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S that were selected for THEIR VARIETY IN CULTURE OF ORIGIN LOCATION AND MATERIALS variety in culture of origin location and materials 13 included works are Winged Victory of Samothrace Shrine of the Three Kings Dancing Ganesha The Great Buddha David Fountain of the Four Rivers Burghers of Calais Mbala Mask Endless Column Giant Toothpaste Tube Spiral Jetty Stravinsky Fountain and Cloud Gate Chicago s Bean. Which they were created Each page is filled with colorful photographs and accessible information about the work the artist who created it andthe world in which it was made Various games and puzzles enhance this introduction to three dimensional masterpieces which is certain to whet its young readers' appetites

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13 Sculptures Children Should KnowWe didn t read All Of It But We Enjoyed Looking of it but we enjoyed looking the pictures *the pictures was just so curious to see which sculptures would be included and we were all pleasantly surprised to see the big shiny bean in Chicago as number 13 We just got to experience it this summer and we all loved it Grades 2 6 Knowing very little about sculpture myself I found this to be a very att. A winged headless goddess from the third century; a gigantic tube of toothpaste; a tribal mask; a monumental bronze statue of Buddha these creations and are featured in this book of sculptures THAT ARE FUN TO EXPLORE AND are fun to explore and in the history of artSculpture is inherently interesting to children who naturally. ,