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(PDF READ) [The Book of Mirdad: The Strange Story of a Monastery Which Was Once Called the Ark] Ã Mikhail Naimy

The Book of Mirdad: The Strange Story of a Monastery Which Was Once Called the ArkFor any library this book takes the best tenets of the great teachings

all the world religions including and ties them all together into a beautiful allegory that makes it easy to understand and better et to integrate into one s daily life There are many lessons to be learned within these pages and it is wondrously written Highly recommended reading I must say that this work surprised me with its depth and continuity No dull chapters no reading I must say that this work surprised me with its depth and continuity No dull chapters no in discourse or message Plain and simple allegory on living a life of purpose from the depths of one s heart and soul A total thumbs up from me Thank ou Mikha il and soul A total thumbs up from me Thank ou Mikha il our skill in writing and thank ou to my friend Aaed for sharing this wonderful tome with me Agree with what others have said about the Forward being corrupted from the original However as far as I can tell the rest of the text correctly matches the original The new forward draws fantastic and misguided conclusions as well as some glaring mis interpretation of Mirdad Therefore it is unshareable I ve read mirdad 20 times in 20 ears this new forward is so off base it diminishes the entire book for new readers with ignorant conjectures Absolutely extraordinary spiritual scripture I have read everything thousands of mystical books This is now one of my top ten Poetic genuine transmission of highest truth Wow I feel blessed that this book arrived in my life I originally heard about it when I came across the great mystic Osho saying that this was the greatest book ever written It was hard for me to even fathom the height of that endorsement and I had to get it immediately so gre. Of dialogues with his disciples Mirdad offers lessons on themes such as love obedience borrowing and lending repentance old age and the cycle of life and death Reissued for a new generation this prophetic work calls on human.

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At was my intrigueWell it has not in
least disappointed uite the opposite book is deeply touching This is one of those books that if ou only had one to live by for the rest of our life this could Easily Be It It Would Absolutely Have be it It would absolutely have be in considerationIts depth of insight about life the human condition and what Love and Truth actually are in the deepest sense feel like they come directly from the source of all Wisdom itselfPS It is hard for me to even imagine that Naimy and Gibran were contemporaries and friends How amazing must those shared moments have been I m so grateful to the friend who recently told me about this precious little book I was familiar with the author as we are taught his Arabic poetry in school in Lebanon but had never heard of this book of his which he apparently wrote in English Mikhail Naimy was a close friend of Khalil Gibran s and it is clear judging by the latter s book The Prophet which was also written in English that they traveled a similar spiritual path The Book of Mirdad s depth of primordial universal insights is matched by the simplicity of its attractive story line I can say without exaggeration that it is one of the most important books I have ever read and one that will join a very short list of others that I keep permanently accessible on my bedside table Highly second that This book is phenomenal I continue to check in with it and I am constantly receiving new insights and Guidance from it Very compelling and well written story Absolutely brilliant how Mikha il Na ima weaved so much spiritual Wisdom in such a short story Highly recommend this boo. Kind to prepare for another deluge greater than Noah's when Heaven will be revealed on Earth Includes a new foreword by Andrew Harvey author of the bestselling A Journey in Ladakh and several other seminal works of spirituali. ,
I have read many books on spirituality in my time but never have I come across such a lucid description of the Truth in such entertaining fashion A masterpiece Absolute truth and clarity Full of light deep insight and incredible love and enlightening thank ou This is the best book that I have ever read its easy to understand and short I finished it in one sitting but its not a book that ou read and put on t Anyone who is considering purchasing this book will most likely already have taken the first essential steps upon the inward journey of spiritual awakeningI am sure then they will be ready and euipped to understand and appreciate the textThe Book OF MIRDAD IS EXUISITELY WRITTENA MOST POETIC READ I Mirdad is exuisitely writtenA most poetic read I it completely enchanting from beginning to end and did not want to put it downI totally agree with other critiues in that it should be read slowly as to digest it thoroughly and it can be re read many times almost to the point of reference A truly beautiful book This book is a jewel which has somehow managed to come down from the skies to reach us There are no words to describe the transformation and perspectives ou would gain through this book I don t know how many times I ve read it but every time I pick it up it s know how many times I ve read it but every time I pick it up it s words pouring straight from the heavens above just for me to tell me just what I need to know in that moment This is an unparalleled work and there definitely seems to be a mysterious mystical hand in this piece of art I tell ou it is no less than that This is one of the most beautiful and insightful spiritual books I have read and I ve read a lot of them An absolute must. Mikhail Naimy's timeless classic an allegory often compared to the works of his friend Khalil Gibran presents the teachings of Mirdad abbott of a monastery that stands where Noah's Ark came to rest after the Flood In a series.

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