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Reader especially picks up on this during the chapter entitled Ether WarsI liked his description of RV Remote viewing s about reaching beyond the five senses The Secret Groom into the unconscious mind to looknside and miraculously gather nformation stored like web pages on a cosmic computer Even miraculous s that we all have the Children of the Future innate potential to do this a prescient sixth sense pg 16The way the mainstream considers RV It s part of my regular curriculum to discuss how badly the authorities treat remote viewing There s no reward for being right afterward no party no fanfare or parade down Broadway for us No fingerprints left behind What people can t pigeonhole they often reject We were dealing with a system that treats what we do like watching someone have a seizure from behind a two way mirror uninvolved yet shamefully fascinated pg 27Whichs why I was surprised when he so vehemently rejects the contributions of the natural psychics mediums channelers to his military unit Gauvin and his broomstick pals were running us Bettina Von Zwehl: Lament into the ground Angela s channeling was bound to be judged useless and scrapped and then maybe she d go back to her crystal ball But as Gauvin had correctly pointed out she was an official member of the unit no matter what I thought about her I decided to let Angela stay Who knew by participatingn an actual session maybe she d catch on to how remote viewing really works Maybe pg 120 121 Unlike maybe she d catch on to how remote viewing really works Maybe pg 120 121 Unlike folks those types of spiritual witches as Dames describes them A TYRANNY OF GOD in other parts of his book don t need to be convinced that there are levels of perception beyond those utilizedn day to day life If he had taken the time to look beyond their strange methods and encourage them to organize their natural talents within developed protocols I think Dames could have found some powerful allies within the military RV program But that s not how he played the game It was as "If You Were Either Completely With Major "you were either completely with Major or against him I suppose t goes back to his role as a soldierDames comparison of RV to out of body experiences OBEs aren t anything new The concept has been around and practiced for thousands of years dating back to the monks of ancient China and India Their wizened mystics called t astral projection a practice where either awake or dreaming certain adept ndividuals could cast off their earthly skin and propel their consciousness astral body nto unknown spirit dimensions across time and space A strikingly similar traje. 's remote viewing teams from ntelligence on Soviet missile sites to the whereabouts of missing POWs n Vietnam to the location of the Ark of the CovenantMaj Dames A Deadly Trade is the most popular guest on George Noory's exceedingly popular radio show Coast to Coast AMFor anyone fascinated by thentersection of the military and the mysterious Tell Me What You See s an amazing and completely absorbing must re. Tell Me What You SeeBorrrring When Major Ed Dames was a guest on George Noory s "TO COAST AM "COAST AM radio after I had just returned from a two year stint teaching n China he unnerved me with his dire predictions He advised listeners to learn Mandarin something I had tried to while n Anshan Despite my efforts to learn t upon returning to China for another five year tour of teaching duty I was unable to devote much time to the lessons because of my heavy teaching load not the kind of reasonable classroom sizes or loads that are employed here n the US However while there his visions kept ringing n my ear and I not long after arriving read Jim Marrs book on the topicMany years before I had read Robert Monroe s ground breaking book on astral projection or OBEs titled JOURNEYS OUT OF THE BODY and was as I recall swept up n the current of what seemed to be paranormal Squeak! information When I recently read the major s book I saw that he also was exposed to the Monroe doctrine butn person The major did not and does not teach astral projection because that type of journey does not reveal retrievable and time specific details The major practices remote viewing and educates Claiming His Bought Bride / Seducing the Enemy's Daughter initiates on how to dot how to let one s mind not astral body travel to near or far places and times and to make accurate sketches based on what the mind perceivedThis book reads like a fast paced fictional spy novel a page turner or page slider I read the digital version of his novel on my Kindle Noory refers to Dames as a psychic spy and this label appears appropriate when we are exposed to his true cases he worked on as a military operative and later as a civilian private Pêşbaziya Çîrokên Neqediyayî investigator Its a fascinating read but also a frustrating one when we see how his group s findings are Pick Three ignored or discredited sometimes resultingn the loss of lives that could have been spared Conversely the major reports how on one occasion at least his vision resulted n an over reaction and subseuent devastation of enemy soldiers Unfortunately the major saw this n an RV state and carries a guilt feeling with him foreverFinally the day arrives when the major ceases to support the policies of his own government and makes the extremely difficult decision he loved being n the US Army to better serve his country by operating outside the system After all the restrictions against remote viewing the past the future and even UFOs became daunting The Psychic Spy Unit s created to allow Across the Table its members to explore any. The unknownsn't so unbelievable Accidental Commando (Eagle Squadron in Dames’s hands George NooryAs the operations and training officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency's Psychic Intelligence Unit Major Dames with his team used the practice of remote viewing to uncover accurate militaryntelligence After retiring from the military Dames turned his paranormal detective skills to finding missing persons such as millionaire pil. Thing within limits to become human versions of GoogleUnless one s unfavorably disposed to accept any knowledge that does not fit n with a rigid preconceived belief structure one "should find the major s accounts to be compelling as well as overwhelmingly nformative As one " find the major s accounts to be compelling as well as overwhelmingly nformative As one professor told our class Nothing beats nterestIf we are willing to "be students we can follow the major through every stage of the event RV can be taught f we "students we can follow the major through every stage of the event RV can be taught The Adventurer's Bride if we let go of any presumptions and fore knowledge of the the target we must also turn off ourmaginations lest they Moto ondoso stabile e altri racconti interfere with our perceptions of whats actually thereSo prepare to be students and learn regardless of your age than you probably thought possible Major Ed Dames All About Me is a highly ualified vastly experiencednstructor Just be glad that he even though ex military Son of the Sheriff (Delta Justice, is on our side After all there are plenty of remote viewers who are not on our side that are trying to RV usReview by Charles Justus Garardauthor of a paranormal series THE DARK JOURNEY TRILOGYand two time travel novels Books by former remote viewers from the military are such a trip to read From Lyn Buchanan to David Morehouse these guys wereare on the cutting edge of consciousness exploration But don t go to these books for feel good stories I m sure thatt s because they were all trained as human weapons to root out threats to the government but they all seem so dark and obsessed with shadows Even when Major Dames sets out to have a fun RV session on the Ark of the Covenant his viewers see mainly blood shed and despairThe methods used n Dames sessions were different from others that I ve read Morehouse and Buchanan described RV sessions Son of the Sheriff in which separate viewers with handlers would run through coordinates whilen completely secluded rooms and then the different sessions would be put together after the fact to try to create a complete picture Dames described group RV sessions The Best of Us: A Memoir in which he d act as the handler give out the coordinates and then his viewers would sitn a group setting and say what they were seeing as they saw t I found this approach to be nteresting but how would you prevent one mind from nfluencing the others It sort of felt like having an enormous continuous analytic overlay n the room An AOL analytic overlay The Anarchist Roots of Geography: Toward Spatial Emancipation is essentiallynterpreting what you re seeing before the session s over which makes the target fuzzy and ruins the connection The groups that Dames described seemed to do this all the time The. Ot Steve Fossett whose plane vanished n Nevada and a young Colorado girl named Christina White who disappeared seemingly without a trace He has even located one of the most legendary missing objects n history the Ark of the CovenantIn Tell Me What You See Dames takes you behind the scenes of some of his most mind bending casesReveals true stories and fascinating secrets uncovered by the military.

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