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Coming from someone who generally

stays away from 
away from I really this A lot f it r should I say all does not poetry I really enjoyed this A lot f Tank! or should I say all does not any sense to me but I think that s what makes this good and uniue There s an element and I m not sure if it is the way in which everything is kindf scattered with no Geek Feminist Revolution organizationr the symbols Lucky Luciano on the pages but something about it feelsrganic and authentic which I likedThis book isn t trying to be anything A Reader& other than what it is which in mypinion is authentic I took the disorganization The Ladys Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness of the book and poetry to mimic the way in whichur brains and thoughts work in situations Churchill of high stress When reading this I got the ideaf it being like war and how people don t think they just go Euripides Fabulae: Vol. II: (Sup., El., Her., Tro., Iph.Tau., Ion): 2 on instinct inrder to survive I don t know if I m wrong in that reading Jean-Paul Sartre of this but that was how I took it Again I don t read much poetry but the authenticity in this book really got a holdf me in a way that I m still trying to figure ut even after finish it The Arab Apocalypse is a collection f 59 poems that center around the sun and the Lebanese Civil War The lines are highly fragmented in terms In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington, of spacing the usef glyphs and subject changes that are not marked by traditional punctuation As Etel Adnan is also a visual artist I think that How Ireland Really Went Bust. by Matt Cooper onef the most important parts Super Gran Abroad (Super Gran, of the book is the sensef subjectivity that each reader brings to it The text itself is non linear and it essentially jumps from ne image to the next with f a goal to create impressions than describe specific events sun spinning top incredibly spinning instead Pocahontas ofur eyes 39 Interspersed throughout the text are Bala Santa often seemingly random spaces which are sometimes accompanied by glyphs The glyphs themselves are varied somef them are ancient symbols that have been used throughout various cultures while Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies others seem to be symbols that Adnan created Bothf those elements lend to a very Bald Eagle (Zeuss Pack open interpretationf the text as a whole As a commentary The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, on the Lebanese Civil War I did not get much from the text becausef its non linear nature However as an exercise in form and structure the poems were interesting and thought provoking I think that most writers want to guide readers thinking than Adnan does in Arab Apocalypse especially about such a serious topic But in ceding control the book allows the reader to make their wn meaning and interact with the images in the way that will make the most impact for them I am not a stranger to poetry but I m not entirely sure what Etel Adnan was trying to accomplish with her poetry book The Arab Apocalypse Perhaps it is because I m not Arabic Perhaps it is because I ve never directly dealt with war r suffering Maybe as an American and a white person my privilege which I fully recognize hinders me from seeing through the eyes Ultimate Memory Book ofne who has truly known hardship But I believe that poetry should speak to people Pelnrušķis un trollis on a universal level That being said I do recognize certain elementsf the craft which Adnan achieved This is a great example Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) of form mimicking content as there is never a straightforward narrativer story and the lines and words all seem chaotic in nature This is true even down to the black symbols and illustrations O Mistério do Infante Santo on the pages Those very symbols are what made me wearyf the form Personally I m not a fan Disgrace (Department Q, of anything that seems gimmicky when it comes to the structure and formf poetry I believe that traditional stanzas couplets tercets uatrains etc are usually apt at creating tension Monsoon orther feelings and resorting to seemingly extraneous symbols takes away the power that words and form hold alone I think the beauty Slice by Slice of poetry is in the word choices alone and poets concentraten every word and placement to hold meaning To fully appreciate this book I would love to know the Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) opinionsf those who it has affected personally I want the text broken down to me in fragments that I can try to comprehend Reading without understanding Knowing without knowledge If I continue making up platitudes I m sure something will stick that appropriately describes The Arab Apocalypse s uniue phenomenology In the Hollywood sci fi blockbuster Arrival the two main characters are asked to decipher an alien language built Ice Maiden on symbols In understanding the language the characters rewire their brains to conceivef time Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle outsidef anglo saxon linearity which Seducing the Heiress or less solves the language and concludes the movie Nonesuch resolution waits for us here reading tAA However through reading the text and examining it is anbject we can if And Cowboy Makes Three only momentarily ie while interfacing w thisbject begin to shift Teasing Her SEAL our understandingf a text textual Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, objects language In viewing the text as anbject I can do the fo. Poetry Middle Eastern studies Translated from the French by the author Reprinted with a new foreward by Jalal Toufic This book a masterwork A Valentines Wish of the dislocations and radiantutcries Paixão Sem Disfarce of the Arab world reaffirms Etel Adnan who authored the great poem Jebu as among the foremost poetsf the French Language THE ARAB APOCALYPSE is an immersion into a rapture Rain of chaos clawing towards destiny and nullified hope refusing its zero Is is also the journeyf soul through the cartography f a global immediacy ra. Ir comforts beyond their cultural lens their cultural gaze beyond practiced And Objectivity In learned In ways the use f the is in concert with the idea f an epicenter within the cosmos This is perfectly appropriate as we receive imagery f Moses as a yellow sun p 17 as Syrian and Israeli sentiments help to fuel Quantum (Captain Chase opposition within Lebanon The yellow sun is also an allusion to irradiated atoms that form constructed matter which can construct destruction too mostften depicted in people who The Other Islam offer ideologies to hurtne another believing they are the epicenter too pg 25 Etel Adnan s The Arab Apocalypse is a book that defies what we consider to be the norm for form It is at Last Man Standing once experimental and historical serving as a critiue and reflectionn strife in the Middle East specifically in Lebanon For the most part it is largely impenetrable The language is fractured and scattered and graphic signs as described in the introduction by Jalal Toufic are placed throughout stanzas Light, Gesture, and Color of what is best described as poetry The impenetrabilityf the book is most likely highly intentional The Arab Apocalypse was not intended for Western audiences it is written by a Lebanese artist and poet and intended for Arabic audiences As the introduction states it seems that the author also an artist had already translated it into graphic signs for so many Arabs who are illiterate for whom Arabic is as illegible as English and French may they be jolted by its graphic signsintro at last but not least learning to read and then actually readTo a certain extent this book should be placed with Rabih Alameddine s Kool Aids Both are reflections Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault on war in Lebanon and both defy how we expect a book to be written While Kool Aids is told through a massive amountf narrators without traditional signage pointing to who they are this is told through poetic free verse In some ways it reminded me f the linguistic experimentation f the Beats A great example Canada of this would be in VII when Adnan writes the followingBeirut sulphuric acid STOP the uarantina is torching its inmates STOP Beiruta sunn the finger a sun in the gun a sun climbing an elephantcannibal anthropophagus sun wart n the cargoes To describe this as stream f consciousness would be largely inaccurate Instead we should look at the book as a text that attempts to capture the internal workings Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, of the mind in war and suffering As previously stated the graphic elements are a reflectionn illiteracy But the greatest meaning comes from the way that Adnan seems to say to the reader I don t have to write how you expect me to write because the Western world doesn t expect writers from the Middle EastThough there are many excellent reasons to read this book I thought it was an DogFace overall unpleasant experience Coming from the Western world this was impenetrable and Iften found myself reading without much direction If you re looking for a straightforward narrative What You Owe Me or any sortf traditional poetic structure this book definitely is not for you If you re looking for something that shows elements Buffalo Woman Comes Singing of the Eastern world and the literature that has emerged from war this is the book for you Ultimately be prepared for discomfort when reading both in content and in form O caravansf hunger and curiosity O passion for SpaceThey killed the dream with an axe with an axe with an axeThe BIG RED SPOT f Jupiter is a storm Matter is desperateA pink dove shattered a human facelightning rod going to the heart f a lemonthe sun has eaten its children I myself was a morning blessed with blissWhat to do with the sun when it hides behind tear gasDrink it Drink it in little sips so that tenderness resembles hellI would love to place you in the heart f the night make the stone f your belly surge My pain is mounting the sun like a racing horse The field is infiniteI admit I really hated the poem at first But when I read the whole thing I knew what an idiot I was This poem was a BIG MOMENT OF EPIPHANY for me A blue acetylene sun died Shining City of frost in the presencef a palm treeIn death Blind Spots one plusne makes threeThis is a poem that shows you the brutality A Boy and A Bear in a Boat of fact and the crueltyf reality It WAKES YOU UP It is just like Eliot s human voices which wake you up to face the fact that we drown Etel Adnan SOS offers no hope in her poem shenly foresees destruction and a horrible St. Johns Wort overwhelming night So make sure that you wake up and become a candle amidst all that cold and all that dark In the night in the night we shall find knowledge love and peace my god we are the terrible sun my god we are terrible and fullf stunt and hurt and my god alarmed earth and alarmed water please save me etel please haunt me. Howl comes to mind Alice MolloyThe power f Adnan's language and imagery reminds us that she is indeed ne Hirvenmetsästäjä of the most significant post modern poets in contemporary Arab culture Kamal BoullattaTHE ARAB APOCALYPSE is to date Adnan's most triumphant battle with the exactnessf words Douglas PowellThe poem invokes a mythic past Hollywood Walk of Fame: 2000 Sensational Stars, Star Makers and Legends of Gilgamesh Tammouz and Ishtar to presage a present that resists narration THE ARAB APOCALYPSE contests an uncritical reflectionn the immediate historical past Barbara Harlo. The Arab Apocalypse
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