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S not much I can say to persuade dissuade someone to read this book Indeed although I am sure there are still many "First Generation To Come After " generation to come after I do feel like I m the last person to get around to this book Indeed not having even seen a Harry Potter movie I m a complete neophyteAs with some other books I ve reviewed on I ve read this first Harry Potter entirely because my daughter wanted it read to her Mind you she s already read it many times over herself could tell if I made a gaffe in my reading and in fact was sure to point it out in every instance Moreover she took offense at my growling slightly Scottish accent for Hagrid I can t help it if his dialect as written sounds a wee bit Highlander to meSo for all those Muggles ie regular dudes suares laobaixing what Rugrats become who haven t read HPSS to se the fandom lingo or HPPS if you re reading the original British version HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER S STONE here s the pshot Harry Potter the son of a pair of heroic wizards is deposited on the doorstep of his wretchedly Muggle #aunt ncle and cousin the Dursleys where he s forced to live as a Muggle in #uncle and cousin the Dursleys where he s forced to live as a Muggle in dirty cubby nder the stairs and is regularly mistreated throughout his childhood When it comes time for him to go off to middle school Harry who as it turns out is famous in the magic world escapes from the Dursleys to attend. Uncle and their abominable son Dudley a great big swollen spoiled bully Harry's room is a tiny closet at the foot of the stairs and he hasn't had a birthday party in eleven yearsBut all that is about to change when a mysterious letter arrives by owl messenger a letter with an inv. .

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The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry The rest of this volume recounts Harry s first year at Hogwarts including his making friends his success at the game of idditch and his encounter with the evil being said to have killed his parents VoldemortIt s a charming read You probably think I m being sarcastic I m not I won t get into the argument as to whether or not it s truly literature Children adore the book and a lot of adults as well I must admit that a lot of adults as well I must admit that found Harry taking a bit too much delight in the suffering of his enemies to make me feel comfortable about him being a role model of any sort to my daughter then again Harry went through a childhood guaranteed to keep a Muggle child in therapy for years to come As far as my daughter is concerned the bad kids simply deserved it This book now is number 1 in my big book collection This book was very suspenseful and funny ONE of my favorite parts was where he played Crystal Reports .NET Programming uidditch It told about every second of it I wasn t really a big fan of Harryntil I started reading the first book I really Recommend Reading This It reading this It a magical suspenseful ride even if you already watched the first movie Super mad This book is not put together correctly For example page 100 ends and picks back p at page 99 I bought this for my daughters 5th grade class and am super embarrassed Editors pick Seriously. Itation to an incredible place that Harry and anyone who reads about him will find nforgettableFor it's here that he finds not only friends aerial sports and magic in everything from classes to meals but a great destiny that's been waiting for himif Harry can survive the encounte. ,
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