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This book was sad to me The Hero and oung heroine had an affair that resulted in pregnancy They married were involved in an accident and lost their baby What was so sad was that they never communicated honestly with each They just had a surface marriage both were afraid to delve deeper for fear of what they would find Sad to think that two people could live together as husband and wife for months and still not have the reassurance that their spouse loved them Available on Scribd Super angsty as in borderline depressing marriage in trouble story Actually it s been a relationship in trouble story since the Hh first met in Bavaria Best selling writer hero is 8 ears older than the fun loving heroine who has just finished university "SHE S BEEN HIKING AROUND THE WORLD AND IS " s been hiking around the world and is her way back to England to find a job when she wins a place on a hot air balloon tour When the balloon crash lands the hero helps her out but then walks away without a glance Heroine is smitten with his brooding good looks and is delighted to find he s staying at the same innThey keep running into each other literally but the hero doesn t bite at the h s flirtations Until one day he does They become lovers and spend the summer together The heroine falls pregnant the hero marries her and all is well until the hero Has To Go To to go to his home for some research The heroine insists on accompanying him and then disaster strikes The heroine is driving swerves to avoid a child who ran into the road The car crashes Hero injures his leg and heroine loses the babyThe story opens two months later in the dead of winter Heroine is still weak and weepy and hero is still limping around They haven t slept together since the accident and heroine is wondering if their marriage is overThe hero wonders this too The story is mos. A Marriage in JeopardyAfter a hastily arranged wedding Sarah and Jed lost their unborn baby and with it the reason for their marriage Sarah knows she's deeply in Dhood From the way he describes his childhood and the way he acts now hero appears to be somewhere on the autism spectrum He truly has no clue what others are thinking Has no idea that his moody uiet ways are catnip to some women and that they misinterpret his silences he is very stressed by his silences He is very stressed by heroine to some women and that they misinterpret his silences He is very stressed by the heroine unhappiness and the OWs since he doesn t know how to fix itThis is no alpha this is an emotional beta and heroine will always do the heavy lifting in their relationshipsighSo from there the story moves to the black moment where heroine sees the H with the OW at the hotel Heroine was supposed be at a portrait session but she forgot her scarf at the hotel and decides to retrieve it She sees the HOW kissing and is devastatedShe does confront the hero and he explains that the OW was upset he was married and she was kissing him good bye Heroine pretends to understand While the hero is away looking at a replacement car the heroine writes him a letter and then leaves on a very slow bus for Glasgow Hero drives there and is able to meet the bus He asks her if she loves him and then explains why he s felt so guilty about marrying her They finally finally talk about their courtship and falling in love They go to a nearby hotel to have sex for an HEAThere is an epilogue a ear later with the heroine in labor The hero is completely freaked out and ambivalent about the baby He s happy but sad that he doesn t have family to call He s also not sure

If Wants To Put 
wants to put heroine through that ordeal again It s a very strange epilogue but in keeping with this glass half full heroI don t know what to say about this one I found it depressing than angsty The hero was an interesting character but not the stuff of romantic dreams At least not mine I think he ll always be faithful and clueless but never cruel. Reached a make or break situation One of them must reach out but will it be Sarah or Jed Can they at last make their true feelings known and begin a real marriage.

Summary Marriage for Real

Tly in the heorine s PoV but we get a paragraph or two of the hero s PoV every now and again The hero is every bit as bleak about their marriage as the heroine is Neither blames the other for the accident or the state of their marriage They each feel guilt heroine thinks she trapped the hero hero thinks he s too old for the fun loving heroine They don t know how to communicate It s heart breaking to read The hero is invited to a party and brings know how to communicate It s heart breaking to read The hero is invited to a party and brings heroine Everyone is shocked that he is married and that he didn t marry his old that he is married and that he didn t marry his old a larger than life gorgeous redhead whom everyone liked Heroine is uietly freaked out by this since she never knew about this girlfriend and she s convinced than ever that she has trapped the hero into a life of misery The heroine an amateur artist finds herself painting a portrait of a local matron who has Known The Hero His Whole Life This Activity Is Therapeutic the hero his whole life This activity is therapeutic the heroine since she gets out of the house and feels like she is worth something againHero takes her out to the local hotel for a celebratory dinner and they run into to old girlfriend OW OW invites herself to eat at their table and regals the hero with tales of her latest adventures Hero doesn t introduce the heroine as his wife Heroine is angry but is trying to be fair to the H since she trapped him This part was ridiculous Hero explains that he didn t want OW to feel embarrassed about flirting with him and he would tell her in private that he was married He says this with sweet reason he s not being cruel he just doesn t think Why the heroine puts up with this is beyond me Hero just doesn t have a clue what he is doing to herThe author must have realized this because after the humiliation of the party and meeting the OW in the flesh she goes into detail about the hero s lonely chil. Ove with her husband but Jed is the strong silent type Sarah has no idea what he feels for her and is afraid to ask After weeks of polite awkward tolerance they've. .
Marriage for Real

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