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Rising from the PlainsEctively as to unfoldThrough a second act of synchronicity while reading this book

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stumbled across Burns 1996 PBS video series called The West Episode 8 contains extended interviews this book I stumbled across Ken Burns 1996 PBS video series called The West Episode 8 contains extended interviews David Love in which considerable portions recounted in McPhee s book are recounted I would advise anyone who enjoys this book to seek out that documentary as well Western istory memoir geography and of course geology All mixed into one relatively slim volume People who Omega Beloved - Reimagined have vivid mental maps of Wyoming andave driven I 80 preferably many times will be the most avid readers As I read I kept wondering why the authorpublisher didn t use illustrations Verbal descriptions of geologic features aren t nearly as instructive as one good drawing There is a map but it s pretty generalAnother criticism there isn t an Index which is an omission I don t understand I know I ll want to refer back to specific discussions so I ended up making my own brief index including topics such as selenium Larmide Orogeny Never Summer Mountains in Colorado Hayden and watercress trona antelope trap all referring to tidbits of info that I found interestingAnd The Nalco Guide to Boiler Failure Analysis here s one uotep 195 Before the federal Bureau of Reclamation built a dam there Flaming Gorge was one of the scenic climaxes of the American West a 700 ft canyon in arching Triassic red beds so bright they did indeed suggest flame Some of theigh water penetrates beds of tronaTrona I d never Who Is Esau Edom? heard of it McPhee explains that trona is sodium sesuicarbontate used in ceramics and textiles pulp and paper iron and steel and most especially glass Mining of this mineralas released a lot of salt into the environment which of course is never good And to think that I d never Weeds Among the Wheat Discernment Where Prayer and Action Meet heard of the stuffThis isn t a book I d read for pleasure A few pages at a time were plenty Iad about convinced myself not to pick up another one of is books but I ve changed my mind I ll watch for a book about an area that I m familiar with This is the third time I ve read Rising from the Plains and it seems as fresh today as when I first read it for a geology class back in the mid 90 s John McPhee who wrote for the The New York Times for many years is an engaging writer and in this book weaves the geology of the igh plains with the story of famed Rocky Mountain geologist David Love and is family who settled in central Wyoming in the first decade of the twentieth century Having lived in Wyoming myself I am familiar with the area about which e writes Wyoming is filled with unexpected landscapes that are awesome forbidding and beautiful Even if you don t understand the geological terms or timeline the book can be enjoyed for its depiction of ranch life in one of the arshest environments in the continental USand the pure pleasure of McPhee s prose The Wyoming landscape is uniue in the world and is composed of many mountai. S its place among the strata described Sometimes it is said of geologists that they reflect in their professional styles among the strata described Sometimes it is said of geologists that they reflect in their professional styles sort of country in which they grew up Nowhere could that be true than in the life of a geologist born in the center of Wyoming and raised on an isolated ranch This is the story of that ranch soon after the turn of the century and of the geologist who grew up there at ome with the composition of the The Body Scoop for Girls high country in the way that someone growing up in a coastalarbor would be at ome with the vagaries of the sea While Rising from the Plains is a portrayal of extraordinary people it.
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N ranges in addition to the well known Rockies and Tetons The Rocky Mountains are new mountains relatively speaking that ave covered older ranges That is the case across the state new ranges moved or enfolded older ranges pushing them every which way Water Insurgence has carved anomalies like the Devil s Footprint and Flaming Gorge Windas played an even larger role in shaping the landscape There are fossils galore and along the I 80 corridor one views rock stratification created over millions of years from the earliest days of our continent through later ages until recent geological time 10 million years ago I ighly recommend this book it s one of my favorites not only BECAUSE OF THE MEMORIES IT EVOKES of the memories it evokes also because geology fascinates me and John McPhee who does an excellent job of showing why This book was phenomenalIt is a must read for anyone interested in Rocky Mountain geology or in getting a glimpse into the American westThis book as been republished in McPhee s larger Annals of a Former World It is a biography of the famous Wyoming geologist J David Love But it also gives a beautiful overview of the geology of Wyoming through Love s eyesSome of the geology is a bit outdated but it does not distract from the greater good Most maps are patched together from it does not distract from the greater good Most maps are patched together from papers and reports Dave Norse Mythology has looked at all the rock It s all in one mind Most geologic maps are maps of time not rocks Malcolm McKenna uoted in John McPhee s Rising from the Plains I am nearly finished with the individual portions of Annals of the Former World Basin and Range In Suspect Terrain Assembling California All Iave left is to read the section Crossing the Craton a forty page addition to A Timeless Romance Anthology All Regency Collection his 40th parallel In Rising from the Plains John McPhee takes us on an exciting and fascinating road trip throughout Wyoming with geologist David Love The firstalf of the book is a beautiful blend of Wyoming geology and the What did Jesus Really Say? history of Love s family as they move into the Wind River Basin region in the early twentieth century The secondalf of the book continues with geology of the Rocky Mountain region but also includes a A Man for All Seasons high level look at the United States andow it affected western geologyI enjoyed McPhee s descriptive writing style He Matlhasedi Bosa BO Sele Setlopha SA Tlelase Ya B has a way of transporting you back in time millions of years withis vivid descriptions of flora and fauna In the beginning of the book is a map of Wyoming showing the different geological areas and a chart outlining the different eras I m a sucker for a good map and I found the chart extremely Casual Car Deception helpful My only complaint was the lack of paragraph breaks Sometimes entire pages were one long paragraph and for me this made reading a bit of work I know this is petty but it was enough of a distraction for me that I felt I needed to mention itIf you love geology and westernistory I would ighly recommend this book. Is Also A History Of a istory of landscape around them where with remarkable rapidity mountains came up out of the flat terrain Gradually the mountains were buried until only the Post Modernizm ve Alımlama Estetiği higher peaks remained above a vast plain Recently theyave been exhumed and they stand now as the Rockies Rising from the Plains is John McPhee's third book on geology and geologists Following Basin and Range and In Suspect Terrain it continues to present a cross section of North America along the fortieth parallel a series gathering under the overall title Annals of the Former World Description from the first edition dust jacket 198.