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Appointed as my kids love listening to stories in the car nice book My grandkids loved this on our trip Great price Used for kindergarten listening center My Japanese Granddaughter loves these English voice when her English Dad is home late for her nightly storyTeaches children of any nationality how to read by following the words in the book Grammar pronunciation etcShe has lots of them and really enjoys them all Our granddaughter loves the combination of book and cd Good value for money The book clearly states that the story is for 3 to 6 ears old Unfortunately the creepy voice of "The Witch Scared My "witch scared my Impossible Things years old son Words like her stepmother wanted to KILL her in my opinion are unnecessary for a story read to a 3ears old There are lots of synonyms that can be used to make the story a little less hars. En Dwarfs takes a bite of a magical apple and lives happily ever after Character voi. We have almost all of the other Disney Read Along Storybooks and I m not a fan of this one s CD The audio has way not a fan of this one s CD The audio has way much of the creepy old woman s voice which my 4 ear old daughter doesn t like It would have been better had the story included a few pages of the happy dancing scene with Snow White and the dwarves and shortened the ueen s lines The narration and pacing are fine the character voices are decent Not "A Single Voice Is "single voice is from the original movie unlike most of the other Read Along CDs where entire lines of dialogue are taken directly from the films The actress who does Snow White s lines is pretty annoying and cheesy Doc and Grumpy are the only dwarves with any linesThe book has lovely illustrations and page layouts no complaints there Definitely room for improvement on the CD Pretty dis. Snow White's classic tale comes to Follow along as Snow White befriends the Sev.

read Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD)