decides to become Philip s lover and while on their way to Bath they are set upon by what seems to be highwaymen Philip is tied up and forced to watch while one of the men rapes her and brands her with a hot iron on her inner thigh She s given a warning to give up her spying and whoring Once the mystery man leaves she unties Philip only to have him excited by watching her get used roughly before his eyes like a prostitute fall upon her and have his way with her Then they make haste to Bath where her aunt calls a doctor and tries to console her Marisa s not upset with Philip for his actions though and they become lovers in full Soon however Dominic makes his return to London and she s forced to play the obedient wife He keeps his hands off her for awhile though until one night when they argue and he proceeds to get drunk and decides to punish her again Her traitorous body unfortunately responds though and she ends up well not hating it The next morning she decides to run away with Philip They wind up at the Duke s house where unbeknownst to her the Duke and Philip have arranged an attempt on Dom s life However Dom doesn t die instead the Duke does and when Philip tries to shoot Dom in retaliation the gun explodes and kills him Immediately Dom rounds up Marisa and they are on the move Dom confesses to being the mystery rapist who had branded her as well as confessing to killing her father through injuries acuired in a duel before he ever met Marisa He books them on a ship to Spain but before they get there they re set upon by pirates and taken captive along with the other passengers on board Marisa tells them who she is and that they ll get a hefty ransom from Napoleon for her return She and the other two captured women are taken to stay at the house of Kamil an important Turkish military man He has sworn off traditional sex with a woman for a period of time something to do with his career in the military but convenient for him he really enjoys the company of young boys as that form of sex is not forbidden by his vows and it s not uncommon or strange where he s at so he s not deprived of all sex It ust so happens that Marisa isn t a curvy girl in fact she s rather slim and could easily pass for a boy especially with her newly cropped hair It s not long before Kamil is all hot for her and they become lovers but due to those pesky vows he can t do her normal style he s gotta do her the other way like y know what I m saying But he s kind to her and shows her loads and loads of pleasure in their romps by night and by day she goes about. Born of scandal and denied his birthright Dominic Challenger took to the sea charting his own future A true rogue Dominic answers to no one trusting only himself Until Marisa Born of wealth and privilege Marisa is a prisoner to her father's ex.
God Being Nothing: Toward a Theogony Governing Sound